A very Dead Island.

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  1. ( After taking a trip to a Vacation island, Over night thing's turn Horribly wrong. A Sickly Woman, Spread a Virus that turned people into Cannibal's that, Which quickly wiped out half of the poppulation.) ((OOC: Note, Im not all that Great at this, Just Returned to this site after a long while and figured I would make a Post, If anyone likes it, Feel free to hop in, If not, Then ignore it and it will soon go away :P))

    -Raine awoke with his head pounding, He could not remember the event's clearly, Of the night before, he cleared his throat, In his Room, Were pill's and a bottle of whiskey, He muttered under his breath and walked over to the closet, He opened it and grab his outfit that hung from a hanger, Then he walked to his Bathroom, and took a quick shower, When he got out he dryed off then Dressed, in a pair of Combat boot's, And a Black pair of cargo pant's, Along with a black T-shirt, That had a Red Logo on it,, It looked similar to a Cross,(A Medical Cross, Not religous.) Then he grabbed his leather jacket and put it on, He put gel on her hand's then ran them through his hair, Spiking it, Raine was about Six feet Tall, A Scrauny build, Pale skin, Black hair, and A pair of Goldenrod Eye's, He headed for the door whistling a tune, He opened it and looked into the empty hallway's, Things were a mess, The Resort Hotel were never this dirty, He muttered something to himself and he saw a Baseball bat on the floor, It was Bloody He walked over to it then shook his head, He did not want to be pointed out as a killer, He moved down the hallway and then he called the elevator, He got in it and pressed a button, The elevator took him to the bottom floor, and he walked out, Then looked around, The room was Covered in blood, And people lay on the floor, Missing chunks from there body's.- ~What the hell is going on..?~ -He asked himself, his eye's scanning over everything he saw no sign of anything at the moment, He walked forward's and to the front door of the resort and he looked around, He saw a car which he moved over to quickly he got in and tryed to start it, It was a Pick-up truck, But when it did not start he checked the glove-department and found a 1911, He blinked but took it, It was loaded, and only had one mag in it, He then looked up and saw afew people down the road, He stood up, Out of the truck and called out,- ~Hey! Over here!~ -When they began towards him, He shook his head,- ~This must be zombies... I mean...Everything add's up.. Im Dreaming or...~ -He was cut off by a loud sound, Which he did not Recognize.-
  2. Laria was her room, she had gotten no sleep at all that night, good thng she packed a lot of energy drinks and such, she sat in a chair by an open windo, 6 stories off the ground, just incase she needed to escape she had a rope dangling from the window low enough to reach another floor level, he sister lay in he bed, asleep, Laria holding a semi automatic machine gun and a 1911, on her hip. she knew the sounds would attract more, but she had multiple escape plans, and her sister was healyth, no bites or anything, but she was still infected from the diesease that had been spread that night. Laria felt herself falling asleep and she couldnt resist any longer she was soon awakened with the sound of a slamming door and the ding of the elevator. "what are these fuckers, genius?" laria looked over to her sister and rolled her over to wake her, she was gone, and would soon awaken as aone of those things. Laria grabbed her pack, filled with ammo she had found in her dads bag and around the building, it wasnt much, but her dad was a prepare for anything sort of person. she was 18 and her dad was military, well he was. laria had red hair and a slight tan to her skin, she pulled her hair into a long pony tail, he jeans were torn, holes in the knees, she had a camo top on and black chucks on, not to great for warmth but she would live and headed out locking the door behind her. She ran down the emergency exit stairs and found herself in the lobby, she saw a man in a pick up outside, he looked living. she walked outside, stepping over bodiesand puddles of blood. she saw the dead down the street and couldnt help but chuckle when the man yelled to them. "idiot." she cocked her gun and kneeled down beside the truck, this guy was not gonna die on her whatch. she went to stand up but due her lack of sleep stumbled and bumped into the truck making a loud noise. Her cover was blown so there was no point in hiding now, she stood and aimed at a dead one that was coming to their side, it looked like she was aiming at the man, but that wasnt the case. 'bang!' right inbetween the eyes, she was aiming for higher, but it was good enough, the cannable fell with a thud. "If you want to stay a live, you might wanna follow me." Laria started to walk away from the truck, there was a small building not to far up the road were they could get acquaninted. "Other wise more will come and you will end up like them." Laria wiped around and continued walking.

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  3. -Raine stood still for a afew minutes taking everything in, He let out a small sigh then he nodded, and moved behind her, He remained closely behind her, Muttering,- ~Not how i expected my weekend to go,~ -He said to himself, Then he gripped the gun with both hand's, He let out a small sigh, Once more, and followed her, Now in silence, the only sound that could be heard from him, was the heel's of his shoe's hitting the floor, He scanned the area with his eye's,- ~They are slow.. Just like in the movies But im sure they are just as deadly, And im not willing to test this theory out,~ -He moved his gaze to her, Taking in her appearance behind, Something seemed off about her, But he could not tell what, Maybe it was just the fact that he was trying to take in so much information at the same time,His head was still pounding and he could hardly focus on anything, He looked up at the sky, Which had seemingly turned a different color, A More darker color. He shook his head, Figuring he was imagining thing's then he let his mind, Continue to wander, as he Idly walked behind the strange girl. - ( Sick kinda junky post's.)
  4. Once they had reached the small shack, Larai opened the door and montioned for him to enter as she looked around. once he was in She followed behind slowly closing the door. and moving a large object in front of the door. she looked for other things to put in front of the door as she started to talk. "Okay, so I'm laria, nice to meet you, especially seeing as the perdicament we are in." laria chuckled slighty and then looked at the man, he was about middle aged she guessed eitehr that or really stressed out. "I am guessing yu have no idea whats going on seeing as you so casuly yelled out to that dead thing out there, so let me tell you, an older lady, actually she is very old, kinda like the whitch doctor of this place, well for a long time I am guessing she was working on a gas smoke that she put in these canisters, it was supossed to make people like for like 15 more years then they were supossed too, well obviosuly it didnt go as planned, she is currently dead and her home or work place or whatever is on the other side of the island. So we can either 1 get out of here some how or we can go to were she lived and see if there is a cure. I am gonna go look for the cure, seeing as my sister is one of them, along with my father, if he is still alive...that is." she looked at the man, he seemed to be completly dumbfounded and lost, so she shut up. "when you wanna talk feel free. we are gonna be here for a little while." Laria said as she looked out a small window, the dead were starting to swarm, seeing as the had heard the gun shot.
  5. -He took in all the information, While watching out of the window,- ~Gotta love crazy people,~ -He chuckled,- ~I doubt you could do it alone, And i would hate to see another survivor die, So i will help,~ -He set the gun down and slid his hand's into his pocket's, He cleared his throat, Watching the Undead mob search around, Trying to find them,- ~It will not be long before some of them come over here, Trying to get in, So i hope you have another way out, Rather then charging straight out into them,~ -He looked around the room, And then shook his head, His eye's trailed back to the window and he felt his heart stop, He was looking at a girl, That did not look very much different from the girl he was with now.- ~I bought her afew drinks last night.. I have been spending this Vacation with her..In a way.. I mean we would alway's meet up around the resort.. ~ -He racked his brain trying to remember every little detail about the girl, He wanted to burst through the door and help her, But he figured, It had allready been to late, He appeared lost in thought's, But he was fully aware of his surrounding's.-
  6. Laria turned and Looked at the man when he heard him clear his throat. She turned and looked back out the window, seeing her father in the distance, she held back her sadness and looked back at the man. He seemed to be looking at someone as well, I take it you see someone ou care about there? Yeah, well there is no helping them now sadly, not unless e get that cure, as he spoke she looked away from him, "ahh, i see, well, the sooner we get the cure the sooner we can help her." she looked around, an onto the floor, pulling a rug up. Underneath a door laid, locked. "well here is the door and its locked which means one of three things, more survivors, some dead stuff, or a way out, only one way to find out." Laria grabbed her gun and shot the lock. "better hope its not the dead thing or else we are screwed." Laria pulled the door open slowly,her gun pointed into the opening. Once open Laria reached into her bag and shined a light down the hole. "clear." walking slowly down the stairs she continued looking around just in case. once down she called up, "Its safe come one, i see a small tunnel we can see where it goes, better then nothing." laria walked away from the opening and started walking towards the tunnel.