A Vampire's Treasure

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  1. Name: Maya

    Species: Mermaid

    Hair: Black, long, and curly

    Skin: Earth Brown

    Eyes: Bright Purple

    Tail Description: Similar to a dolphin tail; starts off fuschia at the waist then gradually turns a deep purple as it reaches the fins.

    Short Background: A young mermaid from an underwater city who ventured a bit too far from her home and gets caught in a fisherman's net.
  2. Name: Damion

    Species: Vampire; Rank: No Life King


    Short Background: Born, bathed in blood, he woke to the world of war and craved his path through the ages. Finding the battlefield had grown boring he took his riches and carved a home for himself on the oceanside. Humans as his servants and food, other vampires seemed to take his strength as him being a No Life King and follow his rule. He has forgotten the flow of time but kept with the age of man becoming the puppet master behind the strings. Finding that living near the ocean was not good enough he had a large fish tank built in his home and he steadily adds to it trying to find the last peice to make it perfect
  3. A storm brewed overhead, the waves on the surface crashing to the shore and knocking into any boat that dared to brave the untamable fury that was the beauty of the ocean. Modest fisherman boats tried their luck out in the water despite the harsh conditions of the weather, throwing their nets and hauling in their prizes that ranged from victorious catches to empty nets. It was during this stormy day that had changed her life forever, that dragged her from the comfort of her sea home and almost violently threw her into a world she never knew she would get to see.

    Maya had been adventuring again, cautiously so since the fishermen were bound to be out looking for prey. She had gone to new reefs that she had never laid her eyes upon before, beautiful pink coral and brightly colored fish that darted in and out of their own little homes. She collected new seashells that seemed to be created just for her to find and made necklaces out of them. Her hair, black and curly, trailed behind her in the open water as her beautiful pink and purple tail pushed her through the deep blue. Her eyes, a bright purple, surveyed her surroundings with a critical eye, looking for anything worth exploring while swimming farther from her home than she was used to.

    She realized her mistake when she found herself suddenly captured in a large net. She let out a shriek of surprise and fear, especially when the fishermen started pulling the net back up towards the boat. She let out a series of clicks and squeals, the language of her underwater world, in a desperate attempt to find help. Maya struggled and fought against the net, becoming even more desperate when she saw that she was getting closer and closer towards the surface. An idea formed in her head, a risky one that she was willing to take to save her own life. When the net broke through the surface and the fishermen were about to pull her onto...whatever it was that they were using to stand on, she made a loud, harsh noise and swiped at them. Startled, they let her go in fear and she fell back into the water, but the wave quickly swept her up and slammed her back down. She was caught in a frightening cycle created by the large waves, the energy and the motion carrying her all the way towards the shore where an exceedingly large wave slammed her down onto the sandy beach.

    Maya was hurt from being thrown around so much and scared at the new world she found herself in. She looked towards the ocean and tried to crawl her way back in, but the net tangled around her and made it nearly impossible for her to move of her own accord. She continued her clicks and squeals, clawing at the knots of the net and praying that someone would have the heart to help her.
  4. Damion urged the horse faster as the wind tore around him; he laughed darkliy at lightning streaked across the skies and the winds howled through the trees. Nights such as this simply made him dare the elements to go against him the steed was in a full out run making their way back to the masion. The tree line broke and the grassy field stretched out before them; Damion tucked his body closer as the horse picked up speed its heart pumping wildly as its hooves thundered across the ground. Reaching the stables they slowed into a trot entering the cracked door where one of the humans had awaited his return. He dismounted and stroked the horse tenderly before turning and making his way into his home.

    Having dried off his crimson hair was left untamed making hims seem wild and feral as he perfered most to think. He watched from the windows of his room as the sea beat agains the cliffs as if to snatch his home from land and drown them as they were torn to peices. The storm broke through almost hours later the ocean giving its final attacks before reteating into itself he chuckled at the thought. Turning from the window he found his meal standing just inside the door looking at him in growing fear. The poor thing had probably tried to pry the door open while he was distracted; now his attention was on her he didnt bother to memorize any of her features on did not play with its food. He grinned, his fangs dropping as he heard her heart beat hammer against her chest the blood in her veins singing its siren song to him. To the human it would seem as if he was suddenly infront of her when truely she had been caught in his web. He struck without warning the girl crying out trying to escape from the monster that was draining the life from her. The struggle slowly stopped until she was practically dead; he let her go as she crumpled to the floor. Damion knocked lightly, the door unlocked and the lower vampires and a few long trusted humans picked up the girl and dragged her way to her cell. She would stay there for three months before he could feed off her again.

    He walked back to the window and opened the glass doors to his balcony breathing in the fresh air; the clouds broke letting the crescent moon shine down on the earth. Damion paused hearing the most unusual sound, it was soming he'd only heard from dophins or orcas when talking. his eyes scanned the seas but his gaze was drawn to the shore line landing on something he should have never been surprised to see. Before he reaized he had jumped the balcony and was in mid air to land on the beach; he was stained in the blood of his previous meal and his eyes glowed crimson in the shadow of his hair as he landed only feet away from the myth of the sea, a mermaid.
  5. A presence drew her attention away from her struggle for a moment, her heart beating eratically at the prospect of an ill-intentioned human finding her. She whipped around, tangling herself even more in the net, and faced the newcomer dead on with an expression mixed with fear, bravery, and hope. Well, what she saw definitely looked like a human...but there was something wrong. The man, if she could call him that, had wild red hair and his shirt was stained with crimson blood, some of it smeared around his mouth. His eyes gazed at her, glowing red and intense. Something definitely didn't seem right with the male, but he was all the hope that she had.

    She reached her hand out to him and, in the broken language of the humans that her grandmother had taught her, she said, "H-Help...Help...me..."

    Her scaly pink and purple tail seemed to be getting drier by the second, the sand sticking to her dark skin. Since the storm had blown over, the water had receded, now going too far for her to even wade in; that was bad for a mermaid for if she was left without water for too long, she would perish from drying up. She could already feel herself growing weak from being out in the air for a long period of time, but she had to fight it, at least until she was free from the net, however she got free.
  6. Damion stared in wonder and growing excitement, in all his years of living never had he seen such a creature; yes stories were told of the sea folk but he was never one to believe it until his eyes saw for himself. As she reached out to him in a desperate plea he let a dark grin pass over his lips as he walked towards her slowly. He could see her skin drying and her scales dimming from the lack of water he knelt before her taking the ropes in his hands and ripping them open gently detangling her from the tail upwards as the scales would catch to easily of he tried to push them off her tail. The job was teadious and was time comsuming but worth the troubles when he tossed the tattered ropes away leaving only the weakening creature at his feet. He touched her cheek, it was cool to the touch as he was but he was sure she was not to be this warm. Damion took off his shirt and wrapped what he could around her before he gently picked her up and tucked her in his arms before turning and in a blur of speed ran back to his domain. The path was narrow but with the burst of speed he jumped the ledges until he reached the top; with a final lundge he reached the balcony of his room. It wasnt too far from his most prized object; the fish tank that filled up a wall of his library. The opening was the room next door; far larger than his own room he'd built it to hold the necissary needs of his beloved aquatic pet. He walked with a smooth stride the doors opening for him as he neared pausing before the ledge of the tank to look at the mermaid with a smirk.
    "It's best if you forget your old life; I'm never letting you go now that I've found you my sea princess." With those words he unraveled the shirt and let her drop into he sea water tank and folded the shirt over his shoulder watching as she sunk.
  7. The rush of the familiar salty water soaked her body and Maya reawakened with a start, feeling rejuvenated and alive. She smiled as her back hit the sand, stretching her arms out and letting her whole body, tail included, bury itself in the soft particles. However, when she looked to her side and saw strange objects and things she assumed was called 'furniture' instead of the wide expanse of blue ocean, she jolted up quickly and looked around in confusion and growing fear. She slowly swam towards the objects, wanting to get a closer look, but after a few moments, she found herself hitting glass. She stopped and put her hands to the glass, even more scared when she pushed on it and it didn't budge. She followed the length of the glass only to run into another glass barrier. Startled, she turned and swam quickly to the other end, coming across the same result. She swam around in a panicked circle before a dark chuckle caught her attention. Whipping around, her eyes locked onto the man that she had encountered on the beach, his crimson hair falling past his shoulders and his eyes laughing at her.

    She slowly swam up to where he was looking down at her, her purple eyes gazing into his red ones. She broke the surface of the water and tried to speak to him, but in her confusion, she disregarded trying to speak the human language and let loose a series of squeals and clicks, asking him why he had caged her.
  8. Her language was odd and as he comfirmed as if a dophin or orca comunnicated, the panic in her eyes and the distress in her voice was enough for him to get the jist of her words. Crouching he caught her chin holding her firmly to show the strength he held, "This will be your new home, forget your family an friends because they cannot help you if you try to starve yourself I will force feed you if you try to kill yourself anyother way there with be consiquences that will make you wish for your death. If you behave and do as I say you will want for nothing. Yes you will be lonely but there are many other pleasures of the world that can fill that void. Do you understand?" He loosed his grip and stroked her cheek before kissing her light on her forehead. "I am sorry that my selfishenss will make you suffer for a time bit but I hope you will come to like this place as i have."
  9. She understood his words perfectly, but the threats didn't stop her from at least showing her own bite. Pulling away from him with an angered glare, she flipped her tail up before slamming it down on the water, creating a small wave that soaked him, clothes and all. She gave a laugh that sounded oddly like a dolphin before his flashing red eyes startled her and compelled her to find refuge. She dove back into the salty water and swam to the bottom where she settled on the sand again, staring up at her captor. A small grumble in her stomach made her jolt.

    Hungry. Looking around, she spotted a stalk of seaweed. She yanked it from the ground and began to chew on it, looking for a place to hide; just because she was trapped in a glass prison didn't mean he could watch her as much as he wanted. She settled for a small cave, curling up in the space as she clicked curses at him.
  10. Damion could only chuckle at the female as she swam away in anger and fear; watching and seeing that she feed off the seaweed he made a mental note to have more shipped in, different varieties so she could find one that she perfered. Turning he left the room being sure to lock it behind him so his servants wouldnt get to curious and try to mess with his new pet. Walking back to his room he locked the door behind him before pulling the curtains that blocked the rising sun from his sensitive skin; he stripped as he walked back to his bed and fell into the silken sheets letting sleep overtake him.
  11. Maya had spent a good several hours in the little cave, stubbornly refusing to show hersf lest her new 'caretaker' try to take pleasure in watching her discomfort. However, after falling asleep in there and waking up feeling cramped in that little space, she finally detached herself from her hiding place and swam around her prison. She had to admit, it was very large and she was grateful for that, but the fact that she was being displayed like a 'pet' didn't sit well with her.

    She pulled some more seaweed while she swam and settled on a rock, munching on her snack. She must have slept for most of the day for from where she sat, looking into the place filled with books, she saw the sun already making its way towards the horizon. It was pretty, the sun turning orange the way that it was. She had never seen it outside of the ocean before.

    Her heart felt light and happy and in response, she began to sing a little lullaby. It was one her grandmother had taught her, soft and sweet, the sound of a singing whale.
  12. Damion woke to the most pleasant sound, his sensive ears picking up her singing as well as the servants who huddled around the library door to hear it as well. He smirked thinking that for a being who seemed quite distraught when he put her in the tank she didnt seem to upset about it now. He sat up feeling the sun sink into the skies; his soul felt lighter, surprisingly. He rose wandering his room unhurried as he dressed for the evening. As he opened the door a lower vampire was headed to his wing of rooms; the male straighten and bowed making Damion curl his lip at the weaker being.
    "Sir Damion about the banquet in two days; have there been any changes to display your new pet?" The male's voice was blank and calm which was the only thing keeping him from snatching the boy up and throwing in through the walls. His pets were for his veiwing pleasure only; the male's previous master didnt seem to have shared those rules.
    "No she is to be left alone until furter notice." He closed his room and made his way towards the main hall, "I will be needing a new shipment of seaweed in vast varieties, soon." Soon meant it better be here before I ask for it again. The boy nodded and Damion had to give him credit for not flinching at his hidden threat.
  13. At some point, Maya had taken to at least exploring her glass prison, to really see how far she could swim before she hit the glass and how wide the prison was. She still hummed her lullaby as she swam about, running her hands along the sand and extracting seashells from their hiding places. She then found herself taking refuge among the coral reef, fashioning the shells into a necklace and then pinning some into her hair.

    She was starting to get really hungry, craving fish or crab or clam, but she didn't see any. She was also lonely, her song taking on saddened tunes as her heart began to feel heavy. Being someone pet was not fun or exciting all; she felt imprisoned. She wondered if her captor would return soon or if she were to remain alone without company.
  14. Damion paused in his stride hearing her song turn and after dismissing the younger vamp made his way back to the top of the tank, unlocking the door he silently made his way inside looking down as she swam around, drifting from one corner of the tank to another. He noticed she'd pinned something in her hair and chuckled lightly. she seemed to have adapted quite well. He knew she would be sad for a time a lonely; once he was sure she would not try to ask for help from his people he would let them come visit her through the confines of his library. Crouching down he tapped lightly on the inside of the tank knowing the vibrations would travel through the water to wherever she may be drifting.
  15. A loud, echoing sound invaded her ears and Maya stopped swimming to listen carefully. She turned all around her before looking up towards the surface. A blurry figure met her gaze and she swam towards it slowly to see who had come into her presence.

    Breaking the surface, she saw it was her captor and nearly glared at him. However, he was the only company he had for the moment, so she just settled with narrowing her eye unpleasantly. A chorus of clicks and squeals left her lips, then she remembered that he couldn't understand her, so she tried speaking like a human.

    "What...you...want?" she asked, her purple tipped tail rising out of the water and splashing lightly at the surface.
  16. Damion was amused but her annoyance more than anything knowing she wouldn't do anything rash.

    "You're song turned sad i came to try and ease the pain alittle. What ailes you young one?" He shifted to sitting on his behind letting a leg dangle in the water while the other was tucked under the other one. His eyes roamed over her colorful tail back up to her matching eyes; it made her skin look exotic and rare. He wondered if others of her kind were a varity of colors.
  17. "What...ailes...me?" she repeated, struggling through the syntax and structure of the sentence as she slammed her tail against the glass to tell him of her sorrow, "This!"

    "I...not...pet!" she argued to him, slamming her tail against the barrier again, hearing it rattle, "Why...me!?"

    She had enough of his language and resorted to her clicks and squeals, 'How dare you!? You humans are nothing but cruel and greedy creatures! We are not meant to be held captive!' The sounds of her squeals grew in pitch the angrier she got, her tail splashing back and forth in her fit.
  18. Damion's eyes flashed in annoyance as her frustration grew shifting to the clicks and squeals she was so use to.

    "You'll best remember that I'm not human little mer creature; I am a creature that will out live you by centuries. I did chose you on whim; I saved your life and you best remember that. I could have left you to die there." He leaned close her face his eyes glowing with the hidden power that very few lived to survive. He was poised as if to strike even half way over the edge of the water.

    "If you are not a pet you are food and you would not survive being food Sea Princess." His fangs dropped over his lip as he gave her a dark grin, "if you behave yourself I may one day let you go home but until then remember who the dominate of us are."
  19. She froze at his threatening tone, recoiling into herself the moment his eyes flashed red and those sharp incisors made themselves visible.

    'Not human,' she thought to herself in slight fear, drifting away from him to give her some space of assurance.

    However, her curiosity had always been something to get her in trouble and it soon reared it's ugly head. Staring at the...whatever he was, she swam closer again until they were face to face, her nose early bumping his. She lifted her hand out of the water and, moving slowly as she stared at his fangs, she reached up to touch them. She clicked softly, taken by the sharp incisors that she didn't comprehend could hurt her.
  20. Damion stiffened, his movements stopping in a stillness that only his kin could do; as if you hadnt seen him move before you would think him stone. He could feel her cool touch as she felt his fangs and fought a shiver. He'd nver let anyone touch his fangs, not even himself; only used them for when he fed. she face was so innocent and curious he could do nothing but let his eyes slid close as she explored his face with her light touch. Her heart beat was abnormally fast but he'd never met another mermaid or merman for the matter so he didnt have anything to compare to.