A War of Blood and Magic

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  1. Sylvia closed her eyes and listened in on the people sitting around her as talk of the recent magic victory down south littered these peoples conversations. Dark red locks fell to her waist framing her pale features. Her lips were a tantalizing shade of purple, just pink enough to look natural. Standing up straight she was five foot solid and most people towered over her. This town was small but supported neither the vampires or the magic users in the war so they held no quarrel. In fact, she had an arrangement with the innkeeper. She would keep away any unwanted guests for him, and he didn't care how the deed was done so she got her food. Plain and simple.

    The sky was bright so she found shelter in the corner. Three days its been since she last rested, but with this steady flow of food, she didn't really need to. The innkeeper padded towards her. He was large and covered in muscle with hair roughly cut to his shoulders. Any human would see him as a threat but she saw him the same way she would see any other human, 'a weak and petty creature'. He sat down in the chair next to her before speaking in a deep tone, "You seem bored Lady Sylvia. Is there no fun to be had with you?"

    She sighed before turning to face the keeper(his name is Merek by the way), "Please refer to me as Catherine. People cannot know my real name Merek. Yes though, I am bored and rather tired. Your pianist keeps fumbling his notes and there are no undesirables. I think I might have to move on from Crescent Water. This town has been great an' all but the war goes on. I need to join my brothers and sisters in battle. A raven came by with word from King Sadon asking for warriors."

    Merek sighed, "Why don't you show that pianist how its done?" He stood up and walked back behind the counter to help a customer. Sylvia smiled before jumping from her seat and stretching a bit. Once she finished, she made her way over to the pianist and sat down beside him. She rested her fingers over the keys and started simply, one note slowly after the other in a calming tune. It started getting faster as more notes were added, harmony joined by a intricate melody. Her eyes were closed as she just let the music entrance her and the man beside her stopped playing completely, annoyed by her rude behavior but soon got lost in the music. She would remember this small town Crescent Water and those who inhabit it.
  2. Down the road approaching the town was a dark haired man, slowly trudging closer to the village he had been seeking. He had the look of someone who had traveled for days, light bags were formed under his eyes and his frame was a bit light and thin, and certainly didn't look like a threat to anyway, but looks were deceiving. Garrett's body protested, it wanted to rest, but his mind urged him forward, wanting to reach some relative safety before he went and gave his body the rest it deserved. The sun was high in the sky, but it did creep ever so closely to the horizon and he knew he had to be indoors or out of the open before then. The empty canteen thumped hollowly against his leg with every step of his left leg and ever so often he glanced up and down the road, hopefully that a wagon might come by and carry him the rest of way to town. But one never came and he trudged onward to Crescent Water. It seemed the best place to go to at the time. Especially with what happened down south. He was pleased to hear that they had managed a victory, but at the same time his heart was heavy.

    He didn't like fighting in the war, but the natural ability was strong inside of him. It didn't take long for the young man to become an apprentice to another magician, trained on how to use The Art, how it flowed, how to control it, and more importantly...how to kill with it. It seemed like a natural thing, vampires had preyed on humans for generations before the first magician came into being. But this war...it had been dragging out for many more years since he been alive. And who knew how much longer the war would last? Sure there was always talk on how the next big battle would be the end of the war....battles were fought and won, fought and lost, but the war still remained with them.

    Entering the first establishment that looked like it would serve food, Garrett was greeted by the sound of a piano playing inside. It was beautiful...and combined with his weariness, the music seemed to beckon him inside. As soon as he stepped inside, he could feel some of the patron's eyes settling on him, and on the wooden staff held in his hand and the markings etched onto its surface. Some looked at him with wariness, probably thinking he might be some sort of con man with his disheveled appearance, and not an actually magician. Only once Garrett put a small bit of The Art into his staff did the runes glow with a faint blue light. Then people started to look away, busying themselves with their meals or turning back to whispered conversations. It was to be expected, even with the peace the town managed to obtain, few wouldn't want to assoicate with magician's lest they earn some attention from the vampires themselves. He carried himself to the innkeeper's counter and put down a couple of silvers before he spoke with a cracked voice, "Something to eat and drink, and a room if one is available."
  3. Her fingers continued to pad across the keys, never missing a beat. It was a song of her own composition and was inspired by the war raging between magic and blood. The harmony was slow and steady but managed to be aggressive whilst the melody was faster and still seemingly more peaceful and calm than the harmony. The music was riddled with so many opposites and opposing tunes that it was as if she was playing ten songs rather than one. It was dark though and no matter how dark it was, each passing note drew the mood darker than before. Still though, within the darkness and the aggression, a hopeful and bright tone echoed beneath the rhythm. And this quiet hope could just barely be heard as if it were crying out in payer that it may finally be. The black spindles of entrancing music was flowing throughout her and boiling the blood in her veins with flaming passion. The music glistened with pain and suffering whilst it screamed out in pridefull armies and their unique war cries. It brimmed with loyalty as the overflowing notes filled the music thickly with excitement. Then as it grew more intense, building and building emotion upon emotion, it stopped abruptly. Sylvia's eyes fluttered open as she returned herself to reality. With the war still flaring with possibility and hardly a quick ending, the song too was unfinished.

    Sylvia turned to face the baffled pianist beside her and locked eyes with him. She licked her lips before starting with arrogance, "That sir, is how one plays music. You're trying too hard to control it when you should be viewing it as your partner. You must think of it as if you are dancing together. While the music cannot be played without you, you can produce no music without your instrument. You are the lead in a dance and the instrument is doing all of the intricate moves and steps. You are merely its guide. Not its master." With that, she smiled and stood up. Turning around as she stretched from sitting for as long as she did, she looked to Marek. He was speaking to a scruffy man with a large staff and dark features. He looked exhausted, maybe harmless even but she recognized the inscriptions on his staff immediately. He was a magician.

    Sylvia's eyes widened a bit before she quickly shut them tightly closed and shook her head in a fluid but exaggerated motion. Feathery locks flew from her cheeks before gently placing themselves upon her back. Each of the velvety strands delicately floated back into the flawlessly formed crimson curls, not a hair out of place. She knew well of the no war in crescentwater rules but her body was itching for a little excitement. Having been here for the past two or so months, she had stayed peaceful and nonaggressive for longer than she was used to. Still, she would respect the no fighting rule because war or not, she liked this town and would like to have the option of returning to Merek and his beloved inn.

    Merek motioned her over and smiled to the disheveled young man as she hesitantly sauntered over. Goosebumps showered her arms and legs by the time she was halted before him. He gestured towards her as he parted his lips to speak, "this is Sy-"

    "Catherine. My name is Catherine." She cut him off with a loud voice before allowing him to continue.

    "Yes. Catherine. And she will be able to show you to your room. Twelve copper pieces a night. As far as food and drinks go, chicken and wine are the cheapest unless you'd like some water, there's a well 'round back for you to fill your canteen with it. What'll you have then?" He finished with a hearty and pleasant smile but Sylvia was glaring at him. She was still annoyed that he almost shared her name with the stranger.
  4. Garrett watched as he beckoned his piano player to come over and he felt himself suck in a breath. She was quite a beauty, he wouldn't have been surprise if some of the return business to this inn was largely in part of this woman working here. However he did notice the slip of the innkeeper, and how the woman quickly corrected him...but Garrett thought that perhaps there was someone else who had worked here before. But even with that thought there was something not right about this woman. His instincts were calling at the back of his skull, demanding he either run or fight, and the one thing wizards learned before they fought vampires was to trust their instincts. Who was this woman really?

    None the less, he bowed his head in respect before he spoke, "That was an interesting piece you played just now, it makes me think of an oncoming storm." He turned back to the innkeeper and counted out a couple of the silvers, "A room for a week, and meals. Cheapest that we can afford, chicken and wine sound fine for tonight." He turned back to woman, and smiled slightly, but his heart seemed to be racing faster. He knew there was the peace to be kept at the town, but what was his chances that literally the second person he met was a vampire.

    A bit of his magic escape him, a small tremor in the earth lightly shook the place, plates and silverware rattling on tables, the chandeliers swung, and more than a few people looked in his direction. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, reining in his magic and controlling it. He couldn't let any vampires see him as a scared inexperienced wizard, it might make them more bold. His hand kept a white knuckled grip on his staff, ready to use it if any trouble were to arise out of this encounter.
  5. Sylvia smiled softly in response to his praise and considered his input on the song she had just played. An oncoming storm. It was a beautiful way to describe the war itself. She was pleased by his response and quickly gestured with her head that he should follow her but something happened before she could walk away. Magic. A pulse of it shot through the entire establishment and her gaze darkened as it flooded her. Whilst the humans could only see and feel the overlaying affects of the sudden surge of energy, her heightened senses allowed for a more intense feeling inside. He lost focus and carelessly used magic.

    Merek watched the two of them knowing both of their identities and what side of the war they played for. With a smirk he started to prepare some chicken and wine but still kept an eye on the two enemies. Luckily he was able to hold back a snicker as the boy lost concentration and released the surge. Still he remained focused on what he was doing and waited for her to show him to his room, "your food and wine will be ready when you return, go with Catherine"

    Whilst he was definitely a little stupid to lose focus like he did, she knew that he had to be more powerful than this first impression let off. Raising an eyebrow at him she whispered, "Careful magician... You keep releasing bursts of energy like that and it could be viewed as a threat. I mean Gods above and below, I know I look different but it don't mean you gotta be so blatantly distracted by me." Her voice was silky like a lullaby but thick with darkness as she spoke, almost threatening him. She winked and began walking off towards the large staircases that ran up the side of the wall.

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  6. His eyes narrowed a little as she whispered to him, but he didn't utter a word as he followed behind her. Keeping a few steps away from her, just out of arm's reach in case she did try to do something. As much as he hated to admit it, she was right. He could have had his throat torn out and the vampire would simply declare it was defending itself. She had taken him off guard. How many times had he seen vampires in more monstrous forms? It was said those forms were the strongest of the vampires, but it didn't necessarily meant they were the best. He could imagine a vampire such as her would been an excellent assassin. His eyes fixed on the red curls that fell from her head down to the small of her back, before he forced his eyes up to her neck.

    She was lovely. There were some magicians who suggested the vampires made themselves up to be attract to better ensnare their prey, but Garrett thought that was a load of rubbish. He had seen plenty of vampires, including those who changed into half-bat monstrosities. They looked like any normal person...except for the eyes. Garrett thought the eyes of a vampire always looked so cold. He almost believed the others when they said those cold eyes didn't have a human's soul anymore. But that couldn't be true, he thought, if that were true, they wouldn't have that look in their eyes when they died. It only happened once with Garrett, during the last battles he took place in. Didn't he look straight into the eyes of that boy, younger than he was when he plunged a stake in his heart? First the dazed confused look, then realization, followed by fear and despair. Those eyes, those eyes filled with a longing for life before they faded into darkness didn't belong to a creature with no soul.

    Which was why Garrett found himself in such an odd position, running from his past as a magician to come to Crescent Water. Hopefully he could stay here a while, who knows? Maybe once he talked with the magician who helped made this land a neutral ground, he wouldn't be forced to go back to the war. Reaching his door finally, he paused for a moment before muttering, "Thank you." And with that he closed the door. The room was small, but comfortable. A small bed was nestled in one corner, while a water basin and a jug of water were laid on top of a small dresser. He still had some time before his meal was ready, so he washed the dirt from his travels off of him. By the time he ended, he didn't look as ragged as he did when he walked in. Leaving his bag, but keeping his staff with him, he walked down the stairs, feeling his mouth water from the smell of the chicken cooking downstairs.
  7. Sylvia led him to the first empty room she came across before opening the door to make sure everything was fine. The bed was made, the lid to the corner chest was open, welcoming one to store their belongings within and the rest was dusted and clean to a point. In the far right corner a blood stain wrote a story unknown but clearly forbidden and the large crack that ran through the length of three floorboards was emptying secrets and excitement of another mans into the warm air surrounding them. It was strange, although Sylvia was supposedly dead, she had the soul of an artist ready to paint the world red. She was constantly overflowing with the need to fight and adventure the world so that she could continue her dark artwork. She spun around to face the man before saying, "This is your room magician, try not to set the place on fire. My skin... it just doesn't react well to the heat. Maybe it's a disease or something..." A chuckle escaped her lips as she scampered off gracefully before he could react to her comment.

    She licked her lips as she pranced back to the counter where Merek was currently running a cloth over the polished wood to clean it. Placing her hands on the edge of the counter, she heaved her self atop the bar. With a soft cackle she turned to face him. "Merek, can you pour me a mug of wine? I need some alcohol in me to ease the cravings." She informed him.

    With a raised eyebrow he glared at her before releasing a sigh of dismissal. Shaking his head, he walked off to retrieve a fresh keg of wine. Once he returned he reached beneath the counter to pull out a fairly average sized pottery mug and filled it with the dry red liquid. After he placed it on the counter, Sylvia lifted it to her lips and took a taste. It was sweet but a slight bitterness nipped at the taste buds on her tongue. Deciding it was pleasant she took a mouthful and swished it around gleefully before swallowing. SHe repeated this process several times and as the alcohol began to 'ease the cravings', her sense of time grew a little hazy. Then before she knew it, the soft ker-plump ker-plump ker-plump as the magician padded down the stairs echoed in her ears. She recognized a very satisfied face as he inhaled the chickens savory scent.

    She awaited his approach and grinned at him. When she was hungry, she was far more susceptible to the alcohols effects and so with only a mug and a half finished, she was already a bit drunk. When he was finally standing in front of her she whispered to him, "You are looking so much less horrible magician, much better than before. I hope you are also feeling less weak and distracted." She was using large hand motions as she spoke making her look more intoxicated than she actually was. "Your chicken should be out shortly so don' t mind me. I just need to drink alcohol and ignore the very nagging feeling in my throat and stomach."

    Merek stepped out from behind a wall holding a plate with chicken and a mug like Sylvia's filled just short of the brim with wine. "Here you are sir, the food is hot so be careful."
  8. Walking down the stairs and into the dining hall he noticed that vampire from earlier, his brows knitting together as a scowl crossed his face. However he allowed his body to relax while this vampire was around. It was after all, like she said, the truce was still enforced and they would have this stalemate as long as one of them didn't step out of line. To make up for his previous fumble, he chose a stood beside the vampire, not wanting to make it look as if she frightened him. While he manage to keep his composure, the confident attitude of the vampire was getting on his nerves. He knew he had messed up before, and now she didn't see him as he could be. Someone who was not to be taken so lightly. As she leaned in and finished whispering into his ear, he replied with, "I'm certainly feeling better, but why don't you see for yourself?" And without any other warning, he fixed his gaze on her and focused.

    To anyone else, it would merely look like like he was staring into her eyes, but he knew the vampire's heighten senses would see more, feel more. The eyes were known to be windows to one's soul...and there was a bit of truth in that. Peering into his eyes she could feel his command of magic, his skill in The Art. His brown eyes were dark and held a steadiness to them like the earth. Unwavering and difficult to move, and underneath the surface held more power than what might think. He was actually giving her a good assessment on how much power he truly had. He was letting her see all of this without getting anything back in return. For their sides being at odds with each other, this sort of exposure might have been the most unnerving thing about him.

    He pulled his gaze away from her, letting out his breath slowly. He then marshalled his thoughts, turning to his meal and started to eat, putting the vampire out of his mind. She had surprised him before, true, but he wouldn't be a warrior anymore. He hoped to put his fighting days behind him, so if giving up his violent pass meant that he had to at least be civil with this vampire and any others that might drift through this establishment. But for now, he focused on the meal, which was his first hot meal in days. He tore into the meat, savoring each juicy piece and paced himself strictly with the wine, not wishing his first good meal in days to go to waste by bolting it all down.
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