A Wild Wolf and his Mate

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  1. [​IMG]Milo winced as his brother flipped a few cups and plates around like he was preforming a circus event. He shook his head un amused as he finished opening up the shop. " Keep it up and your going to be paying me for the damages". He watched as his brother Matthias curved his lips into a devilish grin before flipping the cups around once more and landing them down surprisingly gently on the counter. " Relax you don't have to worry I only broke five last week".

    The comment made Milo laugh lightly before flipping the closed sign to open. He and his brother always opened shop exactly at 6:00am sharp. His closest friend Bobby usually strolled in to help at around 6:15 and his favorite costumer who's name he came to know as Madelyn usually arrived at 6:50. Just the thought made him smile and he could feel his brother's eyes on him and Milo coughed before straightening up and pouring himself a cup of coffee.

    Matthias slouched in his chair and yawned as he played a game on his phone. Milo took a few gulps of the warm coffee and sighed in satisfaction as he finished the cup. The sound of the door opening caught his attention and both him and his brother greeted Bobby before actually turning their attention to him. He was dressed of course in anything but his work clothes and as always he was in a black t-shirt and cargo pants with his mid length hair pulled back. " Aye Milo make me a cup of coffee will ya".
  2. Yawning, Madelyn walked down the street and tried to wake herself up. She didn't have her morning classes but she still had plenty of research to do for an upcoming project. She always went to the cafe by her apartment for her favorite breakfast and coffee. This morning, she had decided to dress up a little to kinda show off. She had chosen a nice creme colored dress with small black polka dots and a thin belt around her waist, styling her outfit in a cute retro era fashion with some natural makeup and bright red lipstick. She had a black cardigan over her dress to keep her shoulders warm while she rested the strap of her bag on her shoulder.

    When she reached the cafe at her usual time, she walked in and waved to the guys behind the counter. "Good morning guys! Can I please have a big coffee with extra cream?" She pulled her wallet from her bag and looked into the bakery case, wondering if she wanted anything else. There were some really delicious looking pastries ready for them. "And can you add in one of those delicious looking blueberry muffins?" She looked over the counter at Milo and smiled, admiring the handsome man behind the counter. She loved coming to the cafe because they had wonderful drinks and food but the handsome man behind the counter was also a benefit. When she got tired of studying, she could easily just stare at him for hours.
  3. Milo lifted his head up after fixing Bobby his daily dose to see the beautiful Madelyn stroll on in with an outfit just to match her personality. Good morning guys! Can I please have a big coffee with extra cream?"And can you add in one of those delicious looking blueberry muffins? Milo smiled before nodding his head. " Yes you may, Your regular coming right up". He let Bobby get her muffin since he was already over there no doubt eating on of the pastries himself. As he put the cream in Milo always made little designs in her coffee to help brighten her mornings. He returned shortly handing her the coffee. " You got any important test coming up? You can always stay and study".

    He knew deep down that it was an excuse to see her more but hey there was no shame in that. Matthias popped in only to add his meaningless comment. " So now I presume your a tutor and a coffee maker". Milo turned to his brother and gave him the shut up look which only made Matthias laugh and then head back into the back where Milo prayed he'd stay. Arguing with his brother made him feel like they were kids all over again and Matthias was his usual annoying self. Sometimes he wondered who was the oldest. A few more costumers came in placing their orders which went by like a breeze. There was no getting tired, his movements were light going from one place to another.

    Just as he was finishing up with a costumer he glanced over at the calender. It was only two more days until the full moon, two more days of complete content and sanity, two more days until he was a hungry animal with no self restraint well not a lot for that matter. Matthias, Bobby, and himself were the only werewolf's in town that they knew of and they've been pretty careful to no be seen or harm anyone in that matter. Milo shook his head slightly before finishing up with the costumer.
  4. Madelyn smiled and thanked Bobby when he put her muffin in front of her. When Milo asked about upcoming tests, she shook her head. "Nope. I don't have any tests but I have to do a lot of research for an upcoming business project." She paid for her breakfast and thanked Milo as he brought her the coffee. Looking into the mug, she saw the design and a big grin appeared on her face. "Ooh Milo, this design is so neat! Thank you." She picked up the mug and was about to walk to her favorite study spot when Matthias made his teasing comment. The college senior just rolled her eyes and looked at Milo's brother.

    "You never know. Maybe he could tutor me. I am a business and marketing major." Smiling at Milo, she nodded before heading over to her favorite spot. While the cafe had tables and chairs through most of the place, there were a few couches and plush chairs spread out through the place. One of Madelyn's favorite spots was in one of the corners by a window, the big plush red chair always in the perfect spot to get sunlight from the window in the morning. Setting her coffee on the window sill, she pulled her phone from her bag and snapped a photo of the design in her coffee. She always took a picture of her coffee if Milo put a design in it. She hadn't really ever seen him put much effort into anyone else's coffee so she wanted to savor the memories.

    Once she had taken the picture, she curled up in her chair and held her coffee mug in both hands to enjoy the warmth before taking a sip. "Mmm.. so perfect."
  5. Milo smiled at Madelyn's comment about the design in her coffee. He rarely did any designs in anyone else's except one or two daily costumers that ask or on special occasions. He watched as Madelyn took her usual spot and took a picture of the design. It made him exceptionally happy that she liked the small things that he did for her. He heard Bobby's laughter and when he looked over at him he realized that he had been starring like some puppy dog. Jeez he really needed to get his mind right and stop thinking about this woman, it would lead him nowhere but trouble.

    " Ya know for someone who's supposed to keep a low profile you sure are gonna jeopardize it at this rate. You know relationships and anything remotely close to that is a no". Milo didn't even have to turn his head to know that it was his brother talking and it sucked because he was right. Even though they had moved into this small town almost a year ago they still needed to keep a low profile. All it took was one person to say that they saw an abnormally large dog out int he woods for the damn sheriff department to stick their noses into it. Because it was a small town word spread quickly but there were a few people who actually believed in the mind your own business and no snitching policy.

    He sneaked a quick glance over at Madelyn before starting up on the orders of the three new customers that walked in. Milo thought of the idea of tutoring her in business and marketing it was something that he had plenty of time to brush up on in the years and it was an excuse to be around Madelyn more. Within the next fifteen minutes the cafe was bustling with the towns people coming in and out as most of the them were on their way to work. Deputy Rodgers another regular walked in with his partner Bradley. " Look I told you i'll have a good look in those woods, I'm sure these animal attacks will stay away from the towns people". Bradley grunted and tapped his finger along the counter. " Well I hope your right".

    Milo took one look over at Matthias and Bobby and their faces were guarded but he knew they were thinking the same thing he was. They had been reckless the last full moon and the cops were talking about the kill they had mistakenly left. This time they had to be more careful.
  6. Madelyn enjoyed her coffee and snacked on her muffin while she watched different people coming in to get their morning fix of coffee. She had just picked up her tablet when the Deputy and his partner walked in. She listened as they talked about some animal attacks in the woods nearby. The town was fairly small by certain standards but it was also a good sized population due to the college that was attached to the downtown area. The possibility of animal attacks would be a pretty big threat with the town boarding a forest. Curious about the animal attacks, she set her tablet aside and got up. She grabbed her mug and walked over to stand at the counter. The crowd had somewhat thinned out by now and she waved to Milo to make sure he wasn't busy. "Hey Milo. When you get a chance, could I please have a refill?"

    She looked to the police officers nearby and smiled politely, not wanting to seem too eager to talk but welcoming a conversation if they initiated it. She was lucky enough that Bradley was fairly close to her age and they had met each other before. She waved to Bradley as he picked up his coffee. "Hi Bradley. How are you?" Bradley grinned and walked over to lean against the counter near her, making some polite conversation. They talked for a few moments before she brought up the animal attacks. "So I heard you saying something about animal attacks? Was there an attack nearby?"

    The officer nodded and looked at her with a serious expression. "Yeah, there was an attack by some big animal in the forest last month. The beast left a huge mess and we're wanting to find the monster before they attack a person. We'll take it down and turn it into a trophy." Bradley grinned and looked to see if she was impressed with him. He was a down-home country boy that loved hunting and showing off his kills.

    Instead of impressed, Madelyn was disgusted. She stepped away and shook her head. "Bradley, that's awful! While the animal might have gotten close to the edge of the forest that doesn't mean you have the right to hunt it and kill it! You don't even know what the animal is or what happened. I'm absolutely appalled that you would mindlessly chase after an animal after one kill." Turning to face the counter, she waited for her coffee and ignored Bradley completely. She could hear Deputy Rogers chuckling at the tongue-lashing his partner had just received but she didn't acknowledge him either.
  7. Milo finished making the two officers their coffee and pastries and eyed both of the men. Rodgers was a man in his mid forties and had been a cop for 27 years and loved his job. He was average height and well built with a small beer belly he gained from the years. Bradley on the other hand was 25 same as him with a tall and lanky build."Hey Milo. When you get a chance, could I please have a refill?" He shifted his attention to Madelyn and nodded his head turning to make her usual but this time he didn't make a fancy design in it, his mind was elsewhere and he wanted to hear everything they knew. When he was finished he turned to see Bradley and Madelyn in a conversation. He didn't have to strain his hearing like normal people did because of his heightened senses.

    He could tell from Bradley's scent that he smelled of male bravado and desperation. There was no doubt this man was physically attracted to her that much was obvious. Milo's muscles tensed and he swallowed back a growl as he watched the two. There was absolutely no reason for him to feel any type of way since there was nothing between the two, but oh he wished that that there was. "Bradley, that's awful! While the animal might have gotten close to the edge of the forest that doesn't mean you have the right to hunt it and kill it! You don't even know what the animal is or what happened. I'm absolutely appalled that you would mindlessly chase after an animal after one kill.".

    The comment stunned Milo as he looked at her. He never would have thought she felt that way about animals especially ones that leave behind such a grisly killing. A part of him warmed up inside and he shook his head to fight back from laughing at Bradley's facial expression. Trying to be Mr. cool failed big time for him.Milo handed Madelyn her coffee and his fingers grazed hers just barley but it was enough to send a rippling shock through his whole body and he wondered if she felt it too.

    Rodgers left followed by Bradley and Bobby walked around the counter and over to Matthias no doubt discussing the situation at hand. The rest of the staff came in. Two college grads Rachel and Thomas. They were backup staff on full moons when somebody needed to watch over the shop and so far they did a hell of a job at that. Since they came in a bit early Milo figured he'd step out and get some fresh air. He had to think this whole thing over. If the two deputy kept sticking their nose in where it didn't belong he knew Matthias and Bobby weren't to good on words and the last thing he needed was to cover up two missing cops.
  8. Madelyn listened as the two cops left, not giving Bradley a single glance. She looked at Milo when he brought her coffee and reached out to take the mug from him. A jolt raced up her arm when their fingers brushed against each other. She smiled and looked up at him, their eyes meeting before she look away with a soft blush on her cheeks. "Thanks, Milo." She nodded to him before turning back and heading to her little nook in the cafe. Sitting back in her seat, she sipped her coffee and relaxed. The thought of them hunting an animal that had only left one mess was insane. Animals hunted. It was a natural part of life. Animals didn't have the ability to clean up after themselves like humans could so it was only understandable that there was a mess left over. Granted, she didn't know the details but from what she heard, it was wrong.

    After finishing her coffee, she picked her tablet up again and tried to do some research. She had a big project due soon and she had to get it put together. Her assignment was to put together a detailed business plan from start to finish of a dream business she wanted to have. She had decided to make her project about a bookstore. She had been working on research of how to get books from suppliers and real estate that would work well for a bookstore. However, working on a few of the smaller details was getting to be a little difficult because when she had an idea for one, it screwed up something she had already come up with for something else. She stared at her tablet and nibbled her bottom lip as she scrolled through results from a search of publishers and book suppliers. "Ugh... Maybe I shouldn't have chosen a bookstore.."
  9. Milo closed his eyes as the cool wind came by. He loved the outdoors and not due to his animal like nature either. It was like being completely free, the outdoors was his high. He watched a few people pass by and a few cars. There was always very few people moving about in the morning and late at night. During midday when people were coming home from work and kids from school that's when the streets and sidewalks got crowded. He sighed shoving his hands into his pocket and leaned against the wall. His body was heating up and this was the air he needed. As the full moon grew closer his body began burning up and his skin hot, all his senses heightened.

    He slowly released a breath before heading back into the shop. Bobby and his brother were keeping busy with the customers and chatting in general. Milo looked around as he heard each person individual heartbeat and conversation. The sound ringing in his ears made him cringe and his brother walked over leaning near his ear. " Focus on one person individually to block it all out". Milo looked at his brother who was now whistling an old toon. Why was he always the one who got the blunt of the pre change? Bobby seemed fine and his brother controlled everything like a pro and yet every full moon he had to be restrained the most and looked after like he was a kid.

    Milo looked around trying to block out the sound and the next thing his eyes landed on was Madelyn. All the extra sounds and conversations fell silent to the light tapping on a tablet and her voice. Relief washed over his face and Matthias looked satisfied. " You look concentrated yet aggravated so I'm gonna take a guess and say that things aren't going as planned?"
  10. Madelyn was about to completely scrap her idea and start over when she heard someone walk over and talk to her. Looking up from her tablet, she saw Milo and smiled. Running a hand over her hair, she nodded and set her tablet on the coffee table in front of her. "Yeah... I'm trying to work on my project but when I try to tackle one small detail, something else gets screwed up. It's one step forward, two steps back.." She curled up in the chair and rested her head on the arm of the chair. She stared at her tablet and prayed that it would just pop up with the answers she needed.

    Looking up at Milo, she admired how handsome he was. She found herself entranced by his eyes. His eyes were such an entrancing color and she forced herself to look away before she was caught staring. Suddenly, an idea popped into her head. She sat up and turned to Milo with a wide-eyed look. "Hey Milo. Do you think you could help me? Maybe if you read over my business plan, you could help me figure out why my plans aren't working out. Please?" She hoped that Milo would have time to help her and look at her items to see where she was going wrong.
  11. Milo returned the smile as he looked at Madelyn. He plopped down in the seat next to her's."Yeah... I'm trying to work on my project but when I try to tackle one small detail, something else gets screwed up. It's one step forward, two steps back.." He chuckled lightly at her comment and leaned over to get a better look at her tablet. "Hey Milo. Do you think you could help me? Maybe if you read over my business plan, you could help me figure out why my plans aren't working out. Please?".

    " Yeah sure I have free time, lets see what we got here". Milo bit down on his lower lip as he scrolled down on her tablet looking over her choice. " Okay so you want to build up your dream job from scratch right well why a bookstore? Where would you like to build this bookstore? And what do you want out of it and what will it accomplish for you. For example I would make this dream bookstore in a small town not large where I'd have a lot of competition and where I know people depend on me for books. You choosing it because its a place of wonders and creativity. Like this cafe, I didn't just choose this place randomly, I thought of the area and what it wold mean for business".

    He spent the next twenty minutes helping Madelyn with her project giving her pointers and tips of what was good and what wasn't, sparking a few great ideas of her own. " I think that this project is going to come out amazing because of your wit and my expertise". Milo laughed and then looked down at Madelyn and god was she beautiful. " Milo come for a sec". Bobby motioned him over and he reluctantly stood excusing himself before heading over to him. " Whats up?". Bobby motioned over his shoulder to the window where Rodgers and his men were headed into the woods. " I heard them talking about setting traps we might need to kill a bear and let them think that they got the beast what do you think?". Milo peered out the window and then nodded his head " Good idea get Matthias to head out there god knows he's been itching to kill something". Bobby nodded and headed into the back. Milo sighed and ran his hands through his hair before tending to a costumer that walked in.
  12. Madelyn sat with Milo and listened as he talked with her about her project. She grabbed her notebook and started to take as many notes as she could. He was making her think of things she had never thought of. With a bright grin on her face, she made more notes as they worked to figure out why her ideas weren't working. She finished writing something and glanced up to look at Milo. She saw him reading from her tablet and found herself frozen as she watched him. His eyes scanned over the screen and she saw his lips moving softly while he read her report to himself. The college senior watched his lips move and found her heart pounding in her chest.

    Luckily, Bobby walked over and pulled Milo away for a moment. She had no idea but she used this as a chance to regain her composure and focus her thoughts. She set her pen down and rubbed her temples to make sure that she wasn't getting too lost in thought of the man with her. God, why did Milo have to be so damn hot? Those dark eyes, his strong jaw, and the power he held in his built body was just too much for one girl to handle first thing in the morning. She fanned her face gently to cool herself down from the heat rushing to her cheeks. She saw Milo helping a customer and picked up her tablet to add in the new ideas that Milo had helped her come up with. She worked quietly and focused on making adjustments to make her bookstore her dream shop. In her wildest dreams, Madelyn would love to take her senior project and turn it into a reality.
  13. The cafe was calmer now and only a few people were sitting down either talking to someone or on their laptops drinking their coffee or eating. The rest of the costumers had come in and left with their orders. As they day went by Bobby and his brother left to handle the whole bear idea. It wasn't a problem since Thomas and Rachel were now on their shifts. He watched everyone on their technology and he realized that he only used his cellphone for work, his brother , and Bobby maybe occasionally playing a game on his phone but that was it. It amused him to see people on their phone every bit of the day like their whole life was on it.

    His eyes drifted back to Madelyn and he figured he'd known her this long the next best thing to do was ask for her number, it was indeed long over due. Milo walked back over to where she was sitting and sat back down in the chair he was in before. His fingers lightly tapped against the table and he reached into his pocket for his phone. " Um I know this might seem random but er I was wonderin' if I could have your number? I mean if i'm not being to forward". Milo asked biting down on his bottom lip as he normally did when he was nervous.
  14. Madelyn checked her watch and saw that she would need to head to class soon. She turned off her tablet and started to tuck it back into her bag when Milo returned. She saw him sit down in the chair beside her and smiled at him. Then he asked for her number! Her eyes widened and she had to struggle not to grin like a madman. Milo was asking for her number! She contained her excitement and nodded. "Sure. I'd be happy to give you my number." She pulled her notebook from her purse and scribbled her phone number in her prettiest handwriting. She even added a small heart at the end, hoping to add a little bit of flirting to the exchange.

    When she was done, she folded the paper and handed it to Milo. "Here you go. Just send me a text so I can have your number, okay?" After she gave him the paper, she tucked her notebook away again and checked her watch again. Sitting up taller, she gasped. "Oh dear, I gotta go. I've got class soon. It was great to see you today, Milo. I'll see you soon." Gathering some courage, she leaned over the arm of her chair and gave Milo a quick kiss on the cheek before grabbing her bag and heading for the door. She turned and waved goodbye to him before hurrying out of the cafe. It wasn't until she was rushing down the sidewalk that she realized she was blushing bright pink.
  15. "Sure. I'd be happy to give you my number.". Milo smiled relived that she didn't say no. He had known her for a few months and they always flirted lightly and he figured a beautiful woman like that wasn't going to wait around forever for a guy like him. When Madelyn finished writing down he looked at the small heart at the end and he grinned. "Here you go. Just send me a text so I can have your number, okay?"Oh dear, I gotta go. I've got class soon. It was great to see you today, Milo. I'll see you soon." When she leaned over and kissed his cheek Milo's eyes widened and he felt his entire body radiate with heat. Just one light kiss did that to him?

    He turned his head and eyed her body as he watched her walk away and a part of him fought to get up and follower her, pull her into his arms and claim those lips of hers. Milo looked down at the number written down in her nice handwriting and he transferred the number into his phone under her name. Looking at his phone for what seemed like forever he decided to send her a text so that she would have his number: Hey its Milo, have a good day in class. When the message sent he shoved his phone back in his pocket and headed back to the counter to help Thomas and Rachel with the costumers.

    When the evening came Milo left the cafe and walked over to his car. He was planning on going for a nice jog but first he needed to head over to his house and change his clothes. As he pulled up to the house Matthias was in the front with Bobby leaning on his motorcycle. " Im guessing you got the bear?". Bobby and his brother exchanged glaces before laughing. " Not only did we find a bear but we lead it straight for Rodgers and his crew. They wanted a beast and we gave them one, of course they killed it thinking that it was the cause of the killing we left so the sheriff and them should be off our backs". Milo nodded not really in the questioning mood as long as the ob was done and it didn't end in any human bloodshed.

    He walked into the house immediately removing his shirt and then unbuckling his belt to remove his jeans tossing them in the hamper when he got near his room. Opening up his dresser Milo pulled out some shorts and a tank top putting it on and then some sneakers to match. After he was done he locked up the house and started on his jogging. The air was cooler and the evening sky was beautiful. It wasn't long before the jog became a sprint as he took off into the woods running for miles. Milo felt exhilarated and in the woods he didn't have to hold back his speed or his strength. As he returned he removed his tank top which was now dirty of sweat and dirt. The cool breeze soothed his burning skin as he went back to a light jog near the park.
  16. Madelyn went to her classes and worked on her project a little more before deciding to spend the rest of the day relaxing. Walking back to her apartment, she kicked off her shoes and set her bag and books on her desk. She grabbed a glass of tea from her kitchen and moved to open her balcony door. She was lucky enough to find a decently priced apartment that faced the local park. She sat on her balcony and set her tea on the table next to her chair. She loved sitting on the balcony and watching the sun set over the park. It was also fun to watch children play on the nearby playground, laughing and shouting in delight.

    Looking out at the park, she saw some joggers when one caught her eye. A nicely-toned shirtless man was jogging along the path that came from the forest. For a while, Madelyn couldn't take her eyes off him. As he got closer, she was stunned and delighted to realize that the sexy shirtless man was Milo! The college girl stood up and leaned against the railing of her second floor balcony. She watched Milo jog down the path, getting closer to her apartment building with each powerful step. Should she call out to him or just quietly enjoy the view while hoping not to get caught? She nibbled her bottom lip, knowing that her window of opportunity would only last for so long. Giving in, she finally made her decision and started to wave one arm in the arm. "Hey Milo!" She hoped that he would hear her from her balcony. If not, she at least hoped that no one would look at her and make her feel weird for calling out to the jogger.
  17. Milo was enjoying his daily jog as he looked at the environment. He watched as couples sit together talking some kissing. Others were jogging and some on their bikes. He loved this time of day when the sun was going down and the nice breeze came in. Milo realized that he forgot to but on his pulse monitor to let him know when he got to worked up. Sometimes when he ran through the woods he would loose control and change especially if something angered him. As he jogged around the park he spotted Bradley and some woman who was new from the looks of it. His eyes changed as he tried to get a better look at the woman.

    "Hey Milo!" The voice made Milo look up to the sound and he smiled seeing Madelyn. God she was stunning. He waved and ran his hand through his messy hair. " Hi there, you know I'm pretty thirsty. You think I can come up and get a drink of water". It was true he had totally forgot to hydrate himself and his body was running on back up energy by now. The other reason was that he wanted to hang out with Madelyn again. He stopped and licked his lips and looked back over at Bradley and the woman who was now looking over in his direction. When their eyes met the woman's lips quirked up into a smile but not a genuine smile but like she knew who he was, what he was. Turning his head Milo saw someone leaving the building and he slipped on in looking at the names until he found Madelyn's and floor number. Taking the stairs he was at her door in a matter of seconds and knocked.
  18. She was happy that Milo had heard her and noticed her from her balcony. Then he mentioned coming upstairs to get a drink. "Of course. Come on up!" After he headed to her building's front door, she glanced up to see Bradley standing nearby with a woman she had never seen before. Bradley didn't look too happy but after this morning's interaction, she didn't really care much.

    She turned and walked back into her apartment, shutting the balcony door behind her. She checked her appearance in the mirror before she heard the knock at the door. Walking to her front door, she opened the door and smiled. "Hello. Welcome to my little home." She let him walk into her apartment. It was a cozy one bedroom apartment that wasn't too big but with the way Madelyn had decorated it, she made it feel bigger than it was. "Make yourself at home. I'll get you some water and a small snack." She walked into her kitchen and got a big glass of cold water and a snack of peanut butter and apples. Picking up the plate of treats and the glass of water, she walked into the living room and set the items on the coffee table. She moved to sit on the couch and motioned for him to join her. "Were you enjoying your run? Looks like you've been running for a while."
  19. As Milo waited for Madelyn to answer the door he wondered if it was okay for him to come in without proper attire. His shirt that was flung over his shoulder was dirty and he was sweaty. Given anyone else he could care less but because it was her he wanted to look presentable. "Hello. Welcome to my little home." He smiled stepping in and taking it all in. Madelyn's place really did define her and he liked it. his place looked like a typical guy,it was plain and there was nothing much too it. "Make yourself at home. I'll get you some water and a small snack." He smiled " Thank you sorry this was so sudden".

    When Madelyn finished placing the food down he rubbed his stomach in approval a nice snack was just what he needed. "Were you enjoying your run? Looks like you've been running for a while." Milo nodded his head as he downed the water in seconds. " Yes I was running for quite awhile but it was much needed. Now relaxation is next". Milo smiled at Madelyn before eating some peanut butter apples. " You know I never got you hang out with you besides work, I'm glad we can finally hang out just us two". As Milo looked at her his eyes shifted down to her lips and then her body and he bit down on his lower lips. His body was on fire again and it took everything inside him to keep his calm. To keep from leaning over he reached for some more apples to occupy him.
  20. When Madelyn came back into the living room, she had brought a towel for Milo if he wanted to wipe off some sweat. She gave it to him and smiled, snacking on an apple while curling up on the couch with him. "That's pretty neat. I wish I could go running like that. I'm just not built for running. I like dancing though. That's my cardio of choice." She tucked a lock of hair behind her ear and snacked on her apple while watching him. His muscles were still glistening from the sweat. He looked so handsome and Madelyn found herself staring.

    She found her hands itching to reach out and touch his chest. Then she looked up and saw him staring at her. She blushed and turned her head to the side, hoping he didn't catch her staring at his toned chest. She nibbled her bottom lip and looked down at her hands. Thinking back on his comment about them never hanging out except for the cafe, she grinned.
    "if you want, we could watch a movie. I'd be happy to make something for dinner and pop in a movie to watch with you."