A Victorian Night

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  1. Her hands dwindled against the door handle. Shaking her hair further down her back, and adjusting the lace trim on her dress, she walked through the door. On the bed, surrounded by her female accompaniment was Mr. Laundel. A well known man of London, with a heavy pocket too. She took her voluptuous hips across to him and lead her finger to his lips with a soft smile. He was hers in moments.

    Work wasn't a struggle for her, nor did she dislike it. However, she wouldn't pass up the opportunity if it came to get out of here. Tatiana didn't want to always work in the night-house. It wasn't exactly her chosen destiny, but it couldn't be helped. She was thrown in here at the age of 8, not for sexual purposes. Just scrubbing floors and other meaningless tasks that a child awaiting fourteen could do. Nevertheless, when she reached fourteen, there was no hesitation throwing her in the deep end. It was sickening what men wanted to do, and would do to her. They were disgusting beings.

    Her mother and father passed her up for a pretty shilling when she was just a newborn. She was sold to a miller, who raised her with a heavy hand and crop. From the age of three she was helping around the house. Until he realised a toddler would not suffice in what he required. Thus she was passed onto the orphanage, more than likely recieving another penny under the table for giving up such a pretty child. More harsh events occured here, until she began her work at the night-house.

    "Mr. Laundel... It's a pleasure to see you again."
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  2. The early morning London air filled the air. Crisp, and clean as the factories had yet to begin their production for the day. A tall, thin man stumbled his way into a small apartment. Heavy bags under his weary eyes, he fell onto the bed in the small one room domicile. He was exhausted, and had to go to work later that afternoon. He was grateful for the late hours. They coincided well with his extracurricular activities.

    He kicked off his boots, and began to disrobe. He took off his overcoat to reveal two revolvers and a rather large knife stuck in his belt. He lifted the lid of a rectangular box, the lid of which bore a small metal shape with a simple "P.T" engraved on it. He placed his guns and blade carefully inside the box, and closed the lid. Running his hand over the top lovingly as he then slid it under the bed. Now, finally in his undergarments, he felt comfortable he could sleep several hours in peace.

    He awoke a while later in the early afternoon, fortunately before his shift was supposed to begin. He quickly dressed for work, and was out the door before too long. He made his way through the increasingly crowded streets into a pub on the same street as his apartment. He made his way straight through the front door, and made a straight line for behind the bar. The place was still nearly empty, as most folks hadn't yet finished their work day, but it was about to get busy.
  3. Lilian was already awake when the first rays of sunlight made their way into the Weston Inn. She awoke in her bedroom in the guest house. The Inn had been around since her grandfather was her age, but the building was much older. The manor dated back to the Dark Ages, when knights in shinning armor dueled each other and when peasants lived in Lilian's apartment when they were not working for the Lord and Lady of the manor. Lilian began to get dressed for the exciting day to come. After dressing in her favorite summer attire, she began to head out to the manor. She wasn't quite out the door when Lilian knocked out a stone from the wall. She turned around startled and saw a small compartment in the wall. The compartment was small, containing a note and other medieval trinkets. Luckily, her Grandfather taught her how to read Latin as a child. The note read:

    "To Whom it May Concern, be warned! One thousand years from this day, the Body Jumpers will attack again. Save Yourself!"

    Lilian brushed off the note, even though it seemed ominous. "What are these Body Jumpers?" She thought to herself. Heading out to the market to buy some supplies before it became too chaotic, she grabbed her Father's hunting rifle just in case.
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