A Willing Slave Girl

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    ^ Name: Jessica Mallick
    ^ Race: Human
    ^ Age: 21
    ^ Personality: Jessie is quiet and shy and it takes her quite a while for her to really warm up to someone and for someone to earn her trust. She has many walls built around herself and she doesn't like to get close to someone, afraid they will just break her heart again.
    ^ Biography: She has no idea who her parents are. When she was five years old, her Mother had abandond her to an orphanage and she has lived all over the country. She currently lives in New York but she is on the streets. She often has to steal things to get by from day-to-day. She really doesn't have anything or anyone to live for accept herself. A while ago she had stolen a razor for protection, but she also has found its use for self harm (cutting) to feel.

    What the Plot Will Contan
    ^ Self Harm
    ^ Suicide Attempts
    ^ Drugs and Alchoal
    ^ Smut

    The Plot
    ^ The actual roleplay will start out with my character about to jump off a bridge. However, as she is about to jump, this is where you would come in. He convices her to come with him, telling her that he will take care of her as long as she takes care of him, she agrees, and then his true colors start to show, and he forces her somehow to make her be his slave. She believes she is falling in love with him and would do anything he tells her, even murder. He slips her drugs and alchoal as part of his way to keep control on her. She wants to escape, but she isn't sure she would want to even if she could.

    Who I Need
    ^ Someone Who is a Fast Replier
    ^ Someone Who Won't let the Thread Die Out
    ^ Someone With a Good Imagination
    ^ Someone Who Can Post at Least a Small Paragraph Each Time
    ^ Someone Who I Haven't Roleplayed With Yet
  2. It seems like a good idea, and I'd like to join in on it, but... I am a bit tired of playing the male in almost all of my current roleplays... Oh well. Sign me up
  3. ^ Name: Kestreel
    ^ Race: Human
    ^ Age: 36

    ^ Personality: Ruthless, rude and lonesome, the missfortunes that he lived and the things that he saw during his life, made him heartless and sometimes even mean, but maybe, very deep, there is still a kind person in him.

    ^ Biography: He joined the police when he was still young, with desires of changing the world into a better place, but reality hit him hard and bit by bit the crimes and violence consumed the goodness inside him. Now, after being fired for misconduct, he lives as muscle for hire, something that doesn't fulfill him and had led him into a spiral self-destruction and contempt.
  4. I take it you are interested! Great! I will get the actual roleplay started and PM you with the link. Thanks for joining!