A whole new twist

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  1. So I had posted this once before, but it didn't get hit off.

    Sayomi was alone in the world. She lived in the basement of her very wealthy farthers house. She was never loved, never cared for. There was just her in a cold dark world, filled with mice and brutality.

    Once night, Sayomi went to a party, hoping to forget the world. And that she did. The party held less booze then expected, and so, she tried the most available thing. Acid. And shortly after, she really did forget the world she called home...

    So all in all. Cinderella is just poor girl, lost in an acid trip. The prince, just another man at the party. They do not do acid just once, they do it multiple times, switching between reality, and trips. Only, the story is more and more complex. Because there was not such a thing as a happy ending. They meet on multiple occasions, in multiple scenarios, Living out a fantasy, which is much better then the pathetic life that the two are used to.

    I do not know who, if anyone would find this rather interesting, but I am hoping to find a partner. If you need more details, let me know. And I can see what I can answer for you!
  2. I am interested in hearing more. I think it's kind of a cool idea.