A wild Eevee has appeared!

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  1. Iwaku threw a Pokéball!

    Success! Wild Eevee has been caught!

    Hello, Iwaku! I am Eeveon! I've been roleplaying for approximately 5 years, and now I wish to to roleplay here! I hope to make many friends and have many prosperous roleplays! ^_^

    A little about me:
    • I'm a male.
    • Pisces for life!
    • I enjoy video games as well as manga and anime from time to time.
    • I'm a filthy Homestuck fan!
    • My favorite Pokemon is Eevee, of course! Especially the shiny variation. Squee!
    • I'm a sweetie, but I can be a meanie if I need to. I don't wanna, though! I'd probably cry afterwards.
    I hope that I get to know the community better and make lots of friends!
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  3. A golden haired man approaches a large building. The building is estimated to hold around 7k people. He is small and operating a wrecking ball machine. The ball is decorated with the crumbs of its previous enemies and pieces of cinder, brick, and various strings of code fall from it. As he gets within whacking distance the wrecking ball automatically breaks down the wall without him lifting a finger.

    The man hopped out of the wrecking ball machine as the dust masked him. With a big smile he steps into the room and dusts off his little badge on his chest that read 'Greeter' and holds his arms out for the newcomer.

    "WELCOME TO IWAKU NEW PERSON! HAVE FUN RPING!" He shouts. "But, where are my manners? I am ShiroKiyoshi! The Neko Smasher of Iwaku's walls! And this is an OOC!"

    That means don't RP here, but since the registration just opened up I decided I'd give you a nice, fancy, warm welcome. So, welcome and if you ever want to RP or need a buddy to jumpstart an idea feel free to drop something in my inbox.
  4. Umbreon is my favorite Eeveelution. Can never go wrong. u,v,u
  5. -Joins the squeal-

    Thank you very much! ^_^

    That you cannot! I love all of the Eeveelutions. They're all my little fur babies! ^_^
  6. Oh noooo, this newbie's a cutie! ♥

    Welcome, Eeveon! I'm glad you decided to join us. =D *offers a high-five to the fellow Homestucker*
  7. Hehe! Thank you! ^_^

    *returns the high-five with the proud acknowledgement that resides between Homestuckers*
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  8. I never actually officially welcomed you ;o!
  9. Hehe, thank you so much! ^_^

    I'm glad I'm here. It makes me happy. ^_^
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