A Vampire's Curse.

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    Syria gazed upon the calm blue waves of the ocean as the boat sped towards their destination, smiling to herself. This was her honeymoon, and she was looking forward to reaching the village where she and her new husband would spend their time. Her short blonde hair was being blown about slightly in the wind, and she reached a hand up to smooth it down. She looked over at the beautiful sunset, sighing as she imagined the fun she would have on her honeymoon. Looking to the side, she saw something in the distance.... It looked like... An island! Soon, they would be there, and her honeymoon would officially begin. She looked at her husband and laughed. "We're almost there!" She giggled, looking happy.
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  2. "We certainly are," Nick replied with a calm smile, more interested in watching his new bride than in looking around. She looked lovely, as usual - those soft blonde layers of hers brushing all around her face from the wind. It was enough to make him believe he had married a supermodel. And her eyes, oh goodness, those eyes! They sure lit up when she was angry. That was one of the few things they had argued about - he always laughed when she yelled at him. It wasn't like he could really help it! She was just so damned adorable! He smiled to himself, watching her as she looked all around. The sunset made her look even better, if possible. Tonight was going to be perfect. They had been waiting over two years for this.

    He finally tore his gaze from Syria and looked off to the side. She was right, of course. The island was in sight and the man driving them over there was busily chattering about all the perks of the town. Nick had noticed something a little off about the guy from the way he acted upon hearing the destination, but he brushed it off. Some sort of local superstition, no doubt. Weirdos. The island looked peaceful enough. Definitely the perfect honeymoon location - they had chosen well.

    "I hope you remembered your bag this time," he teased with a dimpled grin, thinking back to how they had to go back home and nearly miss their flight just because she forgot her purse.
  3. She laughed, a bright, airy laugh, and playfully smacked his shoulder. "Don't worry.... I have it.... I think." She briefly glanced over to where her stuff was, smiling when she confirmed she didn't forget. Glancing at Nick, she studied his face. He was... Amazing. She felt she could look in his eyes forever.... And his smile... How she adored when he smiled. She loved everything about him... Even when he laughed at her for being angry sometimes. She had dreamed about marrying him ever since she had met him, and now, it had actually happened! This was the absolute happiest time of her life. The moon had started to rise, and she glanced at it. A full moon. It was so pretty... Everything about this night was absolutely perfect!
  4. Nick grinned when she had to double check that she had grabbed it. He met her eyes when she looked back at him, sneaking a peck on her lips before he leaned back. The ride was getting a bit choppier as they neared the island, but it was nothing serious. Their driver had said something about the cove being difficult to navigate at night. Apparently no boats went in or out of the island between sunset and sunrise - the only reason they were, was because they were running late. There were no other boats near the docks, which was a bit odd, but Nick accepted it. Perhaps they all used canoes and kayaks instead of larger sailboats and the like.

    "Come on, sweetheart," he said with a smile as they pulled up next to the dock. The driver was clearly ready to go back home. Nick had his own bag slung over his shoulder, along with one of hers and another in his hand. His free hand, of course, was held out to her as he waited to help her up onto the dock. "Don't forget your purse," he added, chuckling.
  5. She grinned, blushing slightly when he kissed her. Once the boat stopped, she started to walk onto the dock, before Nick had to remind her to get her purse. She rushed back to get it, and walked back over to Nick. Chuckling, she kissed his cheek. "What would I ever do without you?" She said, before grabbing his hand and stepping onto the dock. She wobbled for a moment, having been on a boat for so long, and smiled. "Well, here we are!" She looked around briefly before starting off in the direction of the inn. Or, at least, what she hoped was the direction. Nick was the one who knew where most of the things were, as he was the one who found out about this island. "C'mon! Hurry up, slowpoke!" She said, giggling. She felt inexplicably hyper tonight
  6. "Hmm.. Probably forget to get dressed and go to work naked. At least, that's what I like to think," Nick teased gently, lacing his fingers with hers once she was on the dock. It took a moment for her to steady herself, which was normal. The look on her face told him that they had chosen the perfect spot. She just looked so.. happy. It thrilled him to make his beloved so happy. He chased after her when she started walking and scooped her up into his arms bridal style.

    "Who's the slowpoke now?" he asked with a grin, plopping her bag on her belly before continuing to carry her and the rest of the bags down the dock. The boat was already on the way out, and Nick whistled to himself as he made it to the shore and started walking up the path. Syria weighed basically nothing compared to the heavy hoses he was used to working as a firefighter. "Alright, let's see.. What was the inn called again?" he asked as they reached the street and he looked around at the buildings.
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    Syria laughed. "Because you just love to think of me naked, don't ya?" She teased back. "Wah!" She semi-shouted as he picked her up. She pouted, looking up at him. "You forgot the name? And here I thought I was forgetful!" She muttered. "Hmm..." She thought for a moment. "I don't remember. But, this is a pretty small village so I doubt they have very many inns. Why don't we ask one of the locals? Provided they speak English, that is...." Looking down at the ground, she frowned . "Put me down!" She said, struggling slightly in his arms.
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    "Alright, alright. Quit squirming like that or I'm going to drop you," he threatened with a smile, gently setting her back on her feet and handing her bag to her. He took a good look around. To the left seemed to be all dark houses that were either abandoned, already had been sleeping inside, or nobody was home. Straight ahead, closed down shops, and to the right there was a bigger building that seemed likely. Hm. Well, that had come in the off-season, chances were this place was a lot more active in the summer months. Syria had wanted a winter wedding, though - and it had been gorgeous. His new bride definitely had taste.

    "I think it's over here," he said, taking her hand and walking over to the building. Sure enough, the sign was painted with 'Inn'. No name or anything, which was a bit odd, but it was probably the only inn around. Why bother having a name if you could just say 'the inn' and have everybody know where you meant? He smiled at Syria and walked up the porch steps with her, then knocked a few times. "Are you ready, sweetheart?" he asked as they waited for somebody to answer.

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    She nodded, smiling. The door opened, creaking slightly, and there stood a man. He looked to be in his 50s, and was very short. "Can I help you....?" He asked, his voice rough and raspy. "Um, yes, I'm Syria, and this is my husband, Nick." She said, a small, polite smile on her face. The man looked at her, and scowled. "Sorry, I'm afraid I can't let you stay here at this inn." Syria's eyes widened, the smile leaving her face completely. "W-What?!?! Why??" Sighing, the man glared at her. "We've been having a bit of a... Problem, here at this island, and I'm not able to let anyone I'm not familiar with stay here." He stated.