A Wild Crow Appears

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  1. [​IMG]

    The crow knows pain
    The crow knows love
    The crow has many names
    The crow has many skills
    The crow has friends
    The crow has enemies
    So if you're looking for some fun
    If you're looking for a fight
    If you're tired of just running

    "Come fly with the crow."

  2. *leans and whispers* What if I don't have any wings?

    But, ahem! Welcome to the community Mister Crow! :D
  3. You don't seem too heavy, I'm pretty sure I can just take you for a ride with my own. That is if you don't mind me holding you, and assuming you aren't afraid of heights.
  4. * The small statured fox flew in with a pair of pure white wings. * hey there welcome to Iwaku!