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  1. Hello all. Welcome to my partner search. You may call me whatever you wish, but I normally go by Lex or A.J.

    What I look for in a partner:

    - Open-mindedness
    - Frequent posting
    - Ability to play multiple characters
    - Willingness to play both males and females
    - Decent grammar
    - Good spelling

    What to expect from me:

    - Willingness to consider any ideas my partner might bring
    - Frequent posting
    - Ability to play up to five/six main(ish) characters at a time in one roleplay
    - Ability to play both genders and also non-binary/transgender
    - Decent enough grammar
    - Good spelling

    Some possibilities(any of these can be combined):

    Modern Fantasy
    Realistic Fantasy
    Super Human
    Time Travel
    High School
    Doctor Who
    Harry Potter
    Organized crime
    Futuristic Fantasy​
  2. Hello I am interested in roleplay with the following of your ideas
    • High school or college (sucker for school settings)
    • Orphanage
    • Time travel/Doctor Who/aliens
    • Modern fantasy (can involve the school settings and/or orphanage
    I'm willing to do whichever you are interested most in and I am very flexible
  3. Let's go with modern fantasy mixed with school and orphanage settings.
  4. Ooo sounds good to me l u l
  5. Mind sending me a PM?
  6. [rainbow]I. Roleplay Candies[/rainbow]
    • Here is a list of the original choices I liked,

      ➛ Aliens
      ➛ Apocalyptic
      ➛ Modern Fantasy
      ➛ Vampires
      ➛ Super Human
      ➛ Time Travel
      ➛ College
    • Here is a choice I liked for fandom,

      ➛ Harry Potter
    • If you're still interested, PM me and we can discuss a plot together.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.