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  1. Hail, ladies and gentlemen of these realms. *Bows in courteous fashion.*

    I have gone by many names in the past, but I've chosen one of my most oft used for here; Aderas, as it were. So, greetings again!

    To tell you some bits about myself... I, well, don't truly have all too much to say about myself. Most of what one might learn from me comes through judicious questioning, or hitting one of my favorite topics.

    In particular, I am naturally, fond of roleplaying. Be it wandering the deep places of the wood, weaving tales of diplomacy and strife, or piloting a choice vehicular contraption, I find myself quite at home.

    I also have loads of ideas that are just dying to burst forth from my skull and scurry their way into others' hearts, but I tend to try keeping those locked away until I am given sufficient purpose to put one forth; so, if you want to try one of my roleplay ideas... just ask! I have plenty to go around for everyone, I assure you.

    That said, who likes new guys that come in flaunting new ideas? Not most of history, that's for sure! They have to be around for a while and play the game that's there first. So, that is what I shall try to do; join in on what's what, the fun of the fun, sure as sure.

    So, to-be friends... hello, once more! I hope to have grand adventures with you.

    P.S, Also, if anyone has a particular roleplay they would like another person in... let me know! I'll promise to take a look and, if I'm interested, I'll definitely join.
    P.S.S, I love the way this site is formatted, by the way. Kudos to the makers.
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  2. /shoves everyone away to sai HAI first.

    Numbers, <3!!! I'm so glad you've joined up. =D
  3. How well-spoken. I like that. I can already tell - even though I haven't been here for long either - that your presence will be a welcome addition to the site.
    Please share with us your roleplayer's resume, so that we know what roleplays we can tempt you with.
  4. Greetings and well met. :d Wonderful introduction by the way. You write quite elegantly.

    I know of two rps that you could take a look at. I'm not sure if you'll like them, but who knows. Perhaps one will strike your fancy.

    http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/times-of-war-both-group-ooc.20659/ --looking for someone to take the place of one of the characters (It's based off of the game Dragon Age Origins)
    http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/murder-shapeshifter-mafia-esque-open-accepting.28085/ -- about mafia type group made up of shape-shifting crow/raven people
  5. Thank you all for the kind words of welcome! Good to see you, too, Mid.

    Aiglas; Glad I've impressed, heh. Seeing as you're newish as well, Welcome! I did a bit of sluething when I realized this 'Roleplayer's Resume' thing was an actual feature, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to edit it. So, for the time being, I'll just make a few statements about my preferences here, by shamelessly nabbing a few details out of all your profiles to base off.

    Open to Invites; Yes, I am! I prefer Science Fiction, though I'm quite fond of my capabilities in Medieval/Fantasy settings as well. I am less proficient with Modern (though I can rock a world with a good war!), and I abhor 'mundane' roleplays, like schools, or purely dramatic nonsense.

    Playing Habits; I'm usually around mornings/afternoon, since I work over night (Roughly expected 1300-1900 Zulu), depending on if I have anything else to do in the day. I can be expected to show up at least some point every other day.

    Favorite Genre; Science Fiction, by a margin. Very fond of making Space Epics, mechanized operations, and a number of other generally science-fictiony things. I am, however, quite flexible, and can perform in just about any role.

    Least Favorite Genre; As I mentioned, I am not fond of 'school' RPs, or those crafted for the sole purpose of being romance. I don't mind a good romance, don't get me wrong, but I like when it feels natural- not scripted. Also have never really taken to 'A Day in the Life' sorts, unless something catastrophically interesting is supposed to take place.

    Playing Style; This is actually a hard one for me to pin down, as I've never really tried to name my playing style to any specific mannerism. I usually tend towards being the GM/DM, quite frankly. I also tend to shift perspectives/tenses rather often, unintentionally, as a result of actively controlling multiple characters. I am very cooperative, however, and prefer working WITH someone rather than against them; this includes during PVP RP, just means that, rather than fighting "No you didn't hit me", I ask questions and pose questions (if necessary) to figure out where to proceed. I'm rambling. At any rate, I'm cooperative, with a tendency towards leading, to put it simply.

    Plot "Candies?"; When controlling the plot, I tend to give it a slow buildup with lots of fluff in the beginning. I enjoy not just building, but crafting my worlds. Most everything has some significance, unless I'm in a rush and just throw stuffing all over the place to distract people from what I'm doing. I'm very good at making things up on the spot, so it's often hard for people to tell the difference if they pursue "fake" fluff. I take pride in being able to weave a story out of as little or as much thread as folks care to supply me with.

    Character Stereotypes; My most common characters tend to be rather 'noblesque', having a solid code of honor and being unwilling to bend it particularly far. Very easy to work with, aside from those directly opposed. Confident, usually. Oftentimes, intellectual. Always dead sexy. On the other hand, I also play many characters that are simply level-headed (or, at least, very driven), no-nonsense and shoot first ask questions later, of a sort. Really just depends; I aim to be flexible to the story's needs, but I don't compromise the character's personal values once they're set.

    Character No-Gos; Mary Sues. I can't stand them, honestly; I have one, perhaps two character with a few Mary-like qualities, to be quite honest, but I aim for a balance, having some invulnerability balanced by an utter lack of intelligence, for example. I don't usually deal in Magic or high technology, but, when done well (and I do try to do well when I utilize them), I love it.

    Other Notes; I prefer RPs that have a consistent plot, a goal, but that also have some open-endedness to them. I, usually, prefer staying away from extremely dark roleplays- just don't enjoy them, to be frank. I do have fitting characters, though, for when the situation arises that I might feel like joining one.

    So, yeah, there's that!

    Dreamless; Hello! And thank you, as well. Having taken a look at the two RPs you linked me, that Dragon Age-esque one looks quite entertaining, and thus I may just have to make a character for it. Looks like you need a dedicated damage-dealing Mage, and I have a character that might just provide!

    Ah, I am so looking forward to getting into this community. To be quite frank with you all, I haven't felt this giddy about joining a group in ages. To good times! <Cheers>
  6. Thank you for sharing with us what you like.
    You can edit your resume by going to your preferences. So if you go there you can copy these right in there, and that way people can easily find it and not have to look for your introduction thread. (At least I hope so. If you go there and still can't edit it, then that's probably a bug and you should report it. But I hope that's not the case.)
  7. *comes back from checking IPs, since one of his old characters was called Aderas*

    If you include Mecha in your Sci-Fi likes, then we could use some imaginative roleplayers in Leviathan Fugue.