A Vampire and A Human

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  1. Ok so im looking for a Male partner for this RP. The RP is about a girl who has just graduated from high school. She was the valedictorian and all that good stuff. Her parents die a month before the graduation so everyone is feeling sad for her and treating her oh so kind but she just wants all of them to stop and just treat her normal. So she started talking to this guy online with the username Blast hoping she could be treated normal by these people she doesnt know.
    So far her and blast have been talking for a couple of weeks. Blast has tried to meet her at one of his concerts but she always turns him down. So the night of the graduation party she bails and goes home to get drunk in her room and talk to Blast online. Blast takes one more shot at getting her to meet him. She takes the offer and Meets him at a lounge he would be playing at that night.
    She and Blast meet and ofcourse she looks nothing like her profile picture, which Blast already knew. Blast takes her for a night at the carnival. They have fun and Blast (Which is he's name until you the male character gives him one) takes her into the house of mirrors. Blast tells her how much he is having fun and feels like he can tell her anything. She agrees with him and blast disappers behind one of the mirrors.
    Blast counts down the seconds and when he gets to 0 he comes from teh shadows in his true form. A VAMPIRE!!!!!!! (who by the way is very very ugly..kind of like a beast really). So She passes out and wakes up in a room with chains around her ankles and hands. Blast is standing infront of her back into his human form. He tells her that he killed her parents to use thier blood.
    Which keeps him alive and helps him to stay in the sun like a normal person. Blast explains to her that true loves blood is the purist of them all. She crys ofcourse and begges to be set free. Blast lets her go as he would have anyway. She runs like hell back home and sets the house a fire while she lays in the bed.
    Blast can sense this and runs to her rescue. He gets there just at the last minute before the fire sent her into a flame. Blast throws her over his shoulders and takes her back to his place where she will awaken again. AND THATS WHERE WE WILL START THIS RP


    Background story: (I would like for you to also put in there how you found out that "True Loves Blood" was a powerful substance)
    Wives you have had over the years:
    Personas you have been over the years:
    Apperance: (please use realistic pictures)
    Feel free to add anything else

    Name: Keyetta Solever
    Age: 18
    Background: Keyetta grew up in a big city. Making good grades and being a good little girl. Her parents split up when she was 10 years old. For alittle kid Keyetta could understand what was really going on even though her mom told her that her dad was just going away for awail. Her parents got back together when she was 13 years old. Keyetta watched as their lives got better. Until that night she lost her parents in acar crash. Ever since then Keyettas been in a depression.

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  2. Name:Blast/Samuel James Johnson
    Background story:I was born in 1711 when life was a lot different from now, Men were men we went to war we looked after the lady's and we done what was expected of us. I was born human and i was the model child my family were wealthy so i had the best of the best, i went hunting with my father and older brother everything was good.I joined up to the Navy in 15/1/1727 and went to war (the siege of Gibraltar) with in a month. Us British were fighting against the Spanish. We lost around 300 hundred good men my self included but alas i was not allowed to die with my men as a demon came to me in my near death state and offered me away to live "You will be a monster you will have a human form but your demons will not lay at rest you will have a beast form too" it said. I didn't care i need to live so i signed on the bottom line. When i showed up at my old family's estate i was looked upon as death himself i had no clue how i looked but my mother fainted and my father shot at me.After realizing i could not go home i went travelling i meet many people from all different walks of life but the one thing i wanted was to walk in the sun and have a normal life. That said i have had fun as much as i have had sad times. Then one day i meet a women who was seen as a witch she told me about *true loves blood* i had to find my soul mate, And drink my fill of her family blood. i have no problem in killing it comes easy to me.Then i saw her and my body knew MINE it screamed at me and i knew i would have her even at the expense of her family.
    Wives you have had over the years:None i have had sex with more then i can think but never married i never saw the point.(Humans die to easily)
    Personas you have been over the years:
    Apperance: (please use realistic pictures)
    Feel free to add anything else--- If you would like to change anything let me know i can work around other things if needed.

    beast.jpeg My Beast form.
    Human form.
  3. perfect i'll make the thread now
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