A Winter To Remember...

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I enjoy Fantasy, Scifi, Romance, Magical, Modern and much more. I probably can't list them all! If there is something you want to try and it isn't listed here, just ask. I rarely say no!

Isabell lifted the skirt of her dress slightly as she stepped over a large puddle, making sure to wait a bit before letting the edge of her gown run over the ground once more. Fall was the worst season for fashion, no matter what a young lady did it was near impossible keeping dry or clean when on and outting. Isabell was taking extra care today for her mother had just hired a new maid to help her get dress and the woman had a habit of tieing her corset far to tight, she'd rather not go though that experience more than once a day so she had to make sure her clothing never got dirty while she was out, or her mother would force her to change everying, corset and all.

She understood her mother's reasons though, when you were the heir to the weathiest family in town impressions were very important. Even more so in her case since she was her parent's only child. Isabell carried on with her little trip though the town, her book tucked under her arm from the book shop. She had just bought it and wanted to get home quickly to read it, though she couldn't help but slow her pace and enjoy the fall weather around her. The leaves had all changed into pretty colors in both the city and the country, covering the ground in bright red and yellow. As she made her way slowly home, she wandered though the market. Farmers from the surrounding areas were all in town today buying seed so that they could plant their seeds before the first snow came, allowing then to be able to pop up in the spring without to much worry.

Isabell smiled a bit to herself as she looked from stand to stand, taking her time though the market to admire the food and trinkets that the people were selling. She just loved the things that these people made, how much work they put into one piece made her apprciate them even more. She continued down the street slowly with a small smile on her face, her mind elsewhere as she went about her way to head back home to the mansion.

Anthony had been walking around the market district shopping for seeds and selling his excess crops. The town was bustling as all the people went about their own business. The time of the year was quickly approaching the winter as everyone went around buying all their provisions including blankets and warm winter clothes. While he was in the market district he made sure to visit every store to see who had the better prices and who was more willing to haggle. As the day went on and the sun rose towards noon his horse was carrying a little more than it was used to so he began to head home, on his way home he saw his childhood friend Isabelle.

Not wanting to be rude or to act as if he didn't see her he decided to walk over and called out to her. "Hey Isabelle, how have you been? You look really nice today. I've been hearing a lot about your family lately, sounds like your business is booming. I know i go there and support you almost weekly haha. I was just around the market grabbing supplies for the farm, it's gonna be a cold winter this year so be sure to keep warm and try to avoid getting sick. Ill be sure to bring you some fresh vegetables and fruit by later if you want some."

Anthony smiled warmly and waited for Isabelle to reply before his horse began to whine, he quickly consoled it and asked if she wanted to walk with him back to the farm.
Isabell turned as she heard her name called and smiled widely as she saw her childhood friend, Anthony. She walked over to him quickly and smiled up at the taller man, quickly accepting his invitation to walk with him back to the farm. She giggled a bit and nodded her head at his warning to not get sick and to stay warm this winter. She walked in step with him and his horse as she spoke, holding onto her book tightly.

"The same goes for you then, Anthony. Who would we get are fruits and vegetables if you got sick? Make sure that you come by some time this winter as well, I'll have mother have the chef make you a nice stew to take home and eat...Oh! Are you going to come on Christmas again? Mother and Father said I should invite you. It will just be the close famly this year and some friends so it won't be crazy like last Christman." She said excitedly as she spoke to her dear friend.

She continued to walk with him slowly, pulling her coat a bit closer as a small wind blew. She was never good with the cold but she would tolerate it, especially if it meant she could walk with her childhood friend.
"Don't worry about me Isabell, i'm built quite sturdy and im sure that i can handle any kind off weather that gets thrown at me. I may not be as well off as you but i have a lot of muscle and hard headedness to make up for it. Even if i do get sick i'll most likely power through it and keep on working haha. As for that offer of stew, i'm going to make sure to get some of that, your families stew is the best!"

Anthony laughed and continued walking home with Isabell, he noticed that she was lifting her skirt a bit and gave a slight grin before offering her a ride on his horse while he carried some of the supplies. While he offered her this he began to pick up a few bags and lifting them over onto his shoulders so that they would feel lighter than usual.
Isabell smiled and accepted his offer to ride on his horse, it was starting to get harder to hold up her skirt and carry her book at the same time. With his help she sat up on the horse, giving it a gentle pat on the neck as Anthony lead the way back to his farm. She sat on the horse quietly for a moment as she looked over the land, then turning to Anthony quietly and leaning down a bit to speak to him.

"Anthony, I know you are busy with the harvest, but will you be going to the towns festival before the first snow? Mother and Father won't let me go alone and I would rather go with someone I know that get pulled around by some man they are trying to set me up with...again." She said as she looked down at him with a small smile, giving him the same sweet stare she did to always get her way.
While anthony was carrying around some of the supplies to the house he made sure to keep a hold on the reigns of the horse to make sure that it stayed on track. As they were walking Isabell had asked him about the snow festival. He thought about it and how busy the harvests had been so far and would wonder if he could get all of his crops sold before the festival started. As he wondered this they neared the gates to his farm.

"Well i don't know if all of the work will be done and i have been quite busy this year. If it comes down to it i can probably convince my mother and father to work a little extra while i slack off. So i'll try and make it just so you don't get stuck with some random slob although i cannot promise being too well dressed. After all i only have the common clothes unlike you. You and your super fancy frills and elegant ribbons all over."

He laughed and flipped her skirt barely only allowing it to barely go past her knee as he used to do as a child. Now that they were older he knew it would be improper to do it any more than that. Either way he was happy to see her again, it had been a while since they talked.
Isabell blushed and squeaked as Anthony flipped her skirt up a bit, her hands darting down to keep it from getting to high. She glared at him playfully and swatted at his head from the horse, missing him since her arm wasn't long enough. She pouted at him and sighed as he said that me would have to check with his parents and might not be dressed well."

"I don't care how you dress, I care if you can go! You're always working on the farm and I can barely see you ever. Please work extra hard so you can come, I'll pay for anything that you want at the fair if you come!" She offered as they arrived in front of his farm.

Her home was still farther along the way and she would have to make the rest of the trip on foot to the mansion. She slipped off of the horse slowly with the help of Anthony and turned to him with a bright smile. Now that she had thought about it it had been a long time since she had been into the farm house and seen his parents, it wouldn't hurt to stop in and say hello.

"Are your parents to buys to say hello? I won't keep you if they are...I know that you all have much to do these days."
Anthony had considered her offer about the fair and even going so far as to buy him anything he had wanted. He felt bad taking advantage of something like that so he made a side note to raise some extra money to take with him.

"Well i will be sure to come with you to the best of my abilities. As for my parents im sure they have enough time to say hello. After all we haven't seen you in ages. Its like you stay in that darn house of yours all day and night haha. I think i would go nuts if i was stuck in home all day. I can't help but be active all day. Just the feel of working my body out and letting all my worries fall into my work is much better than any book or paintings."

He laughed a bit and helped her off the horse before heading inside. As he came in he took off his shoes and stretched out a bit.

"Mooom daaad! we have a visitor that i think you wanna see!"
With his help, Isabell was back on the ground once more, her book still clenched tightly in her hands. When he mentioned she stayed in the house a lot she just rolled her eyes and walked with him to the small farm house. It wasn't like she could help that, her mother was far to protective of her and never wanted her to get dirty in the slightest, it took her days to even get permission to come out of the house to go to the book shop.

"Forgive me for having over protective parents. It's not like I have a choice with the way my mother is, dirt is like the black plague to her...If even the tiniest bit gets into the house it will be the end of the world." She said lightly as she followed him into the house.

Once she stepped in she took off her shoes politely so she would not track in any mud and set them near the door. She also hug up her coat on a nearby hook before turning to wait see his parents enter. They were some of the nicest people she ever knew, even her parents believed that they needed to be treated kindly.