INTEREST CHECK A Warlock's Guide to Newbloods (Harry Potter Influenced RP)

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  1. Do you like the world of Harry Potter?
    Do you like making up lore as you go?
    Do you like expanding on known setting and doing it all over to suit your tastes?

    Well, this interest check may be for you, my friend! In this world of Wiccans and technology dwells a hidden world of magic and secrets where each entrance is in a difficult and magic-laden area, the most notable of all being the Bermuda Triangle of the Atlantic, the Black Forest of Germany and finally the bowels of Mount Merapi in Indonesia. Inside these gateways is the path to another world, similar yet unique to our own; the realm of Yggdrasil.

    Yggdrasil is a realm of energies and thoughts mingled with pure elemental constructs where each beings of magic can take their strength by linking to the Eternal Tree at its center. It is a marvelous and pure world, yet it is also a very dangerous realm for the uninitiated, and is often fatal for any living being to dwell for more than a week at a time.

    Soon you will be taken into this realm in one way or another, either by simply stumbling into a gateway and finding your way out or being summoned by a near death experience. After that ordeal a whole new world will open itself to you, one hidden amongst the more mundane one where witches, warlocks and strange and magical creature will dwell. Who knows, you may one day outgrow your current shell and become one such near immortal creature!

    Now is not the time for idle fancies, however. You are shocked and in the middle of nowhere and something is approaching... Fast!

    This may seem like your average fantasy plot at first but there will be a lot of lore and culture to discover as you go along, with the finding of either grimoires, tutors and/or your character's own trial and error notes in either a piece of paper or a journal to spice things up and make the world richer as a result.

    The Settings will be in the Victorian Era, and will, as you have discovered earlier, involve many mysteries and other things to discover, learn or even invent as you go along. I intend to have a pretty flexible magical roster as a result, as one branch of magic can thread into another's freely with enough knowledge and will.

    You will start to pick a school of magic for your character, that is the range of what they are able to do, and a bit of what they will become. The Schools are as follows: Creation, Alteration and Destruction. That done, you will be free to attempt to learn spells and branch out from there within your initial limitations. I will be in charge of keeping things fun and tidy and will sometimes even help or hinder you along to keep things interesting.

    Even more important for learning than stumbling along will be to discover contacts of your own and discover magical grimoires and artifacts. You will no doubt search the more occult area of your character's native England and perhaps the world at large as you do so, and such an undertaking may take time, but do not despair!

    As for time, each day will take two segments, one being Day and the other being Night, with different events and opportunities being available for each. You may not want to make a house call at night but may find the cover of night to be a great time to experiment in your fledgeling powers!

    Finally, I am seeking a small group of enthusiastic players for this, so feel free to apply but think of it as a commitment that may take a good while as I can see this develop into something fantastic!
  2. Not sure what exactly you are looking for in a sign up, but color me interested!
  3. Ah, yes, feel free to ask questions.

    As for who I'm looking for, it's mainly a few willing to take what I give to the plot and setting and run with it.