A Walking Curse

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After my years of role-play and character creation, I've discovered an evident truth: cursed characters are badass.
I figured an RP full of the unlucky adventurers cursed by different means to different results would be a whole lotta fun.
But that might be just me.
So...would anyone find the idea of some grand plot pulling together the cursed and unlucky together amusing enough to give it a shot?
I've done a lot of cursed character roleplays before. They can be pretty fun, I'll agree. I can only remember one where it was actually finished, though.

Have you a plot? :3 I'm willing to lend you my assistance if you need it. I'd love to hear what you have in mind if anything.
Oh yesssssss. Curses can be fun. Even more interesting when slightly self-inflicted.
I had one concept of a fantasy world with standard fantasy fare, except there were also demons who could do much more for people than regular magic but often offered lousy deals. Like, "I'll save your dying son's life, but he'll owe me a "favor" later on". Well, that one's not a curse strictly speaking but you get the idea of how curses could result from such deals.
Equally interesting, if one must always take on a curse to use magic, or perhaps just to use it effectively.
One of my favorites is for my character to be son that the daemon saved only for the father to find out that my giving the child life the child's life belongs to the daemon.