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  1. Greetings from Hylei!
    All are welcome to come to Princess Kit and Prince Lyle's grand wedding! It will take place on Hylei's royal island (Island 4 out of 7) and every peasant, princess, prince, or priest is invited! There will be drinks, snacks, and of course, a fabulous after party! Presents are well welcomed for the newly weds, but not a must. If you get an inboxed message saying you are a VIP and what type of invitation you have, please tell the guard once you get to the entry way and you will be treated as such. But by no means do you have to be royal to attend the wedding, for Princess Kit and Prince Lyle enjoy all company!

    This ChatRP will take place in the Roleplay Cove Saturday, March 1st, at 2:00 EST.
    This couple was created by Queen Titana during Diana's Valentine's Day Ball, so anyone who entered into the Valentine's day ball is well welcome, it takes place in the same world and it is an extension of the Ball. So if you already have a character from the Valentine's Day Ball, you may copy and paste your character sheet right to this thread and you will be warmly welcomed. (Also it's great for any of you guys who want to meet back up with who you decided to pair with, huh? ;) )

    1. NO CRASHING THE WEDDING (Literally and figuratively): This is an extension of the Valentine's Day Ball and it is an extension of an RP I am in, I would like to continue this RP so please do not kill off the bride and groom for all you gun slinging bad asses and trolls that happen to be on the site. You can stir up trouble if you like, especially during the after party, but I want no deaths of the bride and groom and I want the wedding to be able to go through without someone RPing a fire breathing dragon crashing through the celling of my castle. The damage you do in this RP will continue on into another RP I have so try to be relatively non destructive of my castle, islands, and villages. I don't mind fights to the death of other people, and destruction of things that aren't mine, but let's try to keep it to just that, eh? Decorations are welcome to be destroyed, as well as little things. Don't put TNT underneath my islands and stuff is all I'm saying.

    2. Red is not acceptable to wear, as Queen Titana is coming back to the wedding as she match-made the couple. She is welcome to murder you if you wear red. So it's asking for trouble if you do so. Any other color is acceptable, but colors of white, light blues and pale lilac are the best hues to wear. There will be no red in the wedding for this reason.

    3. If your character is sexist or racist in any way, they'll be kicked out, immediately. Although you are free to have a 'mean' or 'bad' or 'dark' character, I hate both sexism and racism (INCLUDING the sexism of the male gender, which often goes under the radar) so just please don't be either of those things. Your character can think it, but don't say those things or you'll be cut, kay?

    Things to know~

    All types of people are welcome, Kit is a very religious person and welcomes all to her home. Go ahead and make any character you like, you can play up to two characters a person.

    Although character sheets are not needed they are very much so welcome.

    And again, if your from the Valentine's Day Chat Ball, please use your character you had there and come along. I promise it'll be lots of fun. :)

    If you want to know what character to make, I recommend princes and princesses from foreign lands, or a Pirate who is friends with Jack (A girl Pirate who works for Kit)

    :) Hope to see you at the wedding!
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  2. YAY! Totes gonna be there! <3 I will edit this post later with a minibio for the Queen.
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  3. Right forum, wrong button! But it's possible that you couldn't see the button and I need to fix something! O_O Cause everyone should be able to post something as an event.
  4. Ah, I haven't the slightest clue. Oh well! This'll do. :P As long as people can see it and join it!
  5. Mairan is definitely going to blow it all sky high if she isn't a VIP, or if Kit and Lyle have forgotten her :P Or she'll favor her usual subtleties and make you think she's chill when she's actually just put poison in the wedding cake. Tread with caution :devil:

    @Diana is there an emoji for bombs on this site? Or explosions? There should be XD
  6. I absolutely love your avatar and signature. *Can't handle it*
    Yup, yup. Haha, Lyle may remember you, Kit will remember your voice.

    Although she's got her sight back after slaughtering her father so she can see now. :D
  7. Bomb? :bomb:

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  8. :bomb::bomb::bomb::bomb::bomb::bomb::bomb::bomb::bomb::bomb::bomb::bomb::bomb::bomb::bomb::bomb::bomb::bomb::bomb::bomb: Bombs all around!! I fully intend to overuse this emoji, beware. I'll try to restrain myself, though.
  9. Lyle read up a lot on other nobles and their families growing up, and gave himself a refresher just before the ball. He'll know who you are. :P

    (If it sounds mafia-esque... Well, just be prepared for the horse heads. :v)
  10. I might join in on this!
  11. Welcome, welcome. :D
    CS are welcome but you don't have to send one.
    I think it'll be a fun chat party.
  12. As long as nothing comes along on that day I will do my best to be there. Might be a little after the start, though.
  13. One character reserved. I will write his bio when I get home. But I thikn you already know who I am going to use.
  14. Ah, yes, I do. I figure Kat shall show up as well, huh? :)
  15. Perhaps, if you want to/can RP two people at once?
  16. I can. Two players per person. :D
  17. I meant can you personally handle playing two characters at once. :D
  18. I can handle anything ;P