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    Welcome to the Dragon Nursery

    This role play is about a wing of young people (between the ages of 14 and 20) raising their dragons, taking care of them, and learning with them how to fly all while their world falls under war. A dragon will begin to fledge around a year and a half, depending on how late they hatch. Time skips will happen often during this first amount of time. Then comes the action.

    Most of your time after that age will be spent in the air - as long and as far as your young dragon will hold you. Other times, including the feeding and caring of your dragon may be skipped as long as everyone else is skipping as well.

    There are seven, total, dragons in this wing. We need 6 more players - one player per rider/dragon. If you aren't quite sure whether or not you want to join, here are a few perks:​

    1. You control your own dragon. The flight time and energy will be judged by me, but everything else, including personality, ability, etc. will be judged by you.
    2. Though all dragons have the same basic structure, you can use any color/pattern mixtures, as well as any small changes you might want to add (not including wing or head structure).
    3. Your rider and dragon has a very special place in this RP. All are needed for the wing to be whole. If a player drops out, we must find a new player. This new player can have a rider of their very own, and they will take up a dragon left behind.
    4. Your rider may have a special ability, including minor healing, animal speak, etc.
    5. You will work as a team, which means lots of interaction at almost all times.

    With perks comes some obligations...here's what is not allowed:​

    1. Over-using your dragon. Every dragon has its limitations, and those limitations are key to making this a fair role play.
    2. Every dragon being first hatched. Dragons hatch according to when they are lain. The seven dragons of this wing are of two clutches. This means there can only be two first hatches, and technically, not even these dragons will hatch on the same day at the same time. Not every dragon can be the strongest.
    3. No bulbous eyes, strange horns, wings, etc. Every dragon has the same basic structure. Males have spiked fins that stretch like a crown atop their heads, and females have small horns. All dragon necks are nearly (though not quite) as long as their tail, making them appear strange and almost serpentine. Their legs are usually four to five feet long and are proportionate to the body, and their bodies are narrow, fitting along with the serpentine shape of the rest of the beast. But most importantly, their wings are built strangely, their wing bones being almost flat, yet the strongest bone anyone will ever see, able to bend without breaking. Like the picture above, their wings come out directly from the back, giving just enough space for a rider, and are able to fold tightly against their bodies, easily protected. As for the tail, all dragon have a long, sometimes whip-like tail, but some might be tipped with a fin or hair-like feathers. Players may add anything they like as long as it's not too insane.
    4. Giving your dragon human intelligence. All dragons here have the intelligence of a dog with basic telepathic abilities connecting them only to their rider. This connection happens while the dragon is still in the egg. The dragon is able to send pictures and simple words to their rider for the rider to understand how the dragon is feeling, but there is no dragon with human intelligence that is able to talk in full sentences.

    Now, even with these few things, I think it'll be fun to play. All we need are players. So, who's with me?

    **NOTICE: The picture above is not mine. The story, however, is, though loosely based off of Mercedes Lackey's Joust‚Äč series.​
  2. OMG DRAGONS!!!! =D
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  4. Dragons! Joust!

    I'm interested. :D
  5. So four people so far? Sounds good. *nods nods*

    All of you are interested in playing these particular dragons, right? You think we got a chance at pulling this off? If so, I can go ahead and give you guys your char sheets and let you have at it.
  6. Sure. :)
    Yays for dragons. And Joust which was an awesome book :3
  7. I'm okay with it! LET'S GET OUR FLAME ON! Woot!
  8. Alright, first off, here are a few things about riders:

    The dragon rider is chosen from a select few people that are hard working and dedicated to a job. Some might even have special abilities, whether rare or not. Others might not be, as Rikari, himself, shows.

    Here are some more common abilities that some riders might possess; keep in mind that each rider may only have up to two powers.

    • Animal Speaker: Able to communicate with certain animals, including dragons. At first, this ability will require touch, but as the ability and the link with the particular animal grows stronger, so does the amount of space the person and animal can speak.
    • Farseeker: Able to look out through the world with the mind. At first the ability can only see a small radius around where they stand, but as the ability grows, so does that radius. Some Farseekers can even be Prophets.
    • Prophet: Able to tell the future. At first this may only be glimpses that are confusing, but as the ability grows, the glimpses grow to something more manageable.
    • Skin Walker: Able to shift into a single animal. This is a more rare ability only seen by more powerful people. The animal depends on the personality. At first, the Skin Walker cannot control when they shift, but as this grows, the person can control more and more when and how they shift.
    • Empath: Able to tell emotions by the aura of the person. Each empath may see a different color for each emotion. Stronger abilities allow the empath to project feelings of calm to those around them.

    Of course there are many other abilities. If you have a question, feel free to ask.

    Character Profile Sheet


    Written Appearance: How the character differs from the picture given.

    Basic Personality:
    Survival Skills?
    Special Abilities: ONLY TWO
    Other Skills:

    On-Ground Weapons:
    Dragonback Weapons:

    Brief Biography:

    What will the Dragon look like?

    Now, I know this sheet is long...but filling it out will mean you know a LOT more about your character when we start. So take your time, and since we're a little short on players, if you want more than one char, and you think you can handle it (keep in mind that you will be playing your dragon after I hatch it), you can create no more than two. Really, though. Take your time. Just keep me posted...and if you have any questions, just post them on here, and I'll answer.
  9. I'll have m y character up either tonight or tomorrow :3
  10. Name:
    Tidus Arren



    View attachment 14956

    Written Appearance:
    White hair, red eyes, and slightly tan skin.


    Basic Personality:
    Calm and quiet, mostly like a ninja. He's always quiet and when he speaks he never says much.

    Ignorant, over-cocky people and ridiculous injustice.

    Ignorance, over-cocky fighters, and ridiculous fights.

    Survival Skills:
    Is good at sensing the weather
    And can isolate his stamina in-case of emergencies.

    Special Abilities:
    Farseeker and Prophet

    Other Skills:
    Enhanced Strength: Can hit 6xs harder than the average human.
    Enhanced Agility: Reacts faster will better senses of his surroundings.

    On-Ground Weapons:
    His katana
    A composite bow
    And shield

    Dragonback Weapons:
    Sword and Shield

    Brief Biography:
    Tidus was born the same day as his dragon, calling him his brother and naming him Ryu, the Japanese word for dragon. What made him believe he was his brother was their similar look. Ryu was a white dragon with red eyes, while Tidus was white haired with red eyes.

    View attachment 14958

    Ryu stands about 50ft tall to 65ft long. He's a big dragon of great power, but like Tidus has little experience. Ryu can conjure and manipulate thunder nad lightning, but has not learned to master it, let alone to control a single bolt. With a loud roar he can create a storm by putting enough rage into it. Ryu has been deemed out of control and has been put up for execution several times.
  11. Sorry ^^; Got a little busy and I couldn't finish my app. Promise it'll be finished soon
  12. I'm so interested it's not even funny. It's not to late of course? I just want to make sure. If not I can have my character up and ready first thing tomorrow or some time later tonight! ^^
  13. Thanks, hon, but I don't think this one will make it...>.>'
  14. Aww darn ):
  15. THE HELL IT WON'T!!!! ):<
  16. Well if you think it'll make it then I will join, but I don't want to spend the time making a character sheet and then the roleplay never happens. (Please don't think that I'm rude. It's the way I type, lol.)
  17. We don't have enough dedicated people...>.>' I mean, if it was just the three of us playing, that would mean at least two characters per person (three for me because I have to play the Commander)...if you all want to do that, then I'm game. But I understand if you don't, ya know? There was a reason I just stopped replying to this...I knew it wasn't going to last.

    However, I do plan on creating a different RP...still deals with hatching a dragon and whatnot. However, there are specific dragon types, and they're all extremely intelligent. The system for that RP is a little more complex, and the story is probably a bit more developed...but not all of my dragon breeds are fully written out. And I know that everyone usually likes full creative freedom when it comes to the appearance and whatnot of the dragon. Also, in that RP, I would be playing all dragons (and obviously won't have a char, myself other than Aki, the teacher)...and you play the riders. We go by chapter...kind of like a book. Now, if you guys are interested, even with the limitations (and if you choose one of the breeds that is not written out, you'll have to give me some time to actually write it for you), then I'll get it up and give you all the link. XD
  18. Sorry bout abandoning DX I was going to join then everything became all busy and I couldn't find time to make a character and it was all, "Gaaaahhh.."