A Victorian Romance

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Margaret was talking with her grandmother most of the picnic, listening to her go on and on about her past and tell her stoires of her childhood. There was so much that her grandmother had gotten to do, travel the world and learn different languages. She couldn't help but wonder why her parents didn't let her go anywhere like that. She didn't think about it too much, her parents certainly weren't like her grandmother. She took a sip of her tea and smiled a bit, this was turning out to be a lovely vacation.
Truthfully, Brendon felt just a tad jealous of this family scene he'd never had with his own. But with his influencing abilities, he was probably helping maintain the peace throughout the vacation, keeping anyone from being overly upset or angry. He sure wished his parents were more susceptible to his influences, but since they were both too stubborn and mean to the core, it wasn't likely he'd ever have a happy vacation with them. The longer they stayed away the better.
Soon the picnic ended and everyone headed back to the house, Margaret's parents heading to the library to read and chat while her grandmother went of to take care of her small garden. Margaret and Brendon were left alone to do as they please and she was eadger to show him a place she had gone to since she was a kid. She turned to him and smiled at him for a moment as she gently grabbed his hand when her parents weren't looking.

"Come on, I have a place to show you." She said softly as she started to tug him out of hte house and down a smiple walking path.
"Oh, a secret hide-out?" He asked mildly teasing, as he let her tug him down a path. He was interested though, and wondered where Margaret was taking him. Their own personal special place would be nice, especially away from watchful eyes.~
Margaret giggled and just continued to pull him along. They eventually came to a small lake surrounded by trees making the area very private and hard to find. She let go of his hand and took in a deep breath, glad to be back in her secert hideaway.

"Isn't it wonderful?" She asked softly.
Brendon was captivated by the beauty of the small lake-meadow-ish area he was pulled to, and held Margaret's hand gently. "This is lovely. I'm glad you showed me this. I wish I had something like it at home. All I have is the library to hide in when I need to." He admitted with a smile. His eyes, incredibly, had changed color again. This time, to blue-grey. But a very faint trace of gold was around the edges.~
"Libraries aren't all that bad. They are nice and quiet and full of books and fantasies that can help you escape reality." She said softly as she gave his hand a gentle squeeze.

She turned to him and smiled up at him shyly, her cheeks slightly flushed as she spoke softly once more.

"But Now this is out place, only you and I are allowed to come here."
Brendon certainly fell in love with the place Margaret showed him. "It's perfect. And so are you," He told her with a smile as he gently kissed her again. His parents may have been right for once, about matching him with this lady. Things seemed to work out so well between them, and she didn't even care about is strange talents. That in itself was extremely rare to find in anyone. He felt more at ease with Margaret than he ever did with anyone else.
Margaret blushed and returned his kiss gently, wrapping her arms around his neck. It felt so right to be with Brendon, he was so kind and thoughtful and he was always looking out for her. He even saved her life! Even though at first she wasn't happy with the idea of getting married to him she really didn't seem to mind it know, finally her parents did something right. They were perfect together, in their own strange little way, if she wasn't able to be with him then she certainly wouldn't be with anyone else.
Brendon smiled as they watched the sun and the clouds over a nearly flawless afternoon sky. A few birds flew noisily overhead, paying the two humans no mind at all. "Well... I guess this is the perfect time and place to pop a serious question." He looked in her eyes as he spoke, wondering just how she'd respond. He pulled out a beautiful engagement ring he'd saved up his money for. A pearl-and-diamond ring over a white-gold band, just Margaret's ring finger size. He opened the black velvet box to show her, letting the sun dazzle off the jewels and glint in their eyes. "Lady Margaret... would you marry me?" He asked, his heart nearly -stopped- beating as this moment passed. Only Margaret's decision mattered. Not their parents. Not even his. It was -her- choice, whether she married him or not.
Margaret looked at him curiously as he shuffled around in his pocket for something, wondering what he could possibly be talking about. As soon as she saw the black velvet box she knew exactly what he was doing and her face turned bright red from shock. She looked at the lovely ring with wide and awed eyes, not believing that she was hearing this. Her heart beat wildly in her chest and for a moment she could only sit silently as she tried to form proper words. She looked up at Brendon and smiled widely before nearly tackling him to the ground in a tight hug and kissing his cheek many times.

"Yes! Yes Brendon I will!" She said happily as she started to cry from all the joy she felt.
Brendon was happy beyond words when she said yes, and he had to repress his tears before anyone saw them. In the next duration of two months, Lady Margaret and Brendon were married. And, as a further surprise, his parents were leaving him the house and land! ''We're going to Italy, where we can expand our business. We'll write and tell you how things go." His mother said -almost nicely- before they both got in the carriage and drove away. The wedding itself was a beautiful thing. He let Margaret have the reins of the event, as well as her parents' help. Admittedly, he knew nothing about hosting things of that size. Brendon honestly didn't think he could have been any happier. He made sure they both had a safe and secure future, with no money problems or stress about -anything-. Even the ghosts and spooks seemed to stay away from the now happily wedded couple.~ As for the wedding? A complete and total success!
Margaret couldn't be happier as she and Brendon were engaged and quickly wedded without much to worry about. She put the wedding together easily with the help of her eager mother and they were married before anything could be said badly about them. Soon after the wedding they were living in Brendon's home and working together to make life run smoothly. Margaret lived and good and peaceful life with her husband, the ghosts no longer haunting them. She couldn't think of a better ending to such a story as there...well she could but that would just have to be another book now won't it?~