A Walk Through Hell [Riko & TenThousandWishes]

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  1. Beaudelaire International Academy, England.
    Friday, 1:36 AM.

    It was past midnight at the academy, though even so, it didn't need to be bedtime for the entire place to be quiet. The only thing that broke the silence was the sound of a phone ringing outside in the courtyard, which was relatively dark save for the few outdoor lamps littered along the walkways, and the lights built into the fountain at the center. A boy stopped in his tracks near to this fountain upon hearing the cellphone ringing in the area, trying to figure out where it was coming from. Shifting his head to his left, he noticed a dark figure laying in the grass; the source of the strange melody.

    Out of curiosity, he walked over to the dark lump in the grass, a bit wary due to his own superstitions. But upon arrival, he halted a few feet away when he realized that the other student was asleep. And who could blame her? It was pretty late.

    "Err.. China? Is that you?" the boy leaned towards the slumbering girl just as her phone stopped ringing, and all was quiet again. There was no answer.

    He got a bit closer and looked down at the brown-haired girl who had an arm draped over her eyes, so it was a bit hard to tell if this was who he assumed it was. That didn't matter, though. He had to get her out of the courtyard.
    Gently, he nudged the girl awake with his foot, and an annoyed groaning was emitted from her throat. Suddenly, she slowly took her arm off her face and drowsily looked up at the boy in frustration.

    He chuckled a bit awkwardly, but was no doubt happy to see she was alive. "Ah, it's you, China. Did you lock yourself out of your room again?"

    Kina sat up and stretched her arms out above her head, flashing a rather snobby look up at the boy. "No, I was just taking a nap."

    "A nap? At 1:30 in the morning?"

    Her eyes widened at the news. It was THAT late? With fluid motion, she grabbed her phone to check the time for reassurance. Surely enough, he was right. Kina quickly got up and grabbed her bags, dusting off her clothing and wiping her eyes to wake up more. Without another word, she hurriedly stalked off into the direction of one of the buildings nearby, not giving the boy an explanation to why she had been out here, and not really caring what he was doing out here so late either. In fact, he probably had a better reason to be going back to his dorm so late. She had come out here at 11:30 to look at the stars, and ended up falling asleep along the way.

    Then again, this wasn't the first time she had done something like that.
  2. Galaeveth just arrived in town a month ago. Nobody noticed there was a demon around.

    It's not like the old days...

    Galaeveth took on a human form, he looked like a teenager. He found a town, nice enough, with a cute little boarding school.

    Galaeveth, or Gale, was walking up to the school for the first time. He noticed a strange noise coming from not too far away. He frowned, never having heard such a strange noise.

    Is someone playing a record at this hour? I thought most humans would be asleep by now.

    Gale hadn't visited earth in years. When he last came here, there were carriages and records. No phones, TVs, or cars. He understood a lot of the changes, but phones were still confusing to him.

    No. Can't be a record, they got rid of those years ago.

    And then it stopped. And not long after, he saw a young girl running towards him.

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  3. Kina looked through her phone to see who had called her. Of course, it was her father. This was actually the eighth time he had called in the past three hours. It was still daytime back in America, so it was understandable as to why he'd call her so late at night. On any normal day, she would answer. But this time, she would not. She had just found out yesterday that her father's new wife was pregnant.

    The memory of this news caused the look on her face to darken, either in annoyance or jealousy. Maybe even a mix of both. Kina didn't want another sibling, at least, she didn't want one that would only be half-related to her. As she thought more and more about it, her pace quickened, and she became blinded with envy.

    So blinded that she didn't notice the dark stranger standing ahead, staring right at her.
    Until it was too late, of course.

    Kina slammed right into him, so hard that her phone flew from her hand and she stumbled backward. Her eyes flitted to the scene of her smartphone hitting the pavement, and she whimpered quietly as it landed screen down. Cautiously, she went to retrieve it, slowly turning it over to see the damage. Only a small crack, actually. Though she still looked at it, uninterested, and wiped the screen of any dirt before looking up at the stranger in disappointment. "Erm, sorry." she grumbled, adjusting her bag on her shoulder.
  4. Gale glared at the girl that ran into him, shoving him into the wall. He glanced at the strange device the girl was so worried about.

    "What's that?"

    He pointed at the rectangular device in confusion.
  5. Before Kina could walk away from the guy without another word, he had started to speak. More specifically, he questioned her phone.
    She gave him a confused look and then proceeded to look at her phone in her hand, then glanced back up at him. Furrowing a brow, she snorted. Was this guy serious?

    "Um.. seriously?" she stated lowly. Kina wasn't really one to talk much, but of course, the encounter with someone like him was too weird. They lived in the twenty first century. He had no clue what a phone was.

    "It's.. a cellphone." she replied soon after, examining it more. "A fancy one." she could thank her father for giving her one of the most expensive phones, but in all honesty, Kina only liked it for the camera.
  6. Gale frowned.

    "How do I... enroll myself in the school?"

    He looked at the girl for more help. Standing up he looked at the girl and then the school and back to the girl.

    This girl is useful. I'll keep her around.

    He stepped into the light so the girl could see what he looked like.
  7. The area around them began to grow a bit darker, seemingly, and more uncomfortable. She simply passed it off as her introvertedness trying to get her away from the situation. But there was no harm in it, despite the fact that it was almost two in the morning. Who had business with the school at this time at night?

    Her head perked when he asked about enrollment, and Kina flashed a puzzled glare in his direction. "Umm... all I know is that you need your parents to do that for you." He stepped into the light and she got a better look at his features. He looked cleaned up and whatnot. That didn't change the fact that he was still a bit odd.

    "No one's here, though. It IS almost two in the morning.." she grumbled more tiredly. "So you're outta luck. And I don't know when the Dean comes back for vacation. The only staff members around here are janitors and few teachers. Sometimes the cooks." she rambled on.
  8. Gale frowned at her answer.

    "What if you don't have parents?"

    He stared expectantly at the girl, wanting an answer immediately.

    "And I meant in the morning. I know I'm a week or so late, but there are late arrivals all the time."

    He kept talking about how life was when he was last here. He was very vague when he spoke about his old life. He said things like, "Things have changed." And "I should have kept the mouse."
  9. Kina blinked and stared at him for a moment, trying to figure out an answer for this. No parents?
    Well, it was obvious that he could just get his legal guardians, or whatever family he had left, to enroll him. "Well, whoever takes care of you can enroll you." she shuffled her feet and examined him more. What if he didn't have anyone? He didn't look homeless, but if he didn't have a foster home either, where did he live?

    Ahh, but then again, why did she care? She wasn't here in this country to make friends, she was here to learn then get out and start college.
    Her gaze turned cold for a moment, then relaxed into a more uncaring expression. "Why are you here so late anyway, asking these questions?" Her tone may have sounded harsh, but that's how it usually got when people spoke to her for long periods of time. She wasn't a mean person, but being extra reserved, she liked her space.
  10. "I just got here. From out of town."

    That's one way to put it I suppose.

    Gale watched as her gas shifted to anew icy cold stare. It didn't affect him, he just continued.

    "I suppose I'll just see what I can do tomorrow."

    Gale waved.

    "See you tomorrow!"

    He sat down next to a bush to wait for morning.
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