A Typical Highschool Romance (Female character Needed!)

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  1. You read the title, this is nothing more than a typical highschool romance. The basic plot to the RP is that the boy and girl are starting their sophomore year at their school after summer vacation. During First Period the two are paired up for an assingment to get to know one another, and the friendship (and later on romance) starts from there. The story includes genres such as Drama, Slice of Life, Comedy and Romance.

    The RP also needs a Female {The Love interest for my Male Characters} (That's where YOU whoever you are comes in). If you are interested please PM me or send me a reply here.
  2. I'm interested!
  3. Excellent! Now, do you want the RP to be in a thread or in PM?
  4. It up to you it doesn't matter to me :)
  5. Alright then, Thread it is then. Want to move onto characters?
  6. Sure
    Appearance for cs
  7. Okay, I'm working on my character now, it'll be up soon.
  8. If you want, you can post your character first, I'm still working on mine.

    WARNING: it will be long (mainly because I'm getting in disciptions of other characters that will be in the story.)
  9. Okay no prob
    I'll work on mine
  10. Alright, here's my character-


    Full Name: Alexander "Alex" Leonardo Axis.
    Nickname(s): Alex, Four Eyes, Big Bro Alex, Axis Orion (Gamer name).
    Age: 16
    Birthday: December 25th.
    Gender: Male.
    Sexual Orientation: Straight.
    Religion: Unknown (Although believed to be atheist by his friends)
    Occupation: Student at North Montgomery High School, Waiter at Cosplay Cafe (Formerly, Cosplayed as Kirito from Sword Art Online).


    Parents: Mordercai and Elsie Axis.
    Mordecai- Alex's father. As a father, Mordecai has high expectations of his son and expects him to do well in life (instead he chooses to watch anime and play MMORPG games, much to Mordecai's dismay). However, he also wants to not push him too hard in the same way that his father did to him that will make him hate him. He loves Alex and the rest of his children dearly and wants what is best for them.
    Elsie- Alex's mother, and a former DJ in the 90s called Elsi3 2D. Unlike Mordecai, She let's Alex do what he likes to what he thinks is best for him. However, she has a fear due to his interests in believing he will be stuck in the "2D" world forever, and pushes him to stop playing MMORPG games so much. Much Like Mordecai, she loves Alex dearly and wants what is best for them.
    Siblings: Stephanie (Older Sister), Anastasia (Twin Sister), Madison (Younger sister), Tyson (Younger Brother.)
    Stephanie- Goes by the nickname Steph, Is Alex's older sister and attends College. Much Like her mother, she is laid back and much like Alex, she used to play MMORPG games until they interfered with her grades and caused her to flunk junior year in high school (much to her family's shock). She started to take her school work more seriously and abandoned her MMO's. She encourages Alex-much like Elsie- to give up-or at least limit- his MMORPG games in order to prevent what happened to her. She often is the one to give him advice when his parents aren't around.
    Anastasia- Goes by the Nickname Ana, and is Alex's twin sister (also younger than him by 3 minutes). Ana is a very independent girl, often finding things on her own quickly thanks to the power of the Internet. She has a somewhat cold demeanor against her twin (it will be later revealed why), and hurts him physically if he nearly touches her (did I also neglect to mention she's a Tsundere?). Unlike her twin, she does not attend school and usually spends her time in her room on her computer, as well as attends a online version of North Montgomery High School-The Reason Being of her bad anxiety around others aside from her family. It's revealed she has feelings for Alex, but because they are blood related, she passes them off (This changes when your character comes in and takes a interest in Alex).
    Madison- Goes by the Nickname Maddie and is Alex's younger Sister. Maddie is a very cute and petite girl, even having a cute personality to match. She's very kind and Naive, usually falling into her brother's "little traps easily". She also has a interest in what her older siblings like, even hanging around them just to see what they're doing (Except Steph who has her own place). She has as wild and vivid imagination and spends most of her time playing "Girly games" online.
    Tyson- Goes by the Nickname Ty and is Alex's younger brother. Much like Maddie, he is Naive and has a wild imagination. Because he is the only Axis child that doesn't attend school (because he's 3), he spends most of his time bugging Ana (since she attends school online at home), and playing with his large train set in his room (also because Ana is the only one home during the day, she has to watch him CONSTANTLY to prevent another accident from happening).
    Closest Friends: Riley Austin, Lily Reagan, Alice Rosetta, Wade Michaels, Jacob Morgan.
    Riley Austin- One of Alex's close friends and the "Proclaimed Leader" of Alex's small social circle. As such, he has leader attitude and is confident, a goofball, and a good friend. Riley had met Alex during their 8th grade year in middle school, along with Wade Michaels. He is part of a band at school called "Muffin Explosion".
    Lily Reagan- Is one of Alex's closest friends. She has a very nice and caring personality, much like Alex, and is very energetic but soft spoken Out of all the people in the small social circle, she gets along with Alice the most. She also is apart of the swimming, and Light Music Club at the school, as well as works a part time job at the same Cosplay cafe Alex worked at (She originally Cosplayed as Mio from K-ON! And currently Cosplays as Sinon from Sword Art Online II.). She had met Alex while he was still working at the Cafe during their freshman Year, and is the last person to join in their small group.
    Alice Rosetta- One of Alex's closest friends and Childhood Friends with him, Jacob, and Luke. She has-much like Lily- a energetic and friendly personality to everyone in the group, except for Jacob-Whom she encourages to stop being a sloth and Alex-Whom she acts like a Tsundere to because she likes him SO much, and will hurt him or anyone else in the group (except Lily) if they or he catches on. She gets along with Lily the most out of anyone in the group. She had met Alex (along with Luke and Jacob) when they were in kindergarten, and had been friends-Up until the end of freshman year with Luke- with them ever since. She is part of a All Girls band called "Galaxy Shoujos".

    Wade Michaels- Is one of Alex's closest friends. He has a very cool and laid back attitude, and is wise, smart, and the walking definition of "Cool". Wade had met Alex during his 8th grade year along with Riley Austin. He is a part of the Kendo Club and the Creative Writing Club.

    Jacob Morgan- Is one of Alex's closest friends and Childhood friends with Alex and Alice. His personality and attitude had changed since his mother's death and father's arrest. During his childhood and Before his mother's death. He had a carefree and energetic personality, he just couldn't sit still for 10 seconds! However, after seeing his mother be killed in front of him by his father along with his younger brother Luke (who is younger than him by three months.), his personality changes. Unlike his brother, he stopped attending school and instead attended online school for the longest period of time before being convinced by Alice and Alex to return to school. He returned to school during freshman year right in the middle of his younger brother's betrayal. In Jacob's eyes, he will only see himself as a replacement of where his brother left, leaving him to have a grim and laid back personality-much to Alice's annoyance. He-along with his brother Luke- had met Alex and Alice in Kindergarten and had been friends with them-Except for Luke- ever since. He plays the same MMORPG game along with Alex under the gaming name "Lex Caesar".
    Rivals: Miles Stanford, Luke Morgan.

    Miles Stanford- Is one of Alex's enemies and Rival's. He-As called by Lily- is a "Two Faced Jerk!". This being he has a "Fake personality" of being nice and caring but in reality is a asshole to Alex and the rest of the boys in the group, as well as teases the girls in Alex's group. Alex had learned about who Miles really is during a battle on the same MMORPG game he and Jacob play on when he betrayed the two. Miles had also met Alex online in the same MMORPG game game he constantly plays since the sixth grade-it's also revealed he has played the game too- and originally played under the gaming name "Shiro Yuusha" (Meaning White Hero in English) and later on the name "TWO-FACE".

    Luke Morgan- Luke is One of Alex's enemies and Rival's as well as Jacob Morgan's younger brother by three months and was formerly Alex and Alice's friend. Much like his older brother before his mother's death, he had a carefree personality and always followed in his brothers footsteps-wanting to be just like him in every way. However, this changed when his mother had died and his father was arrested by the police. Shortly afterwards, his personality takes an ultimate change. He becomes more cold and blunt, often becoming Violent when one taunts him. During his freshman year, he did something horrible that it caused his friendship with Alice and Alex to be ruined forever. He then abandoned his friendship with the two and became enemies with them. He, much like his older brother, had met Alex in kindergarten and was friends with them up until freshman year. He is part of the boys volleyball team and has feelings for Alice (even though she hates him now).
    Enemies: Miles Stanford and Luke Morgan.

    Physical Traits

    Face Claim: image.jpg
    Eye Color(s)
    : Blue.
    Hair Color(s): Black.
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 167 lbs.
    Personality: Kind, Shy, And Caring are three traits that describe Alex perfectly. He is considered by many girls in his grade to be "the kind one" and would be called "The perfect one" if it wasn't for his love for Anime and MMORPG games. He is nervous around girls-except for his sisters, his mother, and the two girls in his small social circle. However, while being nice he also has a dark side that can and will come out if you hurt the ones he loves the most. In MMORPG games, his personality is much different. He is straightforward, blunt, rude, and short-tempered.
    Usual Mood/Expression: Alex's usual mood is calm and laid back-unless if it's in RPG games then it's Straightforward, blunt, and rude-. As for his expression, he usually smiles or has a blank face.
    Five Prominent Traits: Kind, Shy, Nervous, Caring, Smart.
    Skills: Strategies Easily, Has excellent grades, can easily defeat a opponent in 10 minutes by himself, can speak any language except Russian and Arabian, can play any instrument except the clarinet.
    Hobbies: Reading Manga, Playing MMORPG games (as his gaming character Axis Orion), Watching Anime, Cosplaying, Playing the Guitar , Reading.
    Phobia(s): Thunderstorms and Darkness.
    Interests: Cosplaying, Manga, Anime, Sweets, Video Games, MMORPG Games, Collecting Anime Figurines and Manga, Dating Sims, 2D Girls.
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  11. Follow up, here's what Wade, Jacob, Miles, and Luke look like-

    Wade Michaels: image.jpg

    Jacob Morgan: image.jpg

    Miles Stanford: image.jpg

    Luke Morgan: image.jpg
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  12. Awesome!

    Should I have another character to rp for this? I think I can start off with two characters then maybe do three but I can't do more than that
  13. It's okay, and yeah, if you want.
  14. K
    I'll post them in a hour
  15. Alright. I shall wait till then.
  16. Name: Kat Winters

    Age: 16

    Background: lost her family in a Car crash and moved in with her grams. She hasn't spoken since the crash and her grams is hoping Alex family can help her get her voice back.

    Personality: use to be outgoing and talkative and fun. Now she is quiet and use a whiteboard to talk to people and is new in town making her friendless.

    Appearance: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/8b/d0/ce/8bd0ced4842c4a7bac960cf61fb86a10.jpg
  17. I'm thinking maybe Lexi could be paired with Another one of your guys maybe one of the bad guys?
  18. So the character you're playing is Lexi (or is it one of her friends..?) and sure!
  19. Kat is my main character

    Lexi is my other character who will be kat friend
    Maybe she and Luke get together


    Would you mind starting?