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  1. Hi! *bows* I am Oddball. It is quite nice of you to be reading my thread. I do hope you find me to be an interesting and suitable partner. Shall we begin?

    About Me as a Roleplayer

    I am female. I don't really see how my real life gender matters when it comes to roleplaying, but I often encounter people who believe it does. I play all genders. There is not one that I prefer. I happily play opposite characters of any gender. The entire roleplay cannot be focused solely on romance. I get bored fast with that. However, there are certain exceptions such as if the plot involves the characters being in an unhealthy relationship and having nothing else in their lives but each other. I do all pairing types. I favor FxF just a bit more than the others. I enjoy having friendship and family dynamics in my plots sometimes. Only roleplaying romantic relationships gets old rather quickly. I like to mix things up. I don't like furry, and I refuse to roleplay it. Other than that, I'm fairly open-minded. I started roleplaying six years ago, so I am rather experienced. My posts are normally quite descriptive when it comes to mature topics such as violence, sex, abuse, etc. It is best for my partners to let me know their limits before we begin actually roleplaying. I don't want to write anything that will upset my partner. I try my absolute best with grammar. I make mistakes as everyone does. Concerning post length, I match my partner. How often I am able to post varies from day to day. I live in the EST timezone, and I am available most weekday evenings and all day during weekends. Both PMs and threads are fine with me for having the roleplay take place in.



    Doctor Who
    Orange is the New Black
    The Fosters
    Orphan Black
    Red Band Society
    The Big Bang Theory


    Itty Bitty Titty Committee
    Sherlock Holmes(RDJ)
    A Marine Story
    Iron Man
    Hunger Games
    The Last Airbender
    Men in Black
    Star Trek: Into Darkness
    The Devil Wears Prada
    The Fault in Our Stars
    Harry Potter
    Bridge to Terabithia


    Soulmate AU
    Dragon Riders
    School for the Supernatural
    Homeless Teens
    Superheros and Villains
    Open x Closeted
    Professor x Student
    Vampiric Immortals
    Alien Invasion
    Serial Killer Spouses
    Dystopian Society
    Forbidden Love
    Organized Crime
    Sports Rivals
    Writer x Character
    Superhero's Kid x Villain's Kid
    Prisoner x Prisoner
    Fantasy Kingdom
    Long Distance Relationship
    Spouse x Spouse with Amnesia
    Terminal Illness
    Criminal x Cop's Kid


    Either PMing me or posting in this thread is good with me. If you reply here expressing interest, I will automatically send you a PM to discuss details.​
  2. Hello!

    I'm Aura, and I would be most interested in either a Harry Potter or pretty much any Original setting and plot we may agree on. I know this is vague, but I tend to like it that way when first approaching a potential partner so we are not left with absolutely nothing we can agree on trying.
  3. Awesome. I sent you a PM, Aura.
  4. I'm interested in Merpeople and Adoption maybe a mix of both? c:.
  5. Hey! :) Would you be interested in a Doctor Who or Sherlock roleplay?
  6. Hi, I'm Cica. I think Superhero's Kid x Villain's Kid, Fantasy Kingdom, and Criminal x Cop's Kid look like they could be fun!
  7. I'll PM you all when I get home from work.
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