A wild Diana appears!

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    how do you guys feel bout these flying feathered kittens filled with satans wrath?
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  2. Kitty, how the hell did you get in our kitchen? >:[
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  3. It... it's so cute. I want to squeeze it. :I Even when it claws my eyes out, it will have been worth it.
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  4. Eat it and gain it's admin powers!
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  5. She gets ittt
  6. Where milk resides, so do I. I always will find a way.
    It is known for cats to eat birds, but if you've ever been close to a owl you know much better than to mess with them. They are, as I said before, filled with satan's wrath.
  7. You need these guys...

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  8. It's just the sweetest little demon on the planet!
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  9. I have two Ravens living in the tree by my house. Ravens are less scary then those blackeyed demon birds you cal Dia- I mean owls. My old cat who was a total badass got into a scrap with owl over his catch once though. It was.. interesting. The owl swooped down,but seems to have accidently dropped the dead thing by the roots of the tree. And Cat and owl stared at one another for a straight hours.
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Oh you're gonna love this...

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  12. Excuse the double post, but I felt the need to act upon the T3H CUT3 ON3.


    I punch it!

    It was Super Effective!

    Now get in there!
  13. Am I the only one who heard this with a "Little ol' Southern Belle" accent attached? ~