A Whisper In The Cherry Petals

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  1. The basic gist of this, to be flushed out when I have gotten a PM from an interested party, is...

    • The main male character is affiliated with a charter -- "bike gang" is the laymen term, though charter is the term used in public as "gangs" are illegal. This charter sells guns, drugs, etc. (Think Sons of Anarchy.)
      • The main male character can be related to the head of the charter or he can be the head of the charter. If he's the head of the charter he needs to be at least 27, but can be older if you please! ^^; He can really have any spot in the charter that you'd like; be creative! :3
    • The main female character is named Sennett Elisabeth Ray McEntyre. She is a very rich girl. How your character goes about knowing her is up to you -- he can be an old fling from college, or something more, or really anything, just let me know so we can work out details. ^^;
      • Sennett's family will be losing their fortune really soon! This could be an idea of how and why she gets mixed in with the charter, for money! We'll talk.
    I believe this is it for now. (: If you have questions, suggestions, etc. please PM me! :3

    • No one-liners. At least two to three paragraphs on average for replies. Any length beyond the minimum is just fine with me. :)
    • If you must take a hiatus, please let me know. I plan for this RP to become long-term.
    • Please get to know me OOCly. I enjoy getting to know who I am RPing with.
    • Please be 18+, just because sometimes sex can happen in RPs even though it is not the original intent, and as I am over 18 I would not feel... okay with RPing with someone younger -- though if you are younger than 18 and you want to RP with me, then please, just let me know in PMs and we can talk.
    • FTB (Fade-to-black) for major violence, sex, etc. is fine with me if it is fine with my partner -- depending on age as well. Though If you want to write our descriptive scenes, please just make this known. :)
    • My RPs rarely have limitations. I, as an RPer, believe that limitations are... well, limitating, and I try to avoid them as much as possible. Therefore any limitations should be set by my partner. :)
    • I want someone who will RP male and female characters; but would not mind being primarily a male for their first character. I'm fine with lesbian pairings, gay pairings, hetero, etc. but the first pairing I want should be hetero. ^^; Later pairings will be discussed and planned out between the two of us.
    • Most of all, just have fun! :3

    Sennett Elisabeth Ray McEntyre21FemaleHeterosexualSingleNone.
Thread Status:
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