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A War Between Worlds{With Cyrrius}

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Lily_flower, Sep 21, 2014.

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  1. The Gates of Hell have opened and its Chaos on Earth, Demons roam causing havoc and slaughtering humans. Angels have now been sent down to control the destruction and reap the demons back into Hell.

    It was a weird sensation for Ayra, falling to Earth. All around her was the bright color blue, the wind so loud she felt like her ears were going to pop. It only took a couple of seconds but it felt like hours to her. She landed on a building the force of her impact causing a small crater around her. She had hidden her large pink and white wings to not alarm the humans, oddly she looked quite normal to the naked eye. She frowned slightly as she observed the city around her, it was to quiet. She had the sudden feeling that she was too late. Midst of her panic attack she saw a group of normal kids leaving a store laughing. She cocked her head to the side slightly, this had to mean that the demons were hiding. Her frowned deepened, this was definitely going to be harder than she thought.
  2. Being the son of an arch demon was hard for Eris. He hated what most demons would, well, most demons would kill anyway but kill for nonetheless. Damn, I really didn't want to ascend to earth, I was fine with confining our horrors to our plane.. Despite being the son of one of the 4 great arch demons, he was often considered too soft. That didn't mean he wasn't to be feared though, as many a demon found out. Often not left alive long enough to warn the next fellow. Eris turned to his younger brother as they exited a gate into a small town. "Welcome to Clarkesville, Nevada? Why thank you?" His brother Novclan said, voice full of malice as he fake bowed to the sign. Eris sighed. "Brother, don't you ever get bored with this? How about we go to a different town, this one is already being ravaged." He said as he gestured to the slight red tinge above where the other 4 or 5 demons were located.
  3. Ayra sighed and made her way down to the first floor of the building. Damn Demons, damn Angels she thought angrily as she exited the small candle shop she had landed on. Her lineage had to land in the Guardian angels, the every time the Angels screw up they send us to clean up their mess. She hated her job and heaven but she had no choice. They though of breaking any rule and getting her wings ripped off made her shudder. It was the ultimate shame for an Angel, being cast down to Earth. Her dagger in her boot warmed slightly against her ankle, she tensed up and looked around cautiously. She was positive Demons were around now, the dagger was like a giant hot and cold sensor for Demons. She tucked a strand of her blonde hair behind her ear and straightened up trying to act normal. She couldn't risk giving out who she was just yet, it was too dangerous. A low rank Demon she could take easy, higher rank, not so much. She started to walk down the street observing everyone cautiously looking for any signs of a demon.
  4. "I'm sure they'll leave with a little.. Persuasion." Novclan said cruelly. "They'd also leave if I told them to.." His brother looked at him with annoyance. "Fine, I'll go, if you stay here. You ruin my mood." I guess that's the best I could hope for without fighting.. He thought to himself. "Fine, you have a deal, just go." As his brother departed, Eris made his way into town, he decided he'd make the demons here tone it down a bit and just relax for a week or two.
  5. Ayra walked through the town becoming slightly more relaxed when she didn't see anything odd. Her mood lightened and she turned the street corner. She had to bite her lip to keep from cursing as her dagger burned into her leg. She winced noticeably and looked up in front of her to see a girl walking down the street. She looked at the girl her expression giving her away, as soon as she saw the girl, she was gone sprinting down the street. Ayra sprinted after her slipping her dagger out of her boot the hilt hot against her hand as she chased after her.
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