A Wild Waters Knight Has Appeared!

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  1. And she has no idea what she is doing.

    Heya! I'm Waters Knight, though people call me Waters more often then not. I'm a roleplayer of 4 years and going strong. I'm fairly creative once I get the creative juices flowing and if you can put up with my crazy ideas at times, my fedoras off to you. At times my replies might be a tad bit slow depending on the post length, but I try to do my best. One of my biggest problems at the moment is being somewhat prone to losing interest in RPs if it doesn't keep my attention. I try my best, though!

    I love to talk with my RP partner(s) and get to know 'em. If you wanna plot, RP with me or just say hello, feel free to give me a holler!

    I look forward to meeting, talking and roleplaying with many of you!~
  2. Hihi Waters, welcome to Iwaku! ^o^