A Very Important Thread about Ramen

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  1. *and cup of soups

    Simple question, how do you like to eat your ramen and cup of soups?

    If I have a packet of ramen, I like to add an egg or some vegetables in there. And often times I like to throw the ramen noodles in the oven for a little while and brown the noodles a little bit. It adds this unique flavor to ramen.

    When it comes to any ramen or cup of soup. I like my noodles to be al dente and I eat them as they slowly cook. I hate soggy noodles
  2. Cup of soup?

    Shit, man, getting ripped off there.

    Just get the cheaop soup packets. As for how I like them... Cheap. Super cheap. As is, is fine, because if I'm eating them, I'm probably trying to conserve money. :ferret:
  3. Whatever I can find in the pantry/seasonings cabinet.

    • Onion powder? Sure why not
    • Red chilis? That'll burn. Toss it in.
    • Left over lunch meat? Add it.
    • Curry powder? Pajeet you genius
    • Leftover broth? Dump it in!
    • Half a burger? Absolutely.
    • Carrots? Potatoes? Onion? Hell yes.
    Ramen is beyond flexibile. It defines flexibility in food like flavor is to salt.
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  4. Cup of soups here are 28 cents each

    and the packets are 43 cents each
  5. Cup of soups here are 80 cents, packets are 30-ish cents. Literally don't ever even buy a single cup of soup here.
  6. Well I bought the 28 cents which was cheaper......so yer. But I rarely eat ramen unless I poor af
  7. I can't even eat Ramen anymore, something must of happened that turned me off the stuff.

    My cheep food option is now noodles or rice.
  8. Toss a chicken breast with some garlic, a bit of cajun seasoning with mustard spice along with some mixture of veggies in my tiny crockpot after breakfast.
    Just add ramen later and bam. Delicious.
  9. Sorry I make fancy meals out of noodles and rice. "fancy" I mean I can pretty up rice and noodles to the point they don't taste inexpensive they taste rich
  10. Take a packet of ramen, boil it in water, strain out most of the water, put in vegetable oil and whatever meats and veggies suit your fancy. Only add the flavor pack lightly if at all. Their flavor packets are a bit too salty for me. x'D
  11. I used to get the little tiny frozen shrimp to add to it, boil the shrimp and noodles together, mix a little of the seasoning packets with some old bay. My kids love it, and it makes a pretty awesome lunch.
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  12. Most times I eat it plain, I like the taste.

    Every now and again though, I Doctor it up with some pepper, garlic, and chopped scallion. A hard-boiled egg is nice, too, and some small veggies like peas or chopped carrots
  13. I also like to make a stir fry with ramen. Take some vegetables, whatever meat you like and eggs, while you cook your meat, soak your ramen noodles so you can separate them.

    add in the veggies with the meat. wait till the veggies are kind of cooked, add the egg and brown the egg. Then throw in the noodles and a little bit of the water with the noodles and fry till the water evaporates
  14. I just eat it the way it is after boiling it in water and draining it. Flavor packets and all. Sometimes I'll add hot sauce and seasoning salt to it to spice it up a bit. I grew up eating ramen so I'm not against eating it XD
  15. I cook a packet of ramen with a mushroom, a green onion, a couple potstickers, some ginger and a splash of sesame oil. And then I add a couple boiled eggs, with paprika! Sometimes chili oil if I'm not eating one of the chili ramen.
  16. Some pics of the last time I had ramen:


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  17. Usually grew up with us taking the beef ramen packets, dumping em in a big ol pot and cooking them with browned ground beef and a can of mixed veggies. Cheap. Easy. Good. *shrug* Can do the same thing with chicken, but its more expensive than ground beef. ._.
  18. You lucky motherfucking son of a bitch.

    That is the only reason why I want to go to Japan or even live in Japan. Because I want Ramen like that. No one around here in the states decided that be a good idea. For the number of actual Japanese around here, I don't get why Japanese resteraunt don't sell Ramen.

    Udon is good though
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