A wild Dakup appeared!

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I'm just Da Kup
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What up? My name is Dakup, but I otherwise go by Dak or even Daku. I'm 19 and ready to RP. I've been Rping for a few years so I'm not new to this. Granted I have a full time job with certain responsibilities, which do come first. I don't mind RPing anything except for a few things, well really one thing, hurting kids. That's the only thing I will not do. I have plenty of ideas, and dreams that might lead into ideas that could be put into ink... well digital bits of code that make up pixels that make letters which make up sentences which makes up paragraphs... well you get the point. I'm a veteran of these things. Anyway let's get this thing on!!! I'm gonna jump in.

Your friendly Dakup!
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Welcome Dakup Dakup , Lovely to meet you, have fun if you need any help with anything feel free to tag me.
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