A Wandering Sword

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  1. Hello, people of Iwaku.

    'Ma start this by saying I don't intend to make this site my role play home, since I already have one, and that I intend to do some side role playing for character development here. That being said, I'll only want to maintain one role play here at a time, and hope that these statements don't upset you.

    My name is Dylan, and I will be playing the Faceless Knight exclusively on this site until I am satisfied that I know this character like the back of my hand.

    I have shameful memories of the beginnings of my role playing and writing history in Role Playing Serious over on Kongregate. It was just... Bad. "im a grl" And all. Thanks to some of the people who were obsessed with proper English there, however, I developed both good and bad habits, and I do not believe in the use of unnecessary acronyms or other lazy forms of writing. I went from instant message, which start as *punts the dog* and later moved to what we called "para" role playing, which's short for paragraph. After that, some time after I'd stopped role playing, I found myself on the role playing forum that is my current creative writing home. It is a lovely community, but I'm not going to advertise it on this site unless asked. That is where I do the bulk of my role playing, but one of the core concepts of my character, the Faceless Knight, is that he is a knightly legend, somewhat resembling the Black Knight. Meaning I only intend to play him infrequently. However, he is an important character to me, and one i would like to develop and get to know more so than I would maintaining his image back home. Thus my presence here.

    I hope that is to your peoples' satisfaction and I look forward to role playing with y'all.
  2. I am not too offended! <3 I hope you enjoy your stay here and get that character development you need! You'll prolly like doing a lot of the exercises in the Institute, there's tons of great tools for developing characters in there.

    Welcome to the community! :D
  3. Those seem a little more basic than what I am looking for. I have the idea in my head and all, but I don't have experience playing him yet. (Edit) That is, I'll look through them more later, but an initial glance isn't promising. (/Edit)

    Also, do you have any place for character sheets, or is that not done here?
  4. People usually post up character sheets in the Blog section!
  5. Welcome to Iwaku RPer of the faceless knight ^^
    Sounds to me like you are looking for a story about the faceless knight. Why not make said story, as in start up a full rp with him as the main character ?
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