A Wild Imagination: How many Characters have you created?

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  1. Overall the time you have been a role-player, can you remember how many characters you've made? Were there any favorites out of them? Do you still use the same characters that you made when you first started role-playing? Is there a point when there are too many characters? Let's discuss all of the characters you've made over time!
  2. I reuse characters a lot, so I keep separate bios on-hand to use as handy reference. Going by that, I have 58 separate characters.


    Granted, some of them lend themselves to my favorite genres better than others, so my play frequency is pretty skewed. And I think I've made like, maybe three or four other characters as one-offs? Unless you count all the NPCs I made back in the day when I ran silly "forum RPGs" on another site. Which'll tack on, mm, maybe another ten or so.

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  3. I have a whole character archive that contains at least 30 for each gender, probably more than that, though. :P Although it depends on the role-play whether I use one of the characters or not, so I don't play all of them every day. :D
    I TOTALLY AGREE! There is never too many characters to be made.
  4. I usually make a new character for each roleplay, and I like to multi-play

    So probably hundreds O_O
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  5. Man, I could never do that. It takes me foreeever to create a new character concept that I'm actually happy with. owo' Especially the backstory part.
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  6. I have roleplayed for almost half a year now.

    I have Zachariah, Tasha (though I just created the concept, someone else filled out the rest) Thalice, Russel, Alícia, Eu-Mag, Anne, Dyna, Anchier, Bitter Kousa, Mei, Arundinaera, Kenneth, and two slightly edited canon characters.

    So, 15?

    Edit: Oh, and Xoar. 16.
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  7. I have created and joined 132 roleplays on iwaku in which I've had between 1 and 3 characters per roleplay, sometimes more. I have never re-used an own made character so far and I have only played one fandom character which I have re-used maybe three or four times, so my character count can range from around 150 to maybe 396. I would guess it's somewhere around 200+ and 300-. Many roleplays never lasted for longer than a few posts or a few pages, so new characters didn't have time to get introduced.
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  8. Hahaha... ah... haha...

    I've been playing since I was 13, and I have a character creation problem. I have too many! It's insane. Right now, active characters only, there are at least fifty, and I've probably forgotten several times that over the past thirteen eyars.

    I don't think I could count them if I tried. That would be a lot of browsing through AIM, f-list, skype, notebooks, and more... I don't think I could do it. I probably still wouldn't even have all of them!
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  9. Mine probably doesn't go over 50, and I've been role-playing on and off for about five years. Out of these, I have about 5 favorites, and maybe another 5 that I hate. To be fair, though, it takes me a lot of time to create characters because I tend to write lengthy CSes (4,000+ words). Character development is pretty important to me, and that's difficult to achieve when my attention is divided over so many characters and role-plays. Three per role-play is my limit, though normally I only opt for just one character until I find a special reason or inspiration to create another. It's rare that I recycle characters.
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  10. Oh god.

    Asking a GM this question? I don't know how to answer. Um.

    Shit, uh...

    ... Thousands, at this point. So many that I can just create an NPC on the fly without thinking about it and make them work in basic ways. It's like I have a meat locker filled with millions of organs I can take out at any time to make a new creature.

    ... And come to think of it, I've probably killed enough characters off to fill an entire locker with meaty organs, too.
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  11. I know its been quite a few over the years. Some forgettable aka those I barely strung a character sheet together for and others I worked on through the years. It is those I hold dear to me. I try not to use the same characters unless the setting is similar for which they will be able to fit.

    I don't think you can ever have too many characters. One for a different occasion I say, now roleplaying them all in one thread might be a bit much though.

    One of my favorite characters, I might put him on this site, is one I had to really dig into a dark place to develop him. He's insane for no reason. His loyalty is to him and him alone no matter if the goals of others match his own. The reason I like him is because his creation took me a year to master, to do decent to write as a male character. When I put him in the roleplay he was in there was no hesitation, no need to re-work history or anything. Everything was all set.
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  12. Thank you guys for sharing! ^.^
  13. Oh god, how many characters? Uhhh...Considering I'm a writer and have written things over the past...six years I believe? Anyway, because of that, I have a ton of characters that I have shoved into a story or an rp. Um...not sure how many to be exact, but the ones that I have for my Charge universe, I want to flesh them out somehow. So...uh...that will take a while if the character is just a blank slate, lol.
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  14. Despite repeating the usage of characters, I still have a fair share in the hundreds. It'll be easier to list the types of characters I've played.

    If you include 'extentions' of characters with personality, such as familiars, it's the halfthousands.
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  15. Ohjeez.

    I have a handful of characters that I like enough to recycle them every now and again, but there's usually such a long span of time between each incarnation of them that it's hard to count them as the same character after they've been re-made. Even not counting recycled characters, though, there are just... so many. I certainly wouldn't be able to remember all of them, much less give you a specific number. How does anyone keep track of this sort of thing? O_o
  16. Hundreds.

    Like a few people mentioned above, I very rarely recycle characters and almost always create a new character for each roleplay. The only time I really reuse an old character is if the roleplay that character was designed for never got started (i.e.: died after a few posts or my partner dropped). I've had a number of favorites over the years, they sort of go in cycles, really.

    I've been roleplaying for well over a decade now, so most of my characters I can't even remember, I'm sure.