A wild Fennekin appeared!

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A wild Fennekin appeared!

> Hello, guys, gals, and non-binary pals! You can call me Fen, and I’m looking for people to kidnap grab snatch collaborate with for roleplays!

> Note that I am a minor, but that does not mean I won’t roleplay with redstars! I just won’t write about suggestive tropes or themes with redstars.

> To my bluestars, I am open to play smut-driven roleplays! Just send me a PM and we can discuss!

> I am open to hear any plots you might have in mind. I’m more of a passive roleplayer, but I do collaborate a majority of the time!

> I, myself, have at least a good amount of experience in roleplay to where I can write a few paragraphs in replies. They’ll shorten as the roleplay goes on, but they’ll still move the story and be at least functional. I apologize if my grammar or spelling gets messed up in replies. I usually am typing them on my phone, and I have quick fingers, so I rely on autocorrect a lot of the time.

> I try to be as active as I can, but sometimes I’ll just be online and not reply. It happens sometimes, either because I’m thinking of a reply, or I’m just spacing out.

> I do have a few plots in mind, but they are all stolen from Tumblr or Pinterest! So none of these are mine!

> Some Adult adopts Scarred, Non-human Child
A is just some normal person. With a normal life. A normal job. Normal everything, really. They don’t see much special about themselves. Then B came along. A had found B in some box near an alley, it looked human enough, and small enough to be a child! A took B home and cleaned them up, only realizing a few days later exactly what they’d gotten themself into.

Notes: Not a romantic roleplay! Just a little angst and fluff/slice-of-life kinda thing!

> Big Scary Ominous person being taken care of Little Not-Scared-Of-Them person
A has been through a lot, scarred by many battles and trauma in their past. Now they have fallen ill and are being taken care of 24/7 by their long-time friend, B.

Notes: Can be a fantasy and romance roleplay! Again, mostly just fluff and angst for this.

> That’s all, not a lot, but it’s something. Feel free to message me on this thread or through PM!

The Fennekin got away!
Still lookingggggg