A Wedding and a Funeral



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Atheists and Agnostics - Will you marry in a church and why? Will you have your funeral in a church and why?

For those who are religious, what sort of ceremony do you wish to have? Traditional? Strictly following religious guidelines?
Nah, I won't marry in a church. My wedding will be more of a costume party than a formal event, probably. >>; We'll see. All I know is I can't marry in a church because I ain't religious. It'll be at a park or backyard... Or on an island. Or on a boat.

As for when I die, I'm leaving it up to my family. If they want to have a church funeral, so be it. I won't have a say in it because I am dead and won't care. XD Probably would be for the best, so that members of my family can gather in one agreeable place.
I am atheist, but I wouldn't mind getting married in a church if that's what my spouse was set on.
Although, if I had my way, I'd rather just sign the papers at the courthouse and have a small party at home with a few close friends and family.

As far as my funeral goes, I choose cremation. Cemeteries are a waste of space, in my opinion.
And, I hope my family would honor my requests to keep this rite as straightforward and non-religious as possible.
To be honest, I'd rather just get chucked into a furnace and forgotten, my remains to go out with the morning trash.
My mom's a pastor. I'm spoiled on church ceremonies. My idea of a good wedding is the pastor, bride, and groom in the parsonage living room and then going out to Olive Garden or some restaurant like that.

Also, cremate me. Make me into a ring or something. If you're going to bury me, pick a secluded spot and plant a fruit or nut bearing tree over me.
How I get married will never be as important as who I marry.

My funeral will be a large party in which everyone gets drunk and tells stories and has a good laugh or cry before going home to sleep it off.
I think it would be a bit hypocritical for me to get married at a church. Besides I don't want to waste money on a wedding. The marriage is the important thing, not the ceremony.

My death however, people should have a big party. My body, unless in some sort of unusable state, I'd like to have donated; organs to donors and my bones in a class.
I'd probably never get married in a church, due to not being religious. But if my to-be bride was dead set on it, I'd be fine, I suppose. Otherwise, I'd just have a party or something, forcing everyone to show up in cosplay. You know, 'cause it'd be awesome.

As for death, if I was healthy or something, I'd have organs and stuff donated. Otherwise, burn me up and spread my ashes across the land.
I suppose I should go with Ocha is saying. I'd rather my organs be donated to science, or donated to someone who needs them. Once I do die, I will have a DNR if I end up in the hospital before then. It just shows I've lived a good life, and lived a long one. I don't want to suffer anymore if I can help it. "DNR" (Do Not Resesitate.)

As for my actual body after all the organs are donated, I want to be cremated. Though it's the cheapest way to go. At least now-a-days. A small funeral, next to a beach or something with just friends and family. As for marriage, doubt I'll ever get married. I don't feel like I'm that type of girl. Meh. It's whatever happens really. I'm not one to plan things ahead of time; I just do it on a whim.
If I end up getting married, a church would be nice, but not required. It would really depend on what my future husband and I agreed on.

There are so many cool things that can be done in terms of remains now! I want to be cremated (something about sitting in a box while worms eat me doesn't seem appealing), and it would be awesome if some of my remains could get shot into space like Gene Roddenberry, or made into a jewel. Or both.
I agree with Ocha and such: I'm an organ donor and all so should I die and some of those are functional then, hey, that's cool. Everything that can't be used (that's you, you idiot lungs!!!) I'd like to be made into a pretty diamond or something.

As for the marriage, I guess I would rather not be married in a church but I'd be easy to persuade by my spouse since I have no real thing against the building itself. I might offend the pastor though, so there's that to consider.
My wedding shall proceed thusly:

<iframe width="425" height="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/57wtyZQtzkI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

If I die before the rest of my family does they probably won't tell anyone and just bury me without a funeral or anything. Just dump me in a hole somewhere or something. AND THAT'S OK.
I too would like my organs donated, but perhaps not my body. D: The rest of me can be cremated! No sense in taking up precious land space. My funeral should be a PARTY where everyone laughs and has fun and celebrates my life. I can't the idea of everyone gathering around and sobbing.

I LOVE the architecture of old school churches. XD The Victorian style and stained glass. So I'd enjoy a building that -looks- like a church.

Now, if I could have a budget-less wedding, I'd ship the whole party an hour or two away to Eureka Springs where they have these gorgeous forests, buildings and waterfalls. >> And I'd make sure everyone has very fancy renfaire style costumes for a Masquerade Ball party...