A Vacation To Remeber

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    "Oh Amber, lighten up. You will have a good time."

    The blond sat, arms crossed, head turned out the window as the car drove along the road. "Why did you even drag me along then? All I do is make people have a bad time." She snapped at her mom, rolling her eyes. "At the least that's what Jack said." She grumbled under her breath, looking at the rolling hills full of trees.

    "Hey, behave. We are going to have a fun, relaxing vacation and you are going to like it." Her Father said as he drove the car, ignoring the brothers who where fighting in the back over a videogame console that they had to share. Sighing, Amber pressed a hand to her head, looking outside. "I hope so." She grumbled as they pulled up to the mansion.

    Amber had to admit, the place was huge, but she had seen bigger in her life. She looked at the guys in the back of her car, smirking at their slacked jaws. "Don't catch flies boys." Amber grumbled, popping open her door as soon as the car had stopped and walking towards the back of the car. Sighing, Amber popped the trunk and grabbed her suitcase, rolling it onto the pavement as her brothers clamebered over each other to get out faster. Amber was the first to enter the gorgeous house, and she went strait for the bedrooms. She wasn't going to be stuck sharing with her brothers, and hopefully, it will be no one else, though she remembered something vague about someone eles coming along.​
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  2. "That was a sweet tune Chris"

    The daughter sat in awe of his new tune. Chris sat in the front of the car in the passenger seat. His trench coat hung in the window and his violin case lie in between his legs. "Thanks mom, me and the guys back home were thinking of playing that at the park next time we have time" He looked back at his big sister, "Did you like it as well?"

    "Yes Chris" His sister was always smiling. she was 23, in college, and not interested in boys. Although Chris always had doubts because of the pranks that she played on him. He started to put the violin away and started to smile to himself. He knew that he would have too much time to improve on his violin solo's and skills. He didn't care much for being around the other family.

    "We are here guys" Their mom looked back and smiled at her daughter, "Be on your best behavior OK?"
    "Why are you saying that to me?" His sister took it offensively as Chris began to get out of the car. He put his trench on and wore the violin case like a back-pack. He got his luggage from the back of the car and started to head inside. He looked behind him and saw another car pull into the driveway. He smiled sweetly and bowed to them, then began to walk into the mansion.
  3. Amber had paid no attention to the man who had bowed to them, moving past him with a quick, yet very unhappy "Hi." As she walked strait up to her room. She shut the door rather forcefully behind her, sighing as she slumped onto the large bed in the middle of the room. "Why won't this get any easier." She grumbled to herself, closing her eyes. Not only was there going to be more people here, there was no place for her to quietly write her own music, get her mojo back. Groaning, she got up, and began to put her stuff in the closet, while humming her latest single.
  4. Chris shrugged the fact that his kindness was just blown off by some girl he'd never seen before. He took his things to his room and threw them on the bed. He walked back to the large backyard of the mansion and took his violin off his back. "Hello beautiful" he murmured quietly to himself as he sat in a chair and started to plunk away. "Maybe, just maybe this vacation wont be so bad"
  5. Soon enough, Amber was done unpacking and she took out her basketball, spinning it on her finger, bouncing it a few times before heading out of her room. "Ah, nothing like basketball." She thought to herself as she walked around towards a small concrete spot, close to the back patio, and started dribbling, shooting a few hoops.
  6. Chris opened his eyes out of his concentration. His wonderful music was being interrupted by some sort of dribbling noise. He looked behind him and saw the girl from before with a basketball. He shrugged again and took out his bow, starting to actually play his song. He smiled again and closed his eyes, he knew the whole thing by memory. He would hum the words that his friend would sing along to the song and then he was lost in his own little world.
  7. Amber was dribbling for a while, before she heard singing in the background. Curious, Amber stopped dribbling and looked over at the deck. Smiling, Amber walked over, waiting for him to finish her song as she leaned over the railing, looking at him. "Nice song." she said as he finished, smiling happily. It was truly good music, which was nicer than what she got on the ride over
  8. Chris jumped as he wasn't expecting her to walk over to him. He made eye contact and scratched the back of his head. "Thanks, its the newest song that my friends and I are writing..." he starts to ramble silently to himself then remembers that she was still there, "I'm sorry, that normally happens for me. What's your name?"
  9. Amber raised an eyebrow, looking at him. "I didn't know anyone else here wrote music." She mumbled to herself, looking at him. "Name's Amber, what about you?" She asked curiously, her blond shaggy hair hanging out of her cap as she looked at him. He seemed pretty clean shaven, and kind of cute.
  10. He smiled, "My names Chris. And i just write small three to four paged symphonic music, its nothing really big" Chris started to sit in the chair in a relaxing position and rubbed his hand over his violin. Sweat ran down the side of his head when he noticed that it was still hot outside. Then he realized that he was in a trench coat. Chris takes his trench off to reveal a nice black long sleeve shirt with the arms rolled up and buttoned into a t-shirt.
  11. Amber smiled at him. "Well, I don't really write classical, but that's just me. I am more of a rap, and pop type musician." She said, sitting on the railing that she had previously had her arms on. "And page music is probably more than I could write, if it was classical. I just, I can't write classical at all."
  12. "I've never been able to get into rap, but writing symphonic is quite easy!" Chris takes out a blank sheet paper and a pencil, "Want me to help you make one?" He hands Amber his hand and closes his eyes while smiling.
  13. Amber raised an eyebrow at him, smiling as she swung her legs over the side of the railing. "Why not?" She said happily, hopping down onto the deck next to Chris. "Is there a piano inside?" She asked him, ruffling her short hair.
  14. Chris starts to laugh until his stomach hurts, "I'm sorry for laughing, but no, just ask me to play a series of notes and I'll play them, then we see how good your song is" He keeps smiling and hands her the paper and pencil. "If you dont know how to write notes, then ill do it for you.
  15. Amber blushed slightly as he laughed, clearing her throat. "I know how to write notes, I make songs for a living!" She said, looking down at the paper and placing it on the railing before sitting on it. "But it's harder than just notes, it's the flow of the music. It just ends up sounding choppy."
  16. Chris smiles in understanding that Amber doesnt know alot about symphony. "It wont sound choppy, just listen to this" He played a short series of long short and a large variety of notes then put his bow down again, "That was just off of the top of my head, you just have to find a good combination, kind of like singing. Its all finding the phrases that go and work together"
  17. Amber sighed and looked down at the blank page of music. Writing in the treble clef, she put down 4/4 time and looked at it, deciding to do a C sharp key and she started writing down a few notes in a pattern, passing her unfinished work for him to play out so she could hear it.
  18. Chris memorized the sheet quickly and closed his eyes again. He played it half of the way done when someone began talking to him...

    "Hey Chris!" It was his sister. Him on the other hand, he nearly jumped out of his chair and he had dropped his bow. "Who's this? A new friend to take my little brother away?" She laughed teasingly at him and leaned against the railing. "If you want to know something about her then ask her yourself" He went to pick up his bow then glared at his sister.

    "Im sorry about him, he had always been a little feint at heart. Im Brianna, whats yours?" She smiled sweetly with a care for her brother that you could tell with her just being around him.
  19. Amber opened her eyes as a voice, and a pair of footsteps approached the both of them. Looking up, Amber gave a whole hearted smile to his sister, chuckling a bit at Chris' demeanor. "Name's Amber." She said softly, holding her hand out for a fist bump. "I don't really find the fait of heart. I accept everyone."Amber said sweetly. "Even depressing loner boys who don't seem to care for their siblings."
  20. Brianna began to laugh and gave Amber her fist bump, "I just heard my little bro playing something new, so I thought that I would come see whats up. But now that you mention it, I wouldnt mind appointing some of my pranks towards those two dweebs" Her eyes seemed to glow as Chris looked at his sister in a scared state, "As long as I get a brake thats fine with me" He went back to his original position and started the song from the beginning.
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