A walk in the park.

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  1. The cold winds of December blew harshly across the emptiness of an open field. The cawing of crows was the only sound filling the air. A young woman drew her scarf closer to her face to keep warm as she sat on an old wooden bench alone. It had been awhile since her last visit to this old park. It was once a beautiful oasis where children came to explore new worlds , battle pirates, and save damsels in distress. The young woman smiled softly, her emerald eyes scanning the gray/blue skies. “Even though the days have shorten, the flowers have withered away, and the wind blows fiercely this place is still so beautiful.” she whispered to herself softly.
  2. The cold air running through his hair. As he strummed his guitar as he hummed through his scarf that covered his mouth, he was sitting on the ground. Thinking about the next notes he was to play out. His mind worked so much better when he was outside. He stopped playing when he heard a faint voice. " I'm not alone out here ? " he thought in his head and began playing louder
  3. The melody that filled the air pulled the young blonde from her thoughts. She was glad to know that someone else was here to enjoy the scenery as much as herself. "Those notes sound so lovely." She thought to herself as she slowly rose from her seat. The sound of leaves crunching under her high-heeled biker boots followed her as she began to search for the source of the music. After a few seconds of walking, she saw a young man playing his guitar. She stood quietly as she continued to listen, praying she did not frighten him.
  4. His semi long jet black hair still fluttering in the passing breeze, his scarf fluttering along with his hair. His eyes closed, and his grey hoodie underneath his black pea-coat. And his loose fitting black camp pants and black combat boots. His eyed slowly opening, the cool grey eyes scanning and landing on the girl watching him. He smiled under the scarf and continued to play closing his eye as he reached the end of the song and placed the guitar on the ground next to him as he stood up from the floor lowering his scarf " hello " he spoke aloud
  5. The young woman gently unbuttoned the top button of her purple peacoat and lowered her dark blue scarf, the cold breeze tickling her face. "Hello." She replied back as she bowed her head to the young man. "Your music is so beautiful. Thank you for playing."
  6. He smirked nodding " Thank you for listening " He said walking closer holding his hand out " I am Alejandro Rivera " His spanish accent slowly flowing through his speech, " Im glad that someone as beautiful as you could listen to my music and enjoy it "
  7. The young woman could feel her cheeks change to a soft pink hue from the sweet compliment the young man had given her. She smiled, taking his hand into her own. "It is a pleasure to meet you Alejandro. My name is Freya Engelson."
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  8. " Nice to meet you Freya, Such a beautiful name for such a beautiful women " He said smirking and brushed some hair back from his face.