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  1. ~Greetings and Salutations to you all~

    I am a newb to this site but I am what you might call an "amateur"when it comes to roleplaying. I have filled out my Roleplay Resume, so feel free to look at it first and decided whether or not you wish to rp with me and save yourself the trouble of having to read this whole post. I have very few rules but they are important to me so I'LL post those frist.

    Rule 1: I only play as a girl.This is not meant to offend, I just can't play as a guy. I realize this can be a dealbreaker for some people, but please believe me when I say you are much better off never seeing my horrible attempts at playing a male character.

    Rule 2: I only do heterosexual pairings. MxF, that's it. Again, not to offend, this is just my own personal preference.

    Rule 3: I AM NOT A GRAMMAR NAZI! I make many, many, many, many grammatical errors. While I do try to spell check and make sure everything is nice and correct, I do make mistakes. So don't worry about it, kay?

    And Last, but certainly not Least:

    HAVE FUN!!!!!! The most improtant rule of all, because if your not having fun, then really what's the point? Please, if your getting bored with rp we are doing or have hit a wall and aren't really sure what to write, TELL ME! I promise you, telling me you want to drop the rp is much better than you just dropping it without telling me. I understand, sometimes you just loose interest, it happens. And I promise I will never just drop you, I will send you a message saying that I apologize, but I feel like I should drop this rp and I will give the reason or reasons why I feel that way.

    Okay, now that the rules are done, let's get to the fun part!!^^

    Favorite Genres: (I will do this Anytime, Any Place, no questions asked)
    Anything in a High school setting

    Genres I like: (I like them, but I'm not GAGA over them)

    Pairings I'm addicted to: (Yes, I admit it.)

    Bad Boy x Good Girl or Bad Girl x Good Guy
    Punk x Jock( plot idea with this one)
    Nerd x School Idol
    Childhood Friend x Childhood Friend
    Arranged Marriage
    Princess x Prince
    Princess x Knight
    Princess x Bandit
    Prince x Commoner
    Prince x Theif
    Queen x Butler
    King x Maid
    Prince/Princess x Wizard/Enchantress

    Pairings I like: (I like them)

    Furry x Wizard (plot idea with this one)
    Angel x Human
    Demon x Human
    Vampire (No Sparkling!) x Human
    Android x Human
    Alien x Human

    And more to come, those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. Feel free to mix and match those to your hearts content. Feel free to post a reply here or PM me if you want more details on any of the listed pairings, or if you just want to say hi lol.

    ~Thank you for reading my humble request thread,


    I can't believe I forgot this, but for anyone interested in a Mature RP, please know I only do Fade to Black, nothing exteremly explicit. Sorry if that's a dealbreaker, but the plot will always be more important to me than the sex. Just how I feel.
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  2. ***UPDATE****

    Adding some genres: (Can't believe I forgot them!)
    Harvest Moon

    Adding Pairings: (Again, can't believe I forgot)
    Teacher x Student (Mostly college setting, might do one in a high school setting if asked nicely)
    Furry x Human
    Time Traveler x Person in the persent time
    Time Traveler x Person in the Past
    Imaginery Friend x Human (Plot idea with this one)
    Elf x Human
    Fairy x Human
    Ghost x Human
  3. I'm interested in teacher/student (as student), arranged marriage or vampire human

    I have no preference over one. I'm open to any of them.
  4. Alright, I must give in at some point... so this thread intrigued me. But I was wondering if you had any ideas for the pokemon rp? I have an idea for a romance pairing that I think would be pretty awesome having to do with the pokemon universe. However, like I said... do you have any ideas? Cause I'm open to do those as well!
  5. Becky Atrian: I can't pick between arranged marriage and the Student x Teacher cause I love them both so much(Yes I know, I'm so weak I can't choose! ><) so which one you want to do more is fine with me!

    SaejiFine: Nothing coming to mind at this moment(stupid writer's block) so please share your idea!^_^
  6. how about we do both but as separate rps?
  7. Well the idea is kinda based on a roleplay that I started up awhile ago (never got past the first post... it was a sad day.) But I had a character who had saved a pokemon's life while they were out in the wilderness. My guy was part of the "pokemon mafia" (team rocket but less kiddish) and had done some horrible things which he felt really bad about. Anyway so he helps this pokemon out and they become fast friends.

    That's kinda where that idea ends and where this new one begins. The pokemon character she was going to play was a gijinka (if you don't know a pokemon furry but not furry so much as a humanoid pokemon... that's probably more confusing but look it up if you don't already know.) So my idea was that the pokemon, as a pokemon, not a gijinka (yet) begins to seriously fall in love with my character. And then through some mystical accident or purpose becomes essentially human (a gijinka) retaining all of her pokemon abilities but becoming human. And we can build a story from there.

    What do you think?
  8. Becky Atrian: YES! ^^ All for that idea. Want to discuss possible plot ideas in the chat? :)

    SaejiFine: Awww *sniffle* poor little idea didn't even get a chance. T-T I like the idea actually, and to make sure I undestand a gijinka is kind of like a human with pokemon traits and powers? Hope I got that right.
  9. Yeah, think furry... but more human then furry. Like instead of fur they would have skin, ears are usually the same, tails too, if you look at them on google a lot of them are human with clothes that look like a pokemon. But yeah you're getting the idea.
  10. yes please. you can make/start it
  11. Yes that was what google had, just making sure.^^ Was there a particular pokemon gijinka you wanted your partner to be? If not, then could I choose a Gardevoir? Its my favorite.^^

    Like this (open)
  12. Hi I'm new too, although I used to do a lot of RPing in my younger days. I'm interested in doing a apocalyptic fantasy(Tolkien style world with some major world spanning crisis would be nice). Bad boy x good girl, maybe as a demon x human pairing. RP can have some mature touches, but not the focus. If you are interested you can be my first RP here :)
  13. Bad Boy? Demon? 0\\\\0 *Faints*

    You are Awesome! XD Yes I would love to do this RP, though I admit I don't know what Tolkien is but I will google it at once! *Opens new window to search* Would you like to do this through the chat or the threads? :)
  14. By Tolkein I mean a fantasy world that is not super dependent upon magic. I don't want something like Harry Potter where everyone is magical and the world can't exist without it. I'm thinking more like Lord of the Rings where there are magical beings, but just as much, if not more of the world is determined by people of "normal" characteristics. Basically, magic is ok, just not overused.

    Chat or thread works for me. Still getting the hang of the site though, so bear with me :) When I'm on I prefer tobe decently active for a bit if you can swing it :)
  15. I don't mind Gardevoir at all really. Unfortunately there aren't too many good ones of my favorite pokemon, Ninetails, so yeah Gardevoir is fine by me! Gardevoir is one of my favorites as well. lol.
  16. Okay, so a more realistic fantasy kind of thing, gotcha. And, since I haven't quite figured out the proper way to post a thread yet, would you mind if we use chat? Cause if I post the thread it will probably be in the wrong place and people get mad at me and blah blah ends up being one big headache for everybody.lol

    I can swing it. B) Now I'm in the mood for Jazz lol.
  17. Exactly. And no worries. I'll send you a message :)
  18. SaejiFine: Really? I thought there would be more for Ninetails than Gardevoir. Its so pretty! Now I want to do Ninetails cause it needs more attention! lol

    So would you like to do this through the threads or chat? I don't really care, but I admit I haven't done many threads and don't have a handel on making one either. I always seem to end up putting it int the wrong place*Sweatdrop*
  19. Would you like me to send you a PM? I also fine starting a thread here in the One x One section? Are there any other ideas that you had for this?

    Edit: That's perfectly alright this can be a bit confusing. I think this would just end up here in the One x one section.
  20. Fisho: Thanks!^^

    SaejiFine: Chat would be great.^_^ And nope, I liked yours and I'm now wanting to see how it all plays out. :)
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