A Walk in the Dark Part of the Woods

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  1. Pavel Dmitry Ivanov: the True Red Riding Hood
    .:Age:. in his twenty-fifth year
    .:Sexual Orientation:. Being a lad who was born into a severely religious family, Pavel has had many a thing pounded into his head that were to be considered "sins:" nasty, disgusting filth that would consume his life and turn him into the equivalent of a dung pile when he finally croaked, if he were to follow such things. Attend every church service, it would be wrong and disgraceful to miss one. Always do your chores, it'd be despicable and disrespectful if you did not. Never be controlled by the sickly sweet power of the bottle, you'll turn out like like your drunken father. Then there were the rules that were just known, never spoken. Never murder another, it would surely send you to hell. Never, ever have any sexual interests in the same sex, it would surely send you to hell and back, before straight back to hell. Despite the silent rule, Pavel has always had a wandering eye when it came to the large, muscled men who came wandering into town, more eye catching to him than any barmaid. But he knows the rules and he has not acted upon his lust, and that was how he had intended to keep it.
    .:Personality:. Pavel is a stubborn young man with his wits about him. He has patience and knows the difference between what was worth it to be worked up over and what was better forgotten. However, when one does invoke his wrath, Pavel has a snap that could shame a crocodile.
    To many who have not truly met him, he tends to come off as cold and frigid, never giving out any sort of smile to a stranger, keeping a rather emotionless mask about him when making deals. To those who have, however, he smiles, an act that radiates warmth and a sense of ease to those around him. He exercises care to those of the utmost importance to him, watching out and protecting them with his whole being.
    .:Weapons:. His weapon of trade is his hunting bow, with archery his main focus when his father first shoved the beautifully crafted bow into his little, chubby fists. His skill and his hawk-like focus has impressed many who have had the chance to see him in action. And it was needed, with having been the main provider in his family for over ten years.
    He always has a dagger on hand as well whenever he's out, to finish his kills or to drive off some greedy bandits. While one-on-one combat has not always been his forte, his lively spirit makes him go out with everything he's got.
    .:Family:. with his father no longer in the picture, Pavel's immediate family remains to be his mother and six siblings, along with his dear old grandmother, of whom Pavel takes an annual journey to, deep in the forests where many creatures are said to roam.

    .:Appearance:. Long, virgin-snow white hair cascades down to Pavel's shoulders, but most of the time he keeps the smooth strands pinned up into a bun at the top of his neck, making it easier to manage on hunts. His pallor further brings out the pink in his cheeks, at times making him appear sickly, but he is anything but. While he is lean, he has his fair share of muscles that are further pronounced with his straight, confident posture. His eyes are a weak blue, almost milky as if he were blind, more on the gray side. However they are always bright and sparking, whether with compassion or challenging to all who dare. He stands at about 5'9, and while others can tower over him, he is quite proud of his height. As for his weight, he's near 185 lbs, with little fat to be seen on his slender but muscled frame.

    Pavel (open)
  2. Name: Alexander Mathias Drew.
    Age: He's roughly twenty nine years of age, not in 'dog years' though in that of human years.
    Gender: Male, if not taken by name.
    Sexuality: It wouldn't honestly matter, now would it? His job is to seduce when it is need, kill at other times, and grant the wishes of the one who called him out.
    Height: He stands at six feet tall with the added three inches to his height. Without shoes and the fluff of his hair, of course.
    Weight: Due to muscle mass and his outstanding height, the man is somewhere in the two hundred pounds. Though you can't blame him, now can you? Muscle weighs more than fat!
    Clothing: In all truth, it varies. He tends to wear a long black trench coat or a cloak that reaches the ground and flutters by his feet, often black, deep burgundy, or dark brown. He tends to wear a pair of black pants, any kind though.As far as shirts goes, a long sleeve, thin, tan shirt will do with a thicker darker colored sweater over top of it to cover his chest - in the lighter weather he wears a deep red, near brown vest over top of a button up white dress shirt so he can slip into town for any needed supplies.
    Physical Appearance: Alexander is a tall and strong man with broad shoulders and nearly flawless skin, his hair is nearly shoulder length and raven feather black. His hair is silk soft, shaggy, and cut looking, his bangs cover his face a majority of the time, almost like a mask. His eyes are a deep ruby red, almost like flaming orbs of the pits of Hell. The man's skin is pale but it does have a mass of scars decorating his skin, old burn marks from fires and flaming stones decorate his skin, slash marks from various types of blades and lashes from whips, drags from blades and claws. Old and new scars and wounds vary his skin, a few old gashes here and there, all the scars are a few shades darker than his actual skin tone. The man holds a few pieces of taboo, his neck, shoulders, back, and chest have a thick amount of ink. The front same as the back. His body frame and figure is rather large, holding a strong, muscled body that's well toned - though not to the point where it looks disturbing. Like that of a body builder who's muscle is so well defined. As far as piercings, he has canine bites, his septum pierced, his tongue pierced as well - all with black orbs. When in his half like state, however when he's not in a full fledged human state, he holds two thick dark brown near black furred ears and then a long, thick dark brown tail. The male is a lycan, though he stands on all fours, the lycan stand on all fours, though can stand on two - most are twice the size of the dire wolf.
    Personality: He's a rude, snarky man who will do what he needs to get where he wants. Shoving others down and doing everything in his power to have what he wants, the man is a rough one too. He hates many and he tends to discard others as trash, never feeling the need to have them. Emotions are worthless, the man is the typical ass. One must earn their way to his good side, everyone at the first sight is on his bad side, a side that's hard to get out of. But, before anyone else judges the man - if there is one that he typically cares for, one that truly has earned a spot in his heart, he will gladly protect them with his life. But his way of affection is an odd one.
    Ranking: He's high up enough to be respected by most, cowered by many, and called a Lord with many shadowing his foot steps.

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