A Wild Zander Appears

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    Hello roleplayers,
    Look at your post,
    Now back to mine,
    Now back to yours,
    Sadly, your post isn't mine,
    But it could be as awesome as mine if you were an evil genius like me,
    Look down, back up,
    What are you reading?
    Only the most epic arrival thread you've EVER SEEN,
    Look at what you're holding,
    It's pancake mix,
    Look again, the pancake mix is gone,
    It's now diamonds,
    Awesome yes, but now you ain't got no pancake mix,
    Guess what?
    I stole it,
    Now I'm gonna make myself some pancakes,
    and I'll smother it with the syrup of the god's,
    See you could have godly pancakes like me,
    If and only if, you were an evil genius like me,
    Sadly, that may never happen,

    I'm on a laptop...


  2. Another evil genius! :O Oh my! We're going to be overrun! Welcome to Iwaku, Zander! It's a pleasure to meet you even with your super long and straaaange Introduction! I hope you find things to your liking! May the roleplaying gods be kind!

    Hot chocolate and cookies/biscuits for all this winter! No pancakes. Diamonds are boy's best friend though. :D
  3. XD It's nice to meet you Zander ^_^ you offically made me laugh and smile today.
  4. Always a pleasure to help create a smile. c;
  5. .. I just made the most inhuman sound. Be mine, will you? You're such a charming darling, I must have you all to myself.
  6. [​IMG]

    Are you sure? I might be a little too much to handle. I require lots of attention and plenty of sweets. If you think you have the patience and plentiful cookies and pocky for snacks and nom noms then I'd be happy to play. :3