A Vampire Stole My Girl!

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  1. Over the last twenty years, those creatures of the night have slowly made themselves known. It's the same story predicted in countless volumes of tween literature and movies, pumped out by those who romanticized the idea of the seductive undead sneaking into their room at night to whisk them away into an unimaginable world of romance and love. Slowly, they have gained acceptance into society. Piece by piece, bit by bit they integrated themselves into our world; until they became accepted as a part of normal life.

    Yet, despite this, there are those who refuse to accept their presence. Often, these are jealous men who have deeply set abandonment issues after having their girl prance off with some pale bloodsucker. Other times, it's just good ol' fashioned prejudice. Regardless, these discontented souls take their plight to the only stage that will accept their cries of pain and outrage; the internet! A certain site by the name of VampireComplaints caters to these individuals, allowing them to post their feelings in an environment that negates the fear of retaliation. It is here that people from across the world come to make their disgust or discomfort known.

    You are one of these people. On VampireComplaints, you stumble across a certain thread that catches your eye. It's not the first time you've seen a thread like this...but, upon opening it, you see that there is more than the standard psychological breakdown. "A VAMPIRE STOLE MY GIRL!", it reads. Below is a long and painstaking message.

    It is a clarion call. A user by the name of LeatherJacket has put out this post to draw together those who suffer as they do. To put an end to the menace...and get back your girl...er...or boy. Whoever was taken by a Vampire. You get the idea.

    Ok, well, that's the breakdown of the intro for this thread! It's intended to be an anime-style parody of the Modern Fantasy genre, with our characters banding together to take away what they believe was wrongfully taken from them. In truth, "their" boy or girl abandoned them willingly...or, perhaps, never even knew that your character existed. Denying this in the fullest, these brave souls set out to reclaim what they never really had; and to kill some goddamn Vampires along the way!

    Now, our little group will be based in a city with a relatively high Vampire population; called Birchgrove. For the sake of ease and simplicity, all of our characters will be in the city at the beginning. Whether they came there at LeatherJacket's summons, or happened to live there before noticing the message is up to you. I plan to start the thread off with them meeting up for the first time and their interactions thereafter. Mind you, our characters won't be certified badasses right off the bat...but, if things go well...they will be, before long, loppin' off heads and breakin (stakin') hearts left and right.

    So, are you in...or are you in?

    Character Sheet (open)

    VC Username: [The VampireComplaints Username your character goes by.]

    Name: [Real name.]

    Age: [Age...]

    Gender: [You get it.]

    Appearance: [Picture or description. Your call.]

    Occupation: [Aside from being a part-time Vampire slaying vigilante.]

    Skills: [What they're good at.]

    What They're After: [Who or what did they lose to a Vampire?]

    History Highlights: [Optional...but information about the character's past can go here.]


    1) Don't be rude.
    2) Have fun.
    3) A paragraph a post, please.
    4) Descriptions of sexual acts are on a "fade to black" basis.
    5) Be creative!
    6) Don't hesitate to ask questions or suggest ideas!

    LeatherJacket (open)

    VC Username: LeatherJacket

    Name: Brant Abbot

    Age: Twenty three.

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Standing around 6'2, with an athletic build, Brant is a rather imposing figure. Never is he seen without a pair of darkly tinted shades and a sweet-ass leather jacket (obviously), his clothing, apart from this 'signature' look of his generally consists of blue jeans or camo pants and a pair of heavy black boots; as well as a white undershirt. His hair is dirty blonde and kept neatly buzzed, while his face is always clean shaven. He has a single tattoo, on his upper right arm, a chain-wrapped heart with an arrow pierced through it; reading 'Tara' in the small, tattered banner that floats just beneath it.

    Occupation: Bouncer.

    Skills: Bouncing. Drinking. Getting worked up.

    What They're After: His girlfriend. Tara. He's awfully sore about her being taken from him.

    History Highlights:

    Moved to Birchgrove from New Steel City, with his girlfriend. [Six months ago.]
    -Lost girlfriend to a Vampire, at the club he worked at. Subsequently fired for fighting a customer who wasn't being unruly or disruptive. [Four months ago.]
    -Fell into a deep depression. [Four months ago.]
    -Joined VampireComplaints. [Two months ago.]
    -Began training and studying Vampire weaknesses. [Two months ago.]
    -Got another bouncing job at 'The Bad Seed' bar. [One month ago.]
    -Posted his message. [Yesterday.]
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  2. VC Username: CoffeeComplex.

    Name: Valentinianus Micky Benvenuti.

    Nickname: Ted.

    Age: 19.

    Gender: Male.



    Occupation: Art student, works part time at an internet cafe.

    Skills: General metalwork, amature mechanic

    What They're After: Younger sister.

    Theme: Jika Net Tanaka
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  3. Love the character...especially his nickname.
  4. VC Username: PorcelainPixie.

    Name: Fey Mikaela Autumn.

    Nickname: ...Fey.

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female


    Occupation: Student/Part-Time Waitress.

    Skills: Amazing Chef, Good With Most Technology.

    What They're After: Her Cat.
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  5. Hehehe, welcome! I like her!

    Thinking I'll wait for one more person (or tomorrow afternoon, whichever arrives more quickly) to put up the IC thread!

    For now, if either of you have questions or suggestions; I'd really love to hear them!
  6. Thankies! :3
  7. Nonono! Thank you!

    Probably gonna get the IC up tomorrow. Still hoping we can get another player, or so, but, hey, I think this'll be fine for now. :)
  8. You could always try making a banner or something :3
    Some sort of advertising.
    When the ic goes up, we could always just rp the players going online, getting the message and so on so forth to get some posts up while still allowing time for others to join. ~
  9. Could I join?

    CS (open)

    VC Username: RialityBullet

    Name: Riana W. Asteria

    Nickname: Ria

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Appearance (open)

    H/W: 5'1'', 112

    Occupation: Student (athletic club), Shooting Association member, paintball player.

    Skills: Athletic, basically any kind of short to mid-ranged guns.

    What They're After: Her older brother. Patrick (23), whom she secretly has a crush on.

    History Highlights:
    - Her parents died in accident, she started living under the same roof with Patrick (his school's dorm). [8 years ago.]
    - Patrick joined Shooting Association, saying he want power to protect both himself and Ria. She started training athlete with him. [5 years ago.]
    - Joined Shooting Association without any real interest in it, just so that she could have more time with her brother. [2 years ago.]
    - Patrick disappeared from her life, only left a note saying about Vampire and added that she'd be fine even without him. [1 year and 4 months ago.]
    - Started to overdo her training, both athlete and shooting, resulted in her current self with a massive skill on both of them plus a huge amount of hatred toward Vampires. Only a year without Patrick has changed her completely. [4 months ago.]
    - Joined VampireComplaints. Since then, she started training and studying about Vampires' weaknesses. [3 months ago.]
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  10. Certainly! Love the CS ^^. Welcome aboard! Gonna get the IC up tonight! Let's do this!

    Edit: Damn it! I lied! I'm sorry! Gonna have to shoot for tomorrow!
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