A wild Ceridwyn appears! [a couple measley plot hooks]

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  1. Before you delve into the madness that comprises my request(s), I want you to know this: I disappear randomly. It's not because I'm bored, but because I'm distracted easily and have a thousand things happening in my life. That said, if you and I have had a game before and you wish to pick it up again, let me know! I'm totally okay with that. All this aside, I'm looking for people interested in strange and obscure stories that sometimes encourage plot, what plot? intercourse. I don't care what genders the characters are, nor do I care about yours; I'm open to anything and everything, and I boast myself as being able to write both genders equally well.

    I'm on the prowl for the following plot hook --

    • A supernatural/paranormal story involving the Slenderman or something similar, in which a being not of our world utilizes humans as proxies for actions they cannot outright commit to attain a certain goal. It's a matter of friends (or a circle of friends) trying to undertake a mystery that drags them down into something horrible. Possible Lovecraft themes. There's a lot of details that need fleshing, so if you're interested in a long-term venture, send me a PM and we'll develop something fantastic. (This will not be incredibly pwp, moreso story-focused.)
    • Just some slice-of-life involving incest or strangers, set in a fantasy world. Possibly a college of arcane theory, or somewhere in the middle of a journey. Nothing big, intentionally short term. (Other slice of life includes modern people in modern jobs, with themes of voyeurism and debauchery a vein to consider - e.g., convenience store clerks, librarians, whatever.)

    I usually role-play via private messages, but I'm willing to do forum threads if you're so keen. Anyway, hit me up and let me know what rocks your boat. If you have an idea, shoot me a message and we'll make something happen!

    Take care and merry meet!
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