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  1. These are poems by me, Fluffy. Some are old, some are new. :] Some are crap, some are awesome. Compliment me, or don't. I don't really post these for criticism, just to share them. <3

    If anyone's interested, I store my poetry in a blog-thing on wordpress.

    Mother Bird
    Beneath the golden sun
    flies a regal avian

    Feathers of amber,
    crest of lilac,
    eyes of jade;
    she exhibits natural beauty

    Though her song is euphoric,
    her talons glisten with venom;
    she defends her nest
    with savage energy

    The mother bird offers
    endless affections with
    immeasurable love
    even when in grief
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  2. This here is a TF2 love poem. xD Had it not been for this video game, I wouldn't have found my true love~ And yeah, I know it's an odd piece of work. But I loves it. (And yes, I am better at the game than he is!)

    TF2 Love Poem
    There exists an
    odd universe
    of contention
    between two sides
    of RED and BLU

    In a race for
    there sparks a flame
    of endearment
    and rivalry
    from flamethrowers

    Here, began a
    tale of romance
    about how a
    German doctor
    attracted a
    brave, Ruissian hulk

    Whether he is
    on BLU or RED,
    I am smitten
    by his presence
    but I remain
    the champion
    of Team Fortress

    There’s no other
    with perfection
    such as this one

    ‘Tis a story
    whose beginning’s
    yet wonderful;
    for this story’s
    never ending
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  3. Foxtrot
    We stride somberly
    upon drab soils,
    where the widows mourn
    beneath the looming
    flock of corvidae

    With no partial qualm
    they proceed ahead
    as if life were just
    an endless foxtrot
    in silver moonlight

    Oh, the impetus!
    The comely motions
    that no single force
    can ever hope to
    banish to the graves

    ‘Tis a rarity;
    a bond most sacred
    with a peaceful flow,
    whimsical grudges
    and love eternal

    A foxtrot indeed;
    a dance that surely
    continues in the
    cemetery that’s
    haunted by lovers
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  4. One of the weirdest poems I ever wrote. I sound like an obsessed cat lady, haha! When my pets die, though I take it really hard. v__v; Plus, my dark moods are awesome sometimes. Writing grim poetry is my favourite.

    Lost Companions

    Forced to persevere
    without the comely
    purring and screeching
    of darling felines

    Their phantoms haunt me
    each day and each night,
    in sleep and in wake
    so I may mourn them

    My limbs, they tremble
    due to the icy
    presence of their ghosts
    curling around me

    With no fur to stroke
    and no mouth to feed,
    I claw my bosom
    ’till my heart bleeds red

    This scourge harms me so
    This emptiness, too
    And so I’m insane;
    just a little bit

    I weep for my loss,
    burn for my mistakes,
    stare with bitter eyes
    ’till the void is filled

    Return to me, friends
    and lick my wounds clean
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  5. Broken Promises;;

    Feelings spurred,
    baneful word

    Spoken with
    the sweetest
    broken by
    ego’s need
    to expand

    Pretty lies,
    heavy sighs

    Wasting breath
    on the soul
    who trusts you;
    followed by
    false amends
    and torture

    Close your mouth;
    Silence is
    finer than
    your foul voice
    of treason
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  6. Phenomenal;;

    Smoothing my fingertips
    along a sleek glass neck
    while bliss engulfs my thoughts

    Click, inhale, bubble, blow;
    'tis the smoothest flavor

    My bosom quickly fills
    with the mists of heaven
    And then my aches are numbed

    I soar with confidence
    and with unending joy;
    my senses are lusty

    Within my clouded mind
    I wish for this to last
    forever and ever
  7. I've got a case of the holiday blues. :/


    In the murky wintertide
    their voices carol in my ears

    'Tis a symphony of woe
    and delight
    As they cherish my existence
    but mourn my absence

    I see their faces in the snowflakes
    The smiles;
    the weeping;
    the disappointment;
    the hopefulness

    My heart cannot bear it

    My tears freeze upon my face
    while I watch the nighttime clouds
    And I wonder...
    Do they see what I see?

    The distance is too great

    Sickles of ice upon my brow
    Frozen blood coating my feet
    I walk, and I walk, and I walk...
    'Till the winter mistress holds me;
    cradles me;
    whispers to me:

    Sleep and you'll forget"
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  8. Spell Breaker

    In phantom disguise,
    amid prosaic voices,
    where I’m guarded with
    divine tunes and
    a cryptic gaze

    Howbeit, one miss
    sees through the spells
    With her enchanted words,
    my wicked reality shatters

    In one swift moment,
    a connection enacts;
    a kinship is born
    Then life resumes

    She’s a mystery
    with few hints to her name
    and a lovely visage

    I shall find you again
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  9. Fluffy, you have a beautiful soul <3 I LOVE these Poems!
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  10. You are too sweet, Fi. ://3

    One of my current roleplay characters is a poet. This is what she wrote. Or that...I wrote? As her? *confuses herself into insanity*

    White Fire

    'tis warmest in the winter
    We sit heart cage to heart cage
    to make fire in the snow

    Embrace me, and keep me near
    For I will freeze if you don't
    Then, I will kiss the snowflakes
    that sit upon your sweet face

    Sit here with me, love, 'till Spring
    Even though the seasons change,
    our flames of passion will last
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  11. My Weather, His Planet

    My son is my weather
    and I am his planet

    His smile is the light,
    bringing joyous warmth to
    the gloom upon my face

    His tears, they are my rain
    I will absorb each drop
    'Till his eyes lose their clouds

    His voice is the wind
    Sometimes it is brutal;
    sometimes it is peaceful

    His absence brings winter;
    I feel cold, silent, dead...
    And the sky weeps with snow

    My son is my weather
    and I am his planet

    Through storms and through sunshine,
    our bond will never break
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  12. Fluffy, that was...beautiful poetry ~sniffles~
    What a lovely analogy too. <3
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  13. Remember, I Love You

    I stare into his gaze
    'till it bursts into flames
    My face is scarred with burns
    from the angry heat of
    the orbit shaped fires

    My throat is slashed by the
    aggressive claws thirsting
    for the blood of his foes
    And so I cannot speak

    He shouts until I shrink,
    then roars with frustration
    'cause he cannot see me

    I won't come out to play
    'till your rage vanishes

    Remember, I love you
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  14. Kind of just a way for me to illustrate how I feel when I'm having anxiety. Or just a bad day in general, I dunno. *feelin' melancholy* >>;

    My World is Grey

    The world I live in is grey
    The somber faces I see
    have the most grisly of frowns
    I dare not meet their gazes,
    for fear that I'll petrify

    I can't stand the sight of them

    When those unsightly lips move,
    my arms are pinned to my sides,
    so I can't cover my ears...

    I can't hear them talking;
    I can only hear them chant
    Their foul voices torment me,
    'till they hear my maddened cry

    Time moves slowly in my world
    I scream for thirty seconds,
    but it feels like thirty days

    So, thirty long days later,
    I will return to my bed

    Because I dream in color
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  15. Sorcery

    Harsh how the serenity
    can shatter in moments

    I can sense the dark magic
    as it shrouds me in shadow
    The sweet sugar on my tongue
    turns into a foul poison
    I spit it out with curse words,
    each more deadly than the last

    I've played right into his trap

    My rage feeds the sorcerer
    'till his strength rules over mine
    More words are pulled from my lips
    like crimson thread from a spool

    An empty spool means silence;
    silence means that I have lost
    For the umpteenth time, I've lost

    And then I pay with my blood
    For the umpteenth time, I bleed
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  16. I was digging through some poems in a blog I don't update anymore and came across this. A friend and I would exchange poetry themes to see what we came up with. If I'm not mistaken, the theme for this one was simply 'music'. So I turned it into some creepy...weird...concert-graveyard-type...thing?

    I even put in rhymes, which take me a lot longer to write for.

    Deathly Melody

    Hearken to my anthem
    For you will learn, my dear,
    a true song of condemn,
    passion, envy, and fear

    My anger is a drum,
    my sorrow is a flute
    My soul is feeling numb
    from pain that's most acute

    Confessions for my sins
    are written on my tomb
    Do you hear violins?
    They punctuate my doom

    My somber little song
    makes angels want to weep
    It even makes the strong
    see horrors in their sleep

    I shall always haunt you
    and your precious child
    And when your life is through,
    you will die beguiled

    My fans are in the ground,
    they’re all phantoms like me
    Do not follow the sound
    of fierce melancholy
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  17. Little Birdy

    Sing, little birdy
    Bring my smile back
    Tweet, little birdy
    ‘Fore the sky turns black
    Peep, little birdy
    I could use a friend
    Coo, little birdy
    Stay; don’t ascend
    Croon, little birdy
    Wake the sun up, please
    Chirp, little birdy
    Bring life to the trees
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  18. I feel happy. I dug up some of my older poems. <3

    Guardian Angel

    Fear not the blades
    or the bullets
    that threaten you

    Fear not the beasts
    or the shadows
    that chase you

    Fear not the storms
    or the evils
    that call you

    Fear not the people
    or the heroes
    who abandon you

    Reach for the light
    for the gentle hand
    for the mighty feathered wings

    Reach for the chanting angel
    who chases your nightmares away

    Melodic Sacrifice

    I would sacrifice it all
    Just to laugh once more

    I'll give away the songs
    of happy tweeting birds
    of somber howling wolves
    of enchanting orca whales

    I'll trade the chime of silver bells
    They can take my MP3
    My alarm clock sounds, just take them
    I'll wake up to something else

    The rock groups I adore
    The techno, the country, the soundtracks
    I can learn to live without them
    So as long as you'll still call

    I would exist in silence
    Just to hear your voice

    Of all the music in my life
    All I need's your words
    And I would give it all away
    Just for one more night
    Please, give me one more night
  19. More old pieces. :3

    Graceless Ballet

    Dearest ballerina
    though your toes are sore
    you must dance forevermore

    You've lost your charm
    but you still have what's inside
    you still have your pride

    There's no audience
    for a dancer like you
    who stumbles at every "Boo!"

    They don't hate you
    it's your failure they despise
    can't even win the third prize

    Dust yourself off, lovely
    your smile's one to keep
    even when you weep

    Don't stop the ballet
    you'd regret it, you know
    quitting on yourself is low

    I'll always be your fan
    you're a beautiful dame
    with a beautiful name

    The world needs you
    a girl determined and fine
    and you'll always be mine


    of black and white
    I have missed you so
    Please return to my arms
    so we may smile and laugh
    Don't forget that I am waiting
    You're so busy being heroic
    My heart beats fast with 'pandamonium'


    and passive
    A stinging in my mind

    and confound
    My sanity left behind

    and hindered
    Antagonized by fear

    and robust
    Clinging to what's dear
  20. Continued old poems... >.> I just can't stand having too many in a single post it looks like. lolol


    A lucid utopia
    An illusion
    yet sublime

    A radiant room
    filled with chronicles
    of martyrs and scoundrels
    of riddles and patterns
    of legacies and sacrifices

    A sentimental moment
    and a fantasy
    Disappointingly intangible

    A time I felt at home
    Solaced and desired
    Genuinely happy

    What is happiness?

    It is but a reverie
    The most blissful reverie of all


    "My Andromeda," he said
    "My galaxy, my goddess"

    I'll draw her in the sky
    She'll be outlined by the stars
    And be colored by sunsets

    A smile so alluring
    And eyes filled with shining stars
    Her beauty surpasses all

    Laugh for me, Andromeda
    It is music to my ears
    I exist to bring you joy

    Stay near me, Andromeda
    For if evil approaches
    You will be safely guarded

    He said I'm his galaxy
    With a rocket of his own
    He'd travel the universe

    To find his Andromeda
    To find his darling goddess