A Wallpaper for Fantasy

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    I'm surprised that this thread hasn't been made yet! Changing computer wallpapers to reflect the month can really help me get into the vibe (I had a lovely sci-fi wallpaper for the festival that month). Maybe it works for you, or maybe you just have fun switching wallpapers?

    Either way, if you're changing your computer background to something fantasy this month, share the background with us so that we can see what kinds of super cool images are gracing the Iwaku computers~
  2. Well one could say that my background is fantasy related as MC tends to rely heavy on its fantasy-like basis.

    Wallpaper (open)
  3. My wallpaper! 8D

  4. I found mine a while ago on reddit

    screencap of High Hrothgar at night with Parthuurnax circiling in one of the moons
    all from skyrim
  5. Uhh...mine's Kingdom Hearts right now, does that count? XD
    massive image is massive (open)
  6. Colors. (open)