A Union of Peace (The King's Queen & Reveuse)

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  1. (So I was thinking the time period could be modern if that's alright with you ^^)

    Karou (open)

    Karou ignored her parents attempts to talk to her and simply shut the door in their faces. She stormed over to her bed and threw herself down. She knew she was acting like a child, but dammit she had a right to be! How dare her parents simply give her away like she was merely an item to be thrown away. Did they at least ask her if she was okay with this? No! Instead they just destroyed her future and any chance she might have had at one.

    Tears of anger and despair filled her eyes and she furiously blinked them away. She would not cry. She had to be strong if she wanted to get through the horror that was tonight. Soon, too soon for her liking, there was a knock on the door. It was a maid, stating Karou needed to begin getting ready. For tonight. Her wedding night. More tears came to her eyes and she whipped them away.

    When the knocking didn't stop Karou finally let out a breath and went to open the door. She was promptly dragged out of her room and down the hall into another room. There the maids quickly undressed her, leaving Karou sputtering in shock. A dress was forced over her head and Karou helplessly raised her arms. The material settled around her figure, accenting her curves but no so much that she felt uncomfortable. The dress was as white as freshly driven snow and floated around her, making her look graceful even though she was standing still.

    She was pushed down onto a bench and two maids started on her makeup while the other started on her hair. She reluctantly sat still, even though she wanted nothing more than to run from the room, run from what they were preparing her for. Soon they were done and Karou blinked at her refection. Was that beauty staring back really her? Before she reach out to see shoes were shoved onto her feet and she was pulled up and tugged from the room. She was lead downstairs and she finally shook off the maids hands, scowling at them as she marched out to the car waiting for and slid inside. She ignored her parents and stared pointedly out the window, heart falling to her stomach when the car pulled away and her home disappeared from her sight.
  2. Ormond (open)

    This was not how it was supposed to go! He was already married, no matter that Selene was dead, she was still his wife, and as such he would honor her by never taking a spouse again. That, and only that was the plan, not to marry some human floozy on his father's whim!

    Incensed, Ormond Von Grimm stalked out of his father's audience room, the extensive Gothic castle holding him captive for a mere minute before he disappeared from a nearby window in a dark cloud of bats, only to reform a few kilometers away, near a small village. The five hundred years old vampire had the habit of only feeding on males since his wife's death, but tonight he would make an exception.

    Tonight virgin blood would be spilled...

    He was apparently due to be back from his latest attempt at dissuading his sire from his foolish notion of peace in a few hours to be married, and he had to take his time to the fullest, starting with butchering some human girls until he was both sated and calm once more. The great cathedral where the midnight wedding was to take place was nearby, and Ormond was to provide with a ring for his second wife, was he? Then so be it.

    Unspeakable horror descended on the small village near the Castle Von Grimm that night, and the cries and screams of innocents was music to the vampire's dead heart. Soon the night reached its apex, however, and after leaving the village with only children as survivors the vampire picketed the simple bands of gold pilfered from his victims and set out to the cathedral.

    He would marry, but the world would rue this day.
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  3. The car stopped in front of the cathedral where she was to be married. Married...Not something a girl wanted to hear on her 19th birthday. Her parents stepped out of the car and Karou followed after a few moments hesitation. She stared up at the dark building and a shiver raced down her spine. Why in the world where they getting married at night? Was her soon-to-be husband too ashamed of marrying her already that he didn't want to be seen in broad daylight with her? Or did he have some weird skin condition where he could not be in direct sunlight? Whatever the reason it was strange and Karou felt her heart sinking further and further into her stomach.

    She was taken to a room next to the main area where she would wait until it was time. She sat there silently, ignoring her parents failed attempts at making conversation with her. They sold her like a prized cow; they deserved the silence.
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