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  1. After WWIV which devastated the world due to the huge nuclear aspect of the war. The upper surface was destroyed and made almost unlivable, people now live in vaults under the surface.
    The only people let out are explorers(Who are fully geared up for radiation etc.).

    However there are other people on the surface. People who have been thrown out of vaults for being mentally unstable, physically or mentally disabled, criminals, and those born out there. Not many live, but there are some.
    Some vaults have been abandoned too, either they were stormed by creatures and everyone was killed, the equipment for living is ruined, there's a revolt, whatever the reason.

    Our little gang meets when running from a group of mutated creatures as they all take shelter in an abandoned vault.

    They discover a secret about the vaults...a secret that will change how everything works in this new world.
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  2. [​IMG]
    Name(First, Middle, and Last): myramu ikarime jinse omaouerino
    Nickname: mamau
    Age: 17
    Gender: male
    Orientation: bisexual though he mostly prefers boys.
    Likes: almost anything
    Dislikes: almost everthing
    Personality: kind , honest , creative , he's smart and very resourceful , loves to laugh. Fierce and very protective.
    Bio: when his family ditched him he turned to a life of crime to provide his daily needs.
    Crime/Reason for Living Above Ground: His family left him alone a few years after the war when he was small.
    Looks: black hair , creamy complexion , pink lips , tall
    Wears: mostly oversized t-shirts no shoes an d jeans
    Other: he has a pet weasel he calls inny
    height: is 4 Ft 6in
    Build: short and slim
    Family: none
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