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  1. Odessa Rain Morien

    Age: Appears twenty, actual age is unknown.

    Family:Mother: Lylaia Morien-(Alive) Queen of planet Morgul.
    Father: Gunther Morien-(Alive) King of planet Morgul.
    Brother:Noelai Morien- (Alive) Prince of Morgul.

    - Healing, kindness, Very good at reading, and can change appearance at will, sword fighting/spells.

    Weakness - Cares too much, dislikes hurting people she loves.

    Odessa is the princess of Morgul.
    Morgul is an icy planet, typically covered in snow.
    She's always been treated well by her family, and has been brought up to fight, but also to be a good, well mannered queen one day.
    Odessa's mother met with Frigga and Odin when Odessa was ten, and Thor eleven.
    They decided the two should marry one day to bring Morgul and Asgard together, in case of war or anything else.
    Odessa looks up to her brother, and trained with him while she was at home.
    Although she grew up mostly on Morgul, Odessa spent every Summer on Asgard.
    She grew to care deeply about both Thor and Loki.
    The three became very good friends.
    She also met her female best friend on Asgard.
    Now, both adults, Thor and Odessa's wedding day is only a few days away.
    She's to be sent to Asgard and to stay there from now on.
    Although she cares for Thor, she's not sure if she loves him as a husband.

    Personality -
    Odessa is a very kind person.
    She enjoys to curl up with a book, and spend an afternoon learning new things.
    She also enjoys sword fighting, although she prefers to not actually hurt anyone unless absolutely necessary.
    She's not exactly shy, but she's quiet, and she likes to observe people, and sometimes play tricks on them.

    She has bright green eyes~~

  2. Gemini "Gem" and "Soto"

    Appears Twenty-Five | Asgardian - Dark Elf Hybrid

    Mother - Unknown
    Father - Unknown
    Frigga - Mentor

    - Sharing a love and inheritance for Magic, Gemini and Loki easily became friends and often practice their spells together for entertainment.
    Odessa - Although not blood-related, Gemini considers Odessa to be her sister and if very protective of her.
    Thor - Her beloved, Gemini truly loves Thor and wishes she could marry him.

    - Sorcery
    - Shape Shifting
    - Healing
    - Telepathy
    - Double Personality/Two Separate Personas

    - Gemini's heritage is unknown, aside from being an Asgardian.
    - She was basically 'adopted' by Frigga, after the Queen discovered the abandon baby in the gardens.
    - Gemini is best friends with Loki, Thor and Odessa.
    - Her personality is split, resulting in two entirely different people.
    - Gem "The Light Personality" is only capable of Healing and Harmless Magic, while Soto "The Dark Personality" is capable of Shape Shifting and Dark Magic.
    - Frigga assumes this double personality is a side-effect of her parentage, but isn't able to prove it.
    - Gemini's biological mother was an Asgardian, but her father was a Dark Elf.
    - Since Asgardians and Dark Elves were never supposed to breed, their child is forced to endure two identical/yet contrasting personalities.
    - Gem & Soto are NOT the same person, but exist peacefully among the same body.
    - Gem and Soto usually co-exist/are conscious when in agreement and that's when they're called "Gemini".
    - When either one takes full control, their appearance changes and distinguishes who is whom.

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  3. Odessa had been prepped for this day.
    She'd been taught since childhood about being a woman, having manners, and getting married.
    Although that didn't make it any less awkward for her.
    Today, she was being sent to Asgard, and in a few more days, she'd be married to Thor, the next ruler of Asgard.

    She was excited to go back to Asgard, as she always was.
    Asgard was so much different than her own planet, and she enjoyed it.
    Along with the differences, she also had more friends on Asgard.
    One female, two male.
    She'd grown up with all of them, and considered them family, even Thor.
    His younger brother, Loki, was more like her than Thor was, and he seemed to understand her more.
    But yet, because of age, she was to marry Thor.

    Sighing, Odessa finished up her bath and dressed in a light blue, simple style dress that Thor had sent her.
    Asgard's climate was very different than Morgul's, and so she'd need new clothes.
    This was for today, and in a letter he'd sent, there were more dresses in her closet on Asgard.
    She'd only packed one bag, since she didn't need much, and now, she was ready to leave.

    Although she'd miss Morgul, and her family, it wasn't goodbye forever.
    She'd be allowed to visit whenever she liked, and her family could always visit Asgard.
    Pulling on a fur coat for the walk through Morgul, Odessa grabbed her bag and left her room.

    Her mother was waiting to walk with her outside her bedroom door.
    "Oh, mother, I didn't know you were waiting." She said, smiling.
    Her mother nodded, grabbing her arm.
    "Of course I am, dear!" She said, chuckling.
    The cold weather of Morgul ripped through Odessa's thin Asgardian dress, but at least she had the fur.
    "Your father can't make it to say goodbye, and he's got your brother with him. Some training or something. But they send their love, and they'll see you on your wedding day."

    Odessa figured as much.
    Shrugging, she nodded, and continued walking.
    The path to her ship wasn't very long, and they were there in a matter of minutes.
    Handing her bag to a guard, Odessa turned back to her mother.
    "Well, this is where I leave. I'll see you on the wedding day, and I'll send letters."
    She smiled and hugged her mother tightly.

    "I know, dear. Be safe. I love you."
    Odessa smiled through her tears, and entered the ship, taking a seat in the back, where she'd be for the whole journey.
    Although of course, it wasn't much of a journey, only a few hours.
    Waving goodbye to her mother, she watched as her planet became smaller and smaller as she flew to her new home.


    A few hours later, a guard was shaking her awake.
    She was on Asgard.
    Smiling and thanking him she grabbed her bag and left the ship, saying goodbye to the guards.
    Two more guards, this time from Asgard, were waiting for her.

    They took her bag, and her much too hot fur coat, and led her to the throne room, where the Asgardian family was waiting.
    "Hello, Odin, and hello Frigga!" She called out, nodding her head in acknowledgement.
    "I've missed everyone." Odessa said, smiling.
    This was her second family.

    Turning to Loki and Thor, she held out her hand for a kiss.
    "Thor, my love." She said, although the word was odd when referring to him.
    Smiling at Loki, she winked. "And of course, Hello, Loki. I missed you."
    She wanted to hug them both, but didn't, because at the moment, it wouldn't be proper.
    She'd wait to do that until they were out of the throne room.

    Turning once more, she saw Gem.
    "Gem!" She cried out, running to greet her.
    Gem was her only female friend here on Asgard.
    "What have I missed?" She asked, laughing.

    Thor's wedding day had arrived, finally.
    He'd woken early that morning to bathe and eat a good, full breakfast.
    Loki had slept in a bit later, but that was fine.
    He wasn't the one being married.

    Thor's heart beat with excitement as he thought about Odessa arriving.
    He'd always had feelings for her, ever since they were children.
    And now, here they were, getting married!

    Before she arrived, the palace was cleaned, and everyone was washed.
    They wanted to look presentable to her, even though she was practically family anyway.
    Thor especially wanted to look nice, but he also didn't want to look odd.

    So, he wore his usual armor.
    Before he went to the throne room to greet her, he set up her room, making sure it was clean.
    Her closet was filled with clothes his mother had ordered for her, and her bed had new blankets, pillows, and sheets.
    Odessa's bathroom was filled with all different soaps, brushes, and towels.

    He hoped she would like it.
    On his way to the throne room, he saw Gem.
    Smiling, he waved to her and continued on his way.
    Odessa was due any moment.

    Standing next to Loki and Gem, Thor couldn't stop fidgeting.
    His excitement grew and grew, until finally, she was in front of him.
    Odessa offered him her hand, and he kissed it gently, his gaze never leaving hers.
    "My darling." He said, leading her out of the throne room with a quick nod to Odin, to make sure it was okay.

    "Let's all go on a walk." He said, making sure to include Loki and Gem.
    It would do them all some good to get caught up after a year of Odessa being gone.
  4. Excitement spread rapidly throughout the kingdom of Asgard. Everyone awaiting the arrival of its future Queen and Thor's soon-to-be-bride. Thor's parents were elated, knowing that Odessa would make a fine ruler and a lovely wife to their son. However, not all of Asgard was so thrilled with the impending wedding and union.

    "Why so crestfallen?"

    Loki, Joutenhiem's rightful prince, addressed the pouting lady facing away from the celebration taking place within the palace. The halls being decked, table arranged and gifts lining the floor besides the thrones. "Are you not joyous for my brother's big day?" There was no mistaking the hidden anger in Loki's words. He loathed all the constant attention towards his adopted brother, even if he was sincerely happy for Thor in some twisted manner.

    "I'm anxious to see her," the moping female answered, lifting her eyes to the sky. "It's been an entire year since we last communicated."

    "Odessa." The name graced Loki's lips, her voice echoing through his mind. Indeed, her presence had been deeply missed in her absence. "Still," he straightened himself. "Why is Soto in control and not Gem?"

    The lady laughed, her voice darker than normal and hinted with just the slightest of an unknown accent. She turned, displaying black hair and matching eyes. "Gem has allowed me to be take command while she rests for Odessa's arrival."

    Although they speak through the same body, Loki always made sure to never confuse the two separate personalities sealed within Gemini. "Gem is resting?" He questioned, even now unable to fully understand how this sharing of the body worked.

    Soto smirked, crossing her arms and shifted uncomfortably in the white gown Frigga had offered her to wear. The sleeves were unreasonably long, spilling over her hands and the neckline making her bosom far too visible. "Resting, Loki, as in unconscious at the moment?"

    He nodded, not really interested. "Anyway, Odessa has just arrived, we must meet in the Throne Room."

    * * *

    When Odessa greeted her old friends, Gem had regained control of the body and was grinning happily to see her best friend's return. Soto's dark hair and eyes were replaced with golden-blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. She embraced Odessa lovingly, nearly crying as her emotions skyrocketed.

    "It's been so long!" She scolded, playfully. It wasn't exactly Odessa's fault and Gem knew her friend had no control over visiting.

    A sly smirk arched Loki's lips sideways as he caught Odessa's teasing. He shrugged his shoulders in agreement when Thor suggested they all go for a walk. As expected, Odessa and Thor walked alongside each other. Gem and Loki followed from behind. Although, Loki couldn't really object to the view. He may be a melodramatic man with high ambitions, but even he could take a moment to admire just how developed Odessa had become in her year-long absence.

    Gem caught Loki's stares and sneakily cast a spell at his feet. Suddenly the Jouten prince found himself falling backwards and his shoes sliding across a piece of ice. He knew this was Gem's playful magic and managed to catch himself before colliding onto the ground. Thankfully he had avoided a rather embarrassing accident.
  5. Odessa enjoyed the walk with Thor, although she continued to look behind her at Loki and Gem.
    She listened to Thor speak about the wedding, nodding here and there, but her attention wasn't with him.
    When the turned a corner, a guard came up to them, greeting them cheerfully.
    "Thor, Gem, Odin has requested that you two join him in the Throne Room."

    He said nothing more, and returned to his post.
    Odessa smiled at Thor, letting him know it was okay to leave.
    "Loki and I will find somewhere to wait for you two." She said, waving them off.
    Probably wedding plans.

    She was awfully tired of hearing about the wedding.
    Turning to Loki, she felt a grin spread across her face.
    "So, Loki, shall we find somewhere to sit and catch up?"
    She felt a blush spread across her face, and fanned herself with her hand.

    Suddenly, the low neckline of her dress seemed very open and embarrassing.
    Odessa knew her breasts were rather big, but in Asgardian clothes they seemed to pop out more.
    She laid a hand on them, hoping to cover them a bit.
    She'd really need time to get used to these clothes.

    Thor had barely walked anywhere at all, when a guard came up to him.
    He and Gem were to meet with Odin in the Throne room, for what reason, he didn't know.
    Sighing, he waved to Odessa, and agreed to catch up to them later.

    Turning to make sure Gem was following him, he began to walk to the room.
    "What do you think Odin needs to see us for?"
    He asked Gem, turning to watch her.

    It was most likely about the wedding, but he wasn't sure.
    Although Gem had seemed happy enough that Odessa was here, Thor felt some sort of sadness from her.
    "Is everything alright?" He asked, the smile dropping from his face.
  6. Thor's question confronted the mixture of emotions currently storming inside Gem's mind and she struggled not to let anything else be detected. "I am just anxious for the wedding, Thor." The lie gracefully escaped her lips. "There's so much planning and preparation that is required for such a ceremony." While this was partially the truth, Gem refused to speak the core of her insecurities. Odessa is her best friend, she should be elated for the wedding and yet, she desperately wished the union was not happening. Thor seemed joyous, which made the depression sink even lower within Gem's stomach. Every time she saw his face, the widened smile and heard his echoing laughter, Gem felt the stabs of jealously attacking her heart.

    Why could Thor not be her own?

    Odessa would make a fine bride and a righteous Queen of Asgard, but Gem knew the other woman's heart did not belong to Thor. Struggling to set aside her conflicted feelings, Gem offered Thor a forced smile and continued walking along his side. "Perhaps your mother and father have some announcement for you, Thor?" She suggested, bowing her head politely as the doors were opened by two guards.

    * * *

    Loki averted his eyes from the view of Odessa's, rather impressive, chest and shrugged his shoulders thoughtfully. "Well, I suppose that would be the reasonable thing to do." He guided Odessa towards a bench, allowing her to be seated first and then followed after wards. "Gem has been very emotional since you left," Loki explained, recalling how Soto had been more frequent in appearances since Odessa had to leave. "That woman cares for you like a sister, it's strange."

    "You're soon to be our new Queen." Loki knew the title would suit her well. However, imagining her standing beside Thor, it made his stomach churn in disgust. Odessa was nothing like his adopted brother. She deserved someone better, not to offend Thor's honor in any way, though. "Have you allowed yourself time to adjust here in Asgard?" The question was irrelevant, honestly. Judging by the awkwardness she dawned in the Asgardian clothes, Loki already had his answer.
  7. Odessa watched Loki speak, noticing how soft his voice was compared to Thor's.
    She liked it- Thor was always loud and his voice was always booming.
    Smiling softly, she nodded.
    "I know she does. But there's something else too. Although I'm not sure what it is.."
    Odessa sighed.

    Queen sounded so formal, so odd to her.
    "I'm in the process of adjusting. The clothes will take a while, for sure."
    She blushed.

    Being around Loki always made her blush.
    When she was around Thor, she didn't blush at all.
    This realization hit her, and she looked down at the floor.
    It was horrible, really.
    Thor was to be her husband, and here she was, blushing with his brother.

    Thor nodded, smiling.
    "Ah, as am I, Gem."
    He grinned at her, patting her back.
    "Nothing to worry about. Odessa will make a good queen."

    "Planning and preparation are easy, with Frigga on board. She's very good at these things.
    And now, Odessa is with us as well, so we'll be able to plan even easier."
    He sighed happily.

    Although Thor was happy, he could tell Gem was not.
    He wasn't sure why, but he figured it must have been wedding nerves.
    "Gem, do you think- Do you believe that Loki has feelings for Odessa?" He asked.
    He'd noticed that Loki had been acting strange too.
    Maybe this accounted for Gem's mood change.
    She obviously cared for Loki.

    "Oh, probably just something about the wedding."
    He replied, sure that it was something simple.
  8. Gem did care for Loki, but nowhere near the degree that Thor was suggesting. He was a friend, her best friend aside from Odessa. Having romantic feelings for him would be not only disgusting and sinful, but entirely unrequited. Loki's not the sort to show his inner emotions, but for someone that has adjusted to decoding two separate personalities, Gem knew the infatuation that Loki harbors towards Odessa.

    The prolonged glances in her direction, the ever-so-faint smile that would glide across Loki's lips whenever Odessa was in his presence...the signs were there, but rarely noticed by anyone else. Certainly not Thor. He failed to recognize the longing gaze of his adopted brother's emerald eyes.

    When they entered the Throne Room, immediately Frigga approached them with open arms. Thor was the first to be welcomed into her embrace. She kissed both sides of his cheeks, then turned to Gem and repeated her actions with the female.

    "Lovely, you both arrived so quickly." She praised their punctuality, motioning them to follow her. "Your father has something very important to speak with you about, Thor." Frigga gently held onto Gem's hand, insisting that Thor go on alone.

    * * *

    Odessa seemed nervous, visibly unsettled by the impending wedding ceremony. Feeling obligated to sooth her anxiety, Loki suddenly lifted from the bench and offered an extended hand to her. "I want to show you something special." Although speaking with an emotionless expression, Loki's emerald eyes could not be shinning any brighter.

    When she took his hand, his slender fingers wrapping around her own, Loki smirked ever so slightly. "Come," he guided, walking quickly, but elegantly. Loki truly did have a surprise for Odessa, something that she would have received on her wedding day, but Loki felt it would lift her spirits now. Besides, Thor already knew the gift Loki planned on offering, so it wasn't like he was spoiling the moment for his brother.

    "Close your eyes," he instructed, waiting as she did so. Once Odessa obeyed his request, Loki gently pulled her through an opened door and immediately the scent of fresh pine needles and hay wafted towards their noses. Loki dropped her hand, moving away and smirked. "Open your eyes."

    Standing there before her was a lovely, rather massive white horse with eyes identical to Odessa's own. The beast had a black mane, long enough to be braided and a tail already fitted in such a fashion. Loki introduced them, "This is your wedding gift, Odessa. She once belonged to me, a loyal horse and fine companion, but her company is better suited for you."
  9. Odessa Looked up at Loki, noticing his eyes gleaming happily.
    Smiling, she stood up, taking his slender hand in her own, noticing how it sent a tingle up her spine.
    Her heart started pounding harder- she never felt this way when she held Thor's hand.

    Blushing furiously, she followed him, holding his hand tightly.
    When he asked, she closed her eyes, trusting him totally.
    When he told her to open her eyes, she did, and smiled in delight.

    "Oh, Loki, she's beautiful!" She said, gasping, and holding his hand tighter.
    She'd always wanted a horse, but hadn't ever gotten one.
    Smiling, she let go of his hand and rand a hand over the horses mane.
    "Can we ride together sometime?" She asked him, turning back to look at him.

    At that moment, a breeze swept through the room, making Odessa's dark hair around her, into her face slightly.
    Smiling at the suddenness of it, she swept her hair back from her face, and put a hand on her dress as the breeze tried to lift it.
    She laughed, a soft, quiet laugh.
    This was a good day. Even though she wasn't with her husband, she was having a good time.

    Gem had stayed quiet after Thor's suggestion of her love for Loki.
    Thor thought he was right, not knowing anything else.
    Once they'd made it to the throne room, Frigga kissed them both, and ushered Thor to Odin's side.

    Gem was left behind, but Thor knew that she'd be fine.
    Smiling as he entered the room, he bowed to his father.
    "Father, you sent for me?" He asked, looking up at him now.

    Thor was sure this was a question about the wedding, or something of that nature.
    All he really wanted to do though, was make his way back to Odessa.
    She was so beautiful today, and he felt odd leaving her with his brother.
  10. Gem and Frigga were left to their own accord. The elder woman suggested they go for a walk through the gardens, to which Gem complied and joined her majesty's side. The gardens are always lovely. Frigga tends to them daily, her greatest pleasure in all of Asgard. "Odessa will make a wonderful Queen of Asgard," Frigga complimented the absent woman, her eyes drifting to the golden apples hanging high above their heads. "She will be given a choice once the wedding is complete. An apple from this garden ensures immortality to anyone that consumes it. As Queen, she will be allowed to choose for herself."

    "Did you eat the golden apple, Frigga?"

    Gem stayed behind, waiting as Frigga plucked the apple and spun it curiously in her slender hand. "Oh no, darling. Odin refused to gain Immortality and I did not wish to be without him."

    "That's truly sweet, m'lady."

    Frigga smiled, reattaching the apple and approached Gem with a gentle hand on her shoulder. "My dear, I know of your feelings towards my son."

    "Your majesty!" Gem recoiled herself completely, eyes widening and entire frame beginning to shake from anxiety. "I have no such emotions for Thor."

    "Do not try to hide the truth, Gem. I understand your feelings, but you must never act upon them. Odessa is to be our new Queen and nothing can happen that might alter that destiny." Fate was sealed. If Frigga so wished, she could easily arrange Loki and Gem to be married off as well, but she did not. Knowing her adopted son's affections for Odessa and Gem's love for Thor, she refused.

    * * *

    Odessa seemed excited and over joyed with the gift she received at Loki's behest. The Jouten male allowed his lips to form a sly smirk, feeling pride in knowing that Odessa actually was pleased with the horse. She mentioned the possibility of riding their horses together sometime and Loki restrained himself from smiling. The offer was accepted, even without Loki having to say anything.

    "You may take her out for a run sometime, but for now," he reluctantly dropped his eyes. "We must return to the palace."

    He didn't wish to return, yet it wasn't his place to refuse the King and Queen. Thor's wedding would be taking place tomorrow morning. Tonight would be his last night with Odessa as a free woman. Well, basically free. She rightfully belonged to Thor and no one else. Despite the deepest desires of Loki's heart.
  11. Odessa caught the sly smirk on Loki's face, and felt her face heat up.
    She tried to hide the blush by looking instead at the beautiful horse, but she couldn't make it go away.
    He was so handsome, really, and just being around him made her feel.... Different.
    In a good way.

    Turning to face him, she cursed herself silently for having such fair skin.
    The blush was bright on her face, and she knew he could see it.
    "I suppose we'd better return, then.." She mumbled, wishing they didn't have to.
    Odessa wanted to spend more time here, with Loki, away from marriage and lies.

    Sighing, she tilted her head down, letting her dark hair fall in her face.
    "I'm sure Gem and Thor will be waiting for us." She said quietly.

    Thor entered the Throne Room, where Odin sat.
    Bowing to his father, Thor wished he would hurry up.
    He was eager to return to Odessa.

    "Thor, My son, I brought you here to warn you."
    Thor looked up, alarmed.
    "Loki desires Odessa. And Gem desires you. If you truly want to marry Odessa, then you must be aware of this."

    Thor almost laughed out loud.
    "Loki and Gem desire each other, father."
    Odin sighed, shaking his head.
    "No, my son, you've got to open your eyes."

    Smiling, Thor nodded.
    "I'll be sure to keep an eye on them, Father. May I go?"
    Odin dismissed him with a flick of his hand, looking unhappy.

    Turning to the doors, Thor left, hoping Odessa would be waiting for him.
  12. Odessa was not present when Thor left the throne room. Instead, Gem was standing there with Frigga at her side. They welcomed Thor back, wearing identical smiles and hugged Thor warmly. "We have much more to see to before the wedding, my son." Frigga gently took hold of her son's arm and apologized to Gem. "Can you go and escort Loki and Odessa back here, my dear?"

    Gem nodded, not minding the detour. "Of course, m'lady."

    Frigga smiled, "Thank you. Now, come along." She guided Thor back inside the palace, explaining the role he'd be inheriting once the wedding was finalized. Odin and Frigga would no longer be the rulers of Asgard. After the wedding, they'd step down and retire their leadership to Odessa and Thor. A new era of Asgard would begin.

    * * *

    Odessa's silken hair fell forward, obstructing Loki's view on her gorgeous face. "Do not appear so distressed," Loki pleaded, actually narrowing his eyes and visibly troubled by her behavior. "You have a wedding to be excited for, don't you?" Loki sighed, reaching forwards and gently brought a hand to her cheek. He raised her chin, forcing those locks of black hair to glide backwards. "Thor would not wish to see his bride so troubled."
  13. Odessa didn't want to be distressed. She wanted to be happy.
    She loved Thor, in her own way, and she wanted to marry him and fufill her duty, but also live a happy life.

    When Loki brought her face to his, she smiled weakly.
    Her face flushed again, and she laid her hand on his, gently, happy to have it there.
    She could be happy. She could pretend to be happy, if it wasn't for him.
    She had feeling for him that she couldn't deny.

    "I know.. Thor cares for me. He is the best husband I could have had, in my parents eyes."
    Her voice was quiet.
    She flicked her eyes down to the ground, and then back up to Loki's own green eyes.
    "I could be happy. But not with Thor."

    Thor smiled happily as his mother guided him around.
    "Well, mother, what do you have to say?"
    He asked, happy to be almost done now.

    Surely Odessa would be waiting, and wondering where he was.
    "Father told me that Gem has feelings for me, and Loki for Odessa, but I told him it was silly."
    He smiled at Frigga.
    "What do you think, Mother?"
  14. Frigga hesitated before answering her son's question. If her husband felt it was necessary to inform Thor about the truth, then she would follow in his example. "Thor, my beloved son, surely you mustn't' be so blind to the affections Gem holds for you?" Everyone knew that Gem has love for the heir of Asgard. All of the realm, except for Thor.

    "My son, you must decide what is more important and no one else can make such decisions for you. Now, the wedding is set for tomorrow morning. You should get some rest." Frigga smiled, patting his arm and pressed a chaste kiss to his cheek.

    * * *

    Loki felt anger boiling just beneath his skin, angered that Thor was to be given Odessa as his bride. She deserved someone better. A man that she truly loved and who would return those affections. Someone like...him. However, such ideas had to be banished from his thoughts. Loki knew, both in his heart and mind, that Odessa could never be his own.

    Offering her a hand, Loki struggled to act polite and not allow his inner feelings to be revealed. Just as Odessa took his hand, Gem appeared and seemed slightly annoyed as well. Her own reasons differing, though.

    "Frigga has asked that we all join in the dinning hall for dinner."
  15. Odessa was disappointed that Loki did not kiss her.
    But she knew it was wrong to feel that way, horrible, really.
    Sighing, she grabbed his hand just as Gem came around the corner.

    Dinner. Great.
    Odessa didn't feel much like eating, especially since she'd have to be all over Thor.
    Sighing, she squeezed Loki's hand, and followed Gem.

    Thor didn't believe a word from either of his parents.
    As for what he wanted, obviously he wanted Odessa.
    He loved her.

    Smiling, he turned to Frigga.
    "Is dinner ready?" He asked, hungry now.
    He could never go to bed hungry.
  16. Gem joined Loki and Odessa, walking along with them towards the palace. She wished to speak with Odessa alone, but wasn't about to ask Loki to leave them. Deciding to speak with her friend later, Gem feigned a smile and took Odessa's arm. Slowly gliding her away from Loki, "Are you hungry? I haven't eaten all day." She tried to carry a normal conversation, despite the anger in her stomach.

    Loki allowed the girls to converse among themselves. He politely bowed to their exit, walking behind them and listened with expert hearing. He knew they were discussing mindless topics, but he wondered if Gem would bring up the conflicted feelings. Loki knows of her affections, although not understanding why she favors his brother. Gem's beauty, while not comparable to Odessa's, is not weak and she could easily snag any other available man on Asgard. Yet, she fancies Thor and always has.

    Frigga did not say anything more. She guided Thor to the dinning room and took her place at the table. Odin smiled, waving his son over and insisted he sit beside him. Gem, Loki and Odessa arrived moments later. Gem sat beside Frigga and Loki joined her at the other side. Odessa was expected to sit by her husband.
  17. Odessa walked with Gem, noticing how she slowly guided her away from Loki.
    Had she seen them?

    "I'm really hungry." She replied, even though she wasn't.
    She smiled back at Loki, shrugging.

    Once they reached the dinner table, she took her place next to Thor, kissing his cheek.
    She barely picked at her food, instead filling up on wine and juice.

    Dinner was delicious as always, and it was even better with Odessa next to him.
    She barely ate, but he figured it was Wedding nerves.
    He finished his own plate, and another two.

    After dinner was over, Thor stood and offered his arm to Odessa, who took it, smiling.
    "Shall we go for a quick walk before bedtime?" He asked her.
    Smiling to everyone around the table, Thor announced they'd be going on a walk- alone.
    "We'll be back shortly."

    And with that, they left.
  18. "You know they are promised to each other," Loki's voice shattered what peace Gem had managed to obtain. After dinner was completed, Thor and Odessa had gone off for a walk and left the palace. Odin and Frigga retired for the night, wishing Gem and Loki a pleasant slumber. Gem smiled, waving the elders off and then turned her attention to Loki. He wore a smirk, but she knew that hidden just below was a frown.

    "Doesn't it pain you?" She approached him, standing at his side and looked out among the kingdom. "Knowing that your brother is marrying the woman you have grown to love?"

    "Love?" Loki snickered, disgusted by the mere mention of such a word. "I do not love anyone, Gem."

    The female laughed, knowing that Loki was only trying to protect himself from the truth. He has loved Odessa and for a while now.

    "You can't fool my, Loki. You may be a trickster, but I know you."

    He frowned, his shoulders slumping and eyes narrowing downwards. "You speak madness, Gem. Perhaps you should go to bed?"

    She dismissed his concern and instead looked out to the rainbow bridge where she found Odessa Thor.
  19. Odessa and Thor had walked to the Rainbow Bridge, and that's where they now stood.
    He smiled at her, and she knew she could never leave him.

    She couldn't break his heart.
    Smiling back, she suggested they make their way to the gardens, and then to their rooms.
    She was tired.

    The gardens were big and full of flowers, and they smelled wonderful.
    Thor turned to grin at Odessa, and let go of her arm, walking forward to pick her some flowers.
    He wasn't watching where he was going though, and his foot slipped on a step, making him slip.

    Odessa watched in slow motion as Thor fell, step after step.

    Finally, he stopped falling, and was still.
    Odessa screamed, and time started again.

    Running to his side, she saw blood coming from his head, and she wiped at it with her dress, calling his name.
    He would not wake up.
    Deciding she needed help, she stood up and ran up the steps, almost tripping herself, to find Gem and Loki.

    She found them in the Throne room.
    Tears streamed down her cheeks and she could barely get the words out, she was sobbing so hard.

    "L-Lok-ki, G-Ge-em! It's T-Th-Thor!"
    She stopped, to take a breath.
    "He's f-fallen, an-and he won't w-wake up."

    She was gasping for breath now, and suddenly, her eyes went blank, and she fainted.
  20. Immediately after overhearing the yells from Odessa, Loki and Gem hurried to the rainbow bridge. Gem kneeled on the ground beside where Thor had fallen. Loki grabbed onto Odessa to prevent her from colliding with the ground as well. She had fainted and Loki carried her to the palace. Gem had stayed behind, tending to Thor's unconscious body.

    Placing both hands onto his chest, a bright light warmed Thor's entire body as Gem searched for any signs of internal damage. Thankfully, nothing was found. He wasn't injured. Unable to carry the massive Asgardian, Gem waited and soon the guards came after Loki had informed them of the incident.

    * * *

    The healers oversaw Odessa's condition, although they did not allow Loki to be present. He was forced to wait outside the hallway. It wasn't long before Gem joined him, her cheeks stained from tears and eyes red from crying. Loki opened his arms to her and held the distraught woman gently. This kindness was rare with Loki and no one else, aside from Odessa or Gem, would ever have the chance to see it demonstrated.

    "Is she alright?" Loki overheard Gem whispered into his chest.

    He sighed, tightening his hold on her smaller frame. "The healers are with her now. I don't know." Loki's mind did not even waver to Thor, though he does care for his adoptive brother.​