A Wild Mezmer Appears!

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  1. Greetings Everyone!

    I am MezmeriSin, but for the sake of ease, you can call me Mez. (Which is also why it's my username O.o)

    I'm actually migrating over from RPG for a while, because reasons, and I'm hoping to start afresh on a new Roleplaying Forum. (Well, new for me at least) I go by a different name on RPG but I'd prefer not to say, so it'd be great if you didn't ask, okay? Great. (Don't worry, I wasn't in trouble or anything :P)

    I've been roleplaying for over 6 years now and I'm usually very interested in your typical Action/Adventure RPs (Naruto, Bleach, SAO, Superhero, High Fantasy etc.) but I do occasionally indulge in my guilty pleasure; Slice of Life/Academy RPs. I'm always up for a SciFi or Cyberpunk roleplay and I am actively searching for someone to mentor me in Arena roleplay.

    My writing style is quite descriptive and I tend to stick to third-person writing for roleplay, but I have recently been delving into the world of first-person. (And I'm loving it!) I like to think myself a rather proficient writer but I'm always on the lookout for new techniques and skills that I can add to my writing repertoire, so I'm not afraid to take constructive criticism for my work.

    I'm quite excited to have joined up and I can't wait to explore the hundreds of new worlds that await me on this forum, but if you have one in particular that you think I'd like don't be afraid to hit me up! :D

    See you around!
  2. Well hello there Mez! ^o^ Welcome to the siiiite!
  3. Welcome to the community Mez! :D
  4. Thanks for the welcome, feels great to be here! ^^
  5. Hi! And welcome to Iwaku!
  6. *does welcoming ritual dance*