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  1. The sun shone brightly in the cloudless sky. A slight breeze blew the dust of the abandoned modern city. Swirling dried leaves around broken down cars and empty streets. Traffic lights flashed yellow cautioning the non-existent traffic to go slow. The buildings windows were boarded up, shutters drawn. Blocking all light from entering the building. But this sprawling metropolis seemed to have no life. But it did have life, of the undead sort, thriving under the streets. Under the streets was a different story. Where subways once were was all carved out and made perfect for the supreme race that now help the land in its grip.

    Humans were scattered. Hunted like animals, treated like cattle for their vampire masters. There were pockets of humanity left, living away from the major cities and away from vampire rule. But always hunted. Those caught could only hope to be bled dry, every drop of their blood packaged in blood packs like a meat processing plant. Others were not so lucky. Sold at private auction for the more wealthy vampires whom wished to possess their own personal food slave. For having one was a status symbol, an object for posh snobbish vampires to show off and bring to parties.

    Under the streets was business as usual. The market district was in full swing with may goods passing through. High class vases, rugs and other home décor. Fine clothing and expensive jewelry were all on display. But one vampire walked past it all. Skin as pale as white marble, which only seemed brighter against his long black silky hair. Styled straight back it fell from the man’s head seamlessly. His dark clothing was reminiscent of the early 1900’s. A white long sleeve dress shirt under a deep red vest which was covered by a black coat and dress pants. His clothing looking the finest one could buy. Despite having no limp what so ever he carried an elegant cane. His fingers adorned with platinum and turquoise rings. He was dressed as though he were someone of importance, but his attire was of course compensation.

    The tall vampire looked out over the crowd, his strong featured face looking towards the stage where he knew he’d soon get that key piece to show off his ‘nobility’. His narrow eyes stayed focused on the stage, even as he noticed the portly vampire walking up to him. He fought away the sneer trying to form on his face. “Finally got enough money to afford a food slave, eh Mutaba?” He said in a condescending tone. Mutaba looked down at the shorter vampire with a forced charming smile. “I could have afforded one all along. I simply chose not to get one. But it’s become quite an annoyance to drink from cold blood packs.” He said with a sneer in his tone as he looked back on stage.

    A thin man came on stage, another vampire of course, with a microphone. He began to call attention to the stage, looking back as the humans were organized. All chained and hands tied as they were drug out on stage. What the man was saying was of no interest to Mutaba. It was the line-up that he looked over. A mixture of men and women, ranging in age from children to middle aged. But one woman caught Mutaba’s eye.
  2. The world is full of dark and dreary things. Gone were the lush green trees that she loved to climb, nor the view of the sparkling ocean under the clear blue sky. All the things she never learned to appreciate as a child was the very things she so craved right now. It had been a long time since she last saw sun and she still cannot believe what had happened since then. Like a nightmare coming to life, the creatures that were once believed to be mythical suddenly appeared. In the middle of the night, where all had been at ease in their sleep, the world was attacked. These vampires quickly turned the highest officials into one of them and more than effectively took control of everything else. They ruled the land as if it was their kitchen, taking humans as their food any time that they wanted to.

    Looking around the cell, she felt the melancholy seep through her bones. You can see each one of them: thin, ragged, bruised and dirty; deeply and utterly exhausted to more than words can say. Slaves. She had heard the vampires describe them as such and she couldn’t help but involuntarily shudder at the word. Jaina Cassandra willed herself not to cry when she heard another human taken out of a nearby cell. It had been weeks since she had been caught. By other humans, no less. Ever since the news of the vampires’ reign broke out, she had been trying her hardest to escape their grasp. Humans have continuously lost their remaining humanity as they hunted down fellow humans in order to save their own hide. The deaths kept piling up while communities continued to break, becoming smaller and smaller as one person after another were hunted down with ease. It was such a cruel nightmare, and yet the horrifying truth this is undeniably the reality.

    Donned in nothing but tattered dress torn into pieces that it became so unrecognizable to be even called a dress, Cassandra felt like a trash. She had nothing and tonight, if she was to become a slave, she would lose everything. She lowered her head when one of the recently turned red-eyed bloodsuckers passed their cell and looked around. He was planning to prepare someone for the show later that night. As far as she knew, the humans that caught them were part of a private auction. Though there were a sizable number of humans held captive, not all of them were deemed acceptable slaves for the bloodsuckers. Because of that, they were handpicked and succinctly cleaned, sufficiently prepared to be presentable enough to be put on stage before the other 'noble' vampires who were to purchase their own slaves. Despite the fact that most vampires treat humans as food, there are some that are sinister enough to treat humans as their possessions. Instead of just simply draining the blood of the humans, these heartless monsters use them as symbols for their wealth and nobility. She felt another chill pass through her at the thought. She had heard countless stories about these vampires. One more terrifying than the next and as she helplessly waited inside this cold cell, she almost lost hope. Death seemed to be a better option than being enslaved. Despite the odds, she prayed with all her might for a miracle to come.

    Fate didn’t seem to favor her though. Because as soon as she had thought the bloodsucker leave, cold callous hands grabbed her arm and abruptly stood her upright. Biting back the moan of pain that was threatening to come out as the hand continuously dug deeper in one of her tender arm, she raised her head and stared straight in the eyes of her assailant. “You’ll do”, the bloodsucker, who obviously couldn't quench his thirst, uttered in a raspy tone. He uncuffed her hands off the chains attached to the wall and dragged her out the cell. She tried to fight back but his grasp was strong like steel and before she knew it, he was locking her hands in another chain. He leered at her and mockingly laughed. He opened his mouth to show off a toothy grin and said, “Were you planning to go somewhere?” She bit her lip and shook her head, terrified as his hands pawed at her face. He ordered her to clean up and she did without preamble. He smiled lecherously and his fingers brushed over her neck in warning once she was done. “Good, off you go to the stage!” He then said and Cassandra can only stumble as he suddenly pushed her afterwards.

    Freedom had always been a fleeting dream for humans like Cassandra. Even while at run, she held that constant fear of getting caught and drained of her blood at the hands of the vampires. Though everything felt hopeless, she dared dream. This was one of the things that gave her endless will to live. She was well aware of the fact that attaining freedom: walking under the sun once again and gazing at the ocean were nothing but an idiotic dream but she still did. And yet now look at her, tied like a piece of meat offered into display. Another pair of cold lifeless hand grabbed her arm and dragged her out to the stage. Displayed in the middle of numerous bloodsuckers, she was gravely terrified. She lowered her head and tried with her might to disappear from their view. “We are starting the bidding”, a voice rang out and she instinctively flinched.
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  3. Brown eyes narrowed on the woman. A smirk playing on his face. Even from where he stood, he could hear her heart beat. Like a euphoric music calling to the beast within him. Making him realize how hungry he was. Although there were several humans on stage, it was her that stood out to him. Whether it was her smell, the way she tried to disappear behind the crowd or her tattered remains of a dress he wasn't sure. But she was the one he wanted. Sadly he wasn't the only one. Other vampires started to murmur, their whispers scratching his ears as they claimed she was the one they wanted.

    The bidding started with a young boy. His cries seemingly stirring the crowd to bid higher. But Mutaba took his time. Casually checking his pocket watch as he waited for the human he wanted to come on stage. The new vampire owner met by the side of the stage and roughly took her new possession. Flaunting the child like it was a new purse. A few more humans were placed on stage, all purchased by equally heartless vampires. Then it came time for the woman that Mutaba desired.

    A skinny vampire roughly took hold of Cassandra and yanked her to the middle of the stage. "Oh look here. Pretty as the moon. I think the bidding on this one should start at... $200." He said as he became close to Cassandra, trying to get a rise out of her as he did so.
  4. Her heart went out to the crying boy dragged in the very center of the stage. The boy is small, perhaps not much older than the nephew she once had back to when the times had been different. She can clearly recall him, her nephew happily running around the garden, demanding attention from everyone around him as he squealed. He had died a long time ago, attacked along with his parents when they were trying to escape the bloodsuckers. Tears clouded her vision when the bidding for the boy finally went underway and ended not a moment later. He was bought by one of the vampires sitting near the stage and she almost ran after them when she noticed how the female flaunted the child like merchandise she just bought from the mall. The said boy can only look in confusion, his sobs becoming louder as he tried to make sense of what was happening.

    Looking around, she slightly shook her head, determined not to show any more weakness to these monsters. She had to be stronger; she concluded while she studied the vampires she can see in plain sight as the number of humans standing with her slowly dwindled. Things had been a blur after the first bidding but despite this, she clearly remembers one thing. As humans were put into display one by one without delay, she can see how the each of the cold beings’ eyes lit up with amusement at the knowledge of their suffering. She noted their gloating faces watching each human being.

    She tried to contain her tears while the conditions of the slaves became harder and more unfathomable to accept. Cassandra can only watch in horror as one of the humans, a blind girl tried to ask the speaker what was currently happening around her. Some vampires even had the gall to laugh and she can only cringe when the girl was harshly silenced.

    Unable to fathom the fates of the others, knowing soon she'd be like them, she shook her head and tried to calm down. She was getting light-headed and she tried to keep herself upright while the auction continued. When she was finally pulled for display, she can only stumble in response. The lifeless hand grabbing her wound around her arm tightly and forcibly set her in the middle. As if in a daze, she looked into nothingness-- pass the glaring red eyes of the bloodsuckers, her consciousness almost fading away. She can dimly hear the speaker stating the starting bid but did nothing. Whatever fate awaits her, she can only wish for a quick suffering.

    One of the vampires sitting near raised his number and said, “$500”, in a haughty voice as he stared at the girl’s dazed green eyes. The skinny vampire laughed and he moved a step away from her, asking the audience if there were other bids. Soon, several others followed and Cassandra can only watch helplessly as they continued to bid ridiculous amounts for her, as their slave
  5. The haughty sneer on Mutaba's face all but faded as someone bid quite high. Much higher than the starting price. This irritated him, although money was no issue with him it was still an annoyance. "$500 eh? Do we have $510?" He started to say quickly. Mutaba was quick to raise his hand. But it didn't stop there. Oh no, now many more seemed interested in his human. Yes she already belonged to him despite not being in his possession at the moment. When Mutaba set his eyes on something he always got what he wanted.

    The numbers continued to climb but the vampire never dropped his cool. Though inside he wanted to cut out the hearts of those who dared defy him. "$800! Do we her-yes $810!" The auctioneer seemed delighted as another man raised his hand again. Mutaba clenched his fists as he grew more and more agitated. "One thousand dollars." He said boldly with seething confidence. A gasp came over the crowd and those bidding against him sneered and grumbled but bid no higher. "Do I hear $1010? Anyone? No? Going once! Going twice! Sold! For $1000 to the man in the black coat."

    Mutaba smiled as he smoothed his black hair back and strode arrogantly towards what he already knew was his. His cold brown eyes looking down at the girl as she was presented to him. She was far more easy on the eyes than he first thought. His strong hand gently touched her face palm up and he smirked. "I hope you taste every bit as good as the money I spent on you." He cooed darkly.
  6. With her vision still out of focus, Cassandra can only motionlessly listen to the bloodsuckers continue with the auction. Even the ridiculously high amount one of these monsters bid totally went over her head while she tried to take some semblance of control of her body. She momentarily closed her eyes in attempt to ward of the light-headedness that she felt. It won’t do her any good to collapse here. She doesn't think she could ever live—that is considering they don’t drain her of blood so soon after the purchase, the humiliation of showing even the slightest weakness in front of this vicious throng.

    She took a deep breath and opened her eyes. Her green-colored eyes which she once considered her great pride swept on the pale and eerie-looking faces of the vampires inside the auction house. Their continuous bidding were frightening; the amounts were high, if nothing else, ridiculous as they went on. The starting amount alone was more than enough for her and her friends to buy food to last for quite awhile.

    She was therefore, stunned into stillness when an unfamiliar voice rang confidently all throughout. Eyes widening in shock and mouth set agape, she followed the voice of the vampire bidding for one thousand dollars and found herself staring straight into a handsome black-haired male vampire with brown cold eyes. Balling her hands into fists, she watched in horrified silence when the auction for her ended in that bidding. The silence that followed his declaration was deafening and she almost whimpered out a plea for someone to make a noise. Anything, just to get their attention out of her.

    The skinny vampire, who was grinning quite maliciously had then ushered her out of the stage and down into the side. She bit her lips and urged herself to walk towards her master. Master. The word tasted like acid in her mouth. Head bowed low, she walked towards him. She felt unstable and she stumbled slightly with every step that she took. ‘Don’t show any weaknesses’, Cassandra inwardly chastised, tightly clenching her fists that were still locked with a chain. Her vision was blurring, her hands felt cold, and she can feel her entire being shaking as if slowly being sapped out of energy. When she felt his touch and heard the words he uttered, she instinctively flinched. Staring at the point past him, she tried not to meet his eyes while he looked at her. ‘Please, please let go of me now’, she mentally chanted. She couldn't stand the thought of a bloodsucker touching her like this. His hands were cold but there was undeniable strength and hint of warning behind it. Her knees felt weak and before she knew it, everything around her turned black.
  7. "You can let go of my property now." Mutaba said with a sneer as he flippantly waved his hand at the skinny vampire. The malicious grin upon his thin lips faded and he let the woman slip from his fingers. Mutaba returned his gaze to Cassandra as she stumbled towards him. He reached into his inside jacket pocket to retrieve the money when he noticed a blank look in her eyes. She looked ill and as if she was about to faint. At first he passed it off as nothing as he gave the money to the auctioneer. He gasped as her knees gave way and she began to fall.

    With incredible speed he grabbed her shirt collar before she hit the ground. Holding her up his eyes looked to the thin vampire before him. Anger made his true form come forward, his eyes bled red and he tilted his head. "Did you just sell me a dying human? I paid for a living viable product!" He bellowed, a stay piece of hair stayed from place as his other hand snapped up to grasp the thin vampire by his neck. Choking the weaker one as he demanded an answer. "No! No! They-they do that sometimes!" He choked out. Being already dead the choking was not meant to endanger the vampires 'life' but to cause pain. "There-th heart! Just goes so fast!" He chuckled as he flailed in the others grasp. "They just faint!"

    Mutaba narrowed his eyes as he tossed the thin vampire against the stage. He gently laid the woman down, holding her head up as he looked at the crumpled form of the other vampire. "Then wake her up." He demanded in a spoiled tone. The thin vampire scurried away soon to return with a pail of water. He tossed it on Cassandra's face, praying she'd wake up.
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