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  1. Name:Galilahi Nightbird (Nicknam: Gali)
    Age: 17
    Heritage: Full-Blooded Cherokee
    Looks: (Looking exactly this and wears this on her first day in the city)
    "Galilahi...Can you please help your father bring in the stuff." Gali's mom said getting out of the taxi.
    Gali looked at her mother with her beautiful dark brown eyes. She grabbed her bag and helped her father with the bags... she wasnt used to living in a big city... she was used to living in her village. She sighed, looked around before heading inside.
    After getting settled in Gali decided to explore this unfamiliar land. She walked outside not even bothering to put on shoes, she wanted to feel the cold wet grass beneath her feet. She stopped in the middle of the grass, closed her eyes and breathed in the fresh warm spring air, it was like the wind was speaking to her, telling her to keep exploring. So she continued her journey. She walked acrossed the busiest street, horn blaring at her, however she ignored it. A few minutes later she made it to a park, she watched old people and young people pass by, then she saw it... a big giant tree. She looked up at it and smiled, 'At last..." she said more to herself. She grabbed a branch and climbed up. This was one of her favorite thing s to do when she lived in the village.

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  2. Name: Art Breadan Age: 21 Heritage: Full blooded Irish Looks: ~~~~~~ "Shit!" Art stomped on the break as the young Native American woman ran in front of his car, he was wide eyed for a moment and his eyebrow arched. His eyes followed the woman until she disappeared. When he looked up at the street light it was still green. Now he was curious of where the beautiful young lady was going. He turned on his turn siginal and turned his car to the right, turned off the turning siginal in the process of turning. He parked in the parking lot that was for the park and got out. He was wearing a trench coat, black jeans and nice black buisness suit. He shoved his hands into his pocket and looked around for the girl. He eventually founf her climbing on highest tree there. He smirked and shook his head.

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  3. Gali stopped climbing when she caught a glance of red out of the corner of her eye. She looked down and saw a red-headed man staring at her. The two made eye contact for quit a while then she decided to jump down to get a better look at him. So she jumped down, landed onher feet and landed an inch from him. She looked at him with no expression on her face, "May I help you?" she asked.
  4. sam
    shes from canada and shes short, her parents kicked her out and now she has a crap low paying part-time job she is friendly and trusts anyone really easily she is good at cooking and shes crap at sports her worst enemies are stairs and hills.

    sam was walking past the park and decided to have lunch there on a bench
  5. Art looked at the very attractive woman and smirked, "May I ask what you were doing up in that tree?"
  6. She looked at him with confusion, looked at the tree, then back at him, "What do you mean? You have never climbed a tree before?"
  7. she unwrapped her sandwhich and saw a girl in a huge tree she stared but the smell of her food brought her back to eating
  8. He laughed lightly then rubbed the back of his neck, "Well... no... You see, there is a rule around here saying its against the law tyo climb the trees in this park."
  9. She tilted her head to the side, confusion could be seen in her eyes, "Why?" out of the corner of her eye she caught a woman on the bench looking at her. She turned her head and looked at the girl.
  10. she finished the sandwhich and looked back at the tree to find the girl looking ay her she smiled and waved at her
  11. She looked back at Art then the girl. She smiled slightly ,"Hello ma'am." she walked up to her.
  12. "hello" she said smiling a bright smile
  13. Name: Heinrich Olden
    Heritage: Swedish/German
    Heinrich felt sorrow still from the idea that he had had to leave uppsala and his parents behind to go to the air port in Stockholm and leave Sweden behind for this place...
    "well isn't this Vundabar" Heinrich mutters as he leaves the city airports arrivals bay in a taxi, his thoughts are disrupted by the gruff voice of the taxi drive "where to sir?".. Heinrich replies " eh do you know any good hotels im new here" the taxi drive then asks " so where have you come from? " "Sweden" Heinrich nimbly replies as the taxi driver leaves the slip road on to a motorway heading towards the city .
  14. sam started walking out of the park messing with leaves she pulled out of bushes
  15. the taxi holts at a park and Heinrich sees a girl and gets out ignoring the shouts from the taxi driver. Heinrich waves at the girl and says "hi could help me find the directions to the move hotel ? "
  16. "oh!.... yes my apartment is down that way, but if you are in a hurry ill just give you directions" she said smiling bright eyed
  17. "thank you " he replies
  18. "its a short walk" she says beginning to walk down the road stepping in the fallen autumn leaves
  19. "ah ok" Heinrich replies and he notices the steps up to the hotel has an awning across its entrance. thank you for you help and i allmost forgot to introduce my self my name is Heinrich .
  20. "hello Heinrich, im sam" she said happily " my apartment is right down there if you need anything" she said smiling she then waved and headed in thr direction of her apartment
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