A Typical High School Romance (With Wintermoon).

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  1. Monday: August 17th, 2015. 7:15 A.M.

    August 17th, also known as Every Students worst nightmare. August 17th wasn't just any normal day, it was the day all students-elementary schoolers, middle schoolers, and high schoolers had to go back to school. Which meant no more sleeping in, no more hanging out with friends all day long, and the absolute worst out of all of them, no more being able to play MMORPG's all night long.

    A boy with messy jet black hair and blue eyes groaned at hearing the sound of his alarm go off, as well as the sound of his door to his room opening. "Big Brother! Time to wake up!" A young female voice said, wearing a light yellow and pink dress, as well as light pink sneakers to match.

    She walked over and pulled at the covers, pulling them off the bed as the older taller boy soon followed, muttering something incoherent. "You don't want to be late for your first day back do you big bro?" She asked as the boy forced himself up, letting out a groggy yawn. "No. I got it I'm gonna be down there soon." He said, stretching as his younger sister nodded.

    "Okay, but mommy said your food will get cold if you don't hurry!" She shouted before heading back downstairs. The boy groaned again and got up out of the covers that entangled him, making his bed rather quick and turned off his annoying alarm clock by his night stand, that had various Anime Nendroids, a manga he was currently reading, and his Silver Playstation Portable-Which he would be taking to school. Once his bed was made he got changed into a Navy Blue t-shirt, a dark green hoodie over it, a pair of black jeans and his favorite black and white sneakers. He grabbed his game controller shaped messenger bag and did a quick check over all the things he bought for the new school year that was in his bag and then grabbed the manga he was reading, stuffing it into his bag and grabbed his playstation and IPhone and left his room, heading downstairs to where a mildly cold breakfast was awaiting him.

    "Cold.." The boy muttered as his father looked up from his own plate of food. "Then you should have been down here sooner. Having a dream about one of your waifus?" He teased as the boy's younger siblings laughed.

    "D-Don't say that!" He spat, growing flustered as his mother chuckled. "Now now, there's no time for teasing. Now that summer vacation is over, it means we all will have to get back on track. Got it, Alex?" She asked as the boy nodded, rolling his eyes in his mind. "Yeah." He said as he got up, placing his empty plate in the sink and grabbed his bag. "Leaving already?" She shouted as the boy nodded. "Yeah, see you later!" He exclaimed, heading out of his home and walked down the chalk doodled decorated driveway, walking down a cracked sidewalk where he would me two of his childhood friends.

    He pulled out his playstation, immediately picking up right where he left off while walking. This was the life of Alex Axis, a geek interested in video games and anime-and of course 2D girls because 2D girls are the best! Would there ever be a woman that would be interested in him? He didn't know, and really wasn't interested seeing no girl ever took notice of him...Well, Sooner or later anyways.
  2. Kat heard her grams wake her up for her first day. Sighing she got up and brush her long red hair and out on jeans and a shirt. She grab her sling to put her arm in since it still wrapped from the accident and has stitches and she has another week wearing. Sliding her arm in and tied it around her neck she grab her bag and headed down stairs. Grabbing a apple she waved bye to her grams and walk out started heading to school. Looking down as she walk she didn't want to look in anyone eyes or anything and she avoided other gazes and wasn't looking forward to school.

    Arriving at school she sat at a bench under a tree watching as everyone mingle with friends and look happy. While she wasn't happy hasn't been she lost her family and hasn't spoken since.

    Lexi was at school sitting on the tailgate of her truck eating a muffin. She watch as people arrived and she started reading her book while eating hoping to see Luke today finding him cute.
  3. Alex continued to walk forward, unaware from the voices that were talking to him, until feeling a chop on the head from a pale girl with short brown hair and small red bows in her hair. "Dang it get your head out of your games! You were about to run into a stop sign!" A nagging female voice said, one that Alex knew quickly.

    "Hey Alice, Jacob."
    He said, greeting his childhood friends while rubbing the back of his head, looking up to see both his friends. Alice aside from her small red bows was wearing a red and light blue dress with a red shirt sleeved cardigan around the spaghetti strap dress, and red ballet flats while Jacob had his signature messy black hair, a green shirt with a light yellow shirt over it, Blue jeans, and green sneakers.

    "Alex." Jacob said in a groggy tone, clearly showing he of all people we especially not ready for the new school year. He looked out of the corner of his eye to see Alex forgetting something. "Dude, where are your glasses?" He asked, seeing the pale boy with blue eyes wasn't wearing them.

    "Oh no..I must've-"
    "I have them idiot. Here." Alice said, interrupting him while handing him his glasses. "U-Uh..Thanks Alice." Alex said, thanking her and placed on his glasses, seeing the world was much more clearer now. "Alex, don't tell me you didn't notice your glasses were gone." Jacob said, letting out a small chuckle as Alice rolled her eyes. She then turned back to Alex pointing a finger at him. "Be more responsible with your glasses for crying out loud! You left them at my house yesterday while you and Jacob were in a game!" She exclaimed as Alex let's out a nervous chuckle.

    That's right, I did didn't I? He thought, remember that on his last day of summer, he spent it with his five best friends hanging out at Alice's house. "S-Sorry.." He stuttered, biting his lip as Alice let's out a huff, passing off how cute Alex looked when he bit his lip.

    "W-Whatever..let's go. Lily and Wade are probably waiting for us and we have to get to the Gym before First Hour for a First Semester Assebly." She said as Jacob clicked his tongue. "Whatever you say princess." Jacob said before getting whacked in the head by Alice, as Alex watched, placing his playstation away as if he continued to play his game Alice would get upset.
  4. Lexi went to the gym and look around for a seat for the first semester assembly. Sighing she saw a seat next to Luke and went over and sat next to him. Her blonde hair is in two braids and she on a skirt and a tank top.

    Kat walk and look around. She didn't know where to sit. Looking around she found a seat next to Alex and she wrote on her white board showed him that it said. "May I sit here?" She held it with her good arm as the other was in the sling.
  5. Making it to North Montgomery High School, the three met Lily and Wade. Lily was wearing a light blue short sleeved t-shirt with Ice Cream Sandwhiches with faces on them, blue jean shorts, and white thigh high socks, with her hair in her signature side pony tail. Wade was wearing a blue hoodie with Blue jeans and Nike Shoes. The five walked into the gym and saw their final friend talking some girls.

    "Oi Riley!" Jacob shouted as Riley turned to face his five friends, then turned back to the girls and gave a small apology, then ran over to his friends. He was wearing a red jacket that was unzipped, black graphic tee underneath, Black Skinny Jeans and Red sneakers. "Hey guys!" He said rather cheerfully as Lily and Wade greeted him. Alex looked around the gym, seeing nothing has entirely changed and saw all the students that had gathered in the gym for the Assembly, with one student that caught his eye. He looked over and noticed a girl with red hair that looked injured with a blonde haired girl sitting next to her. Wonder what happened to her.. He thought as Alice nudged him rather hard.

    "Come on Idiot! Let's go find somewhere to sit in the bleachers!" She said, walking towards the bleachers as Alex followed in tow, not noticing someone bumping into him. "Ah Sor-" he said, about to apologize until recognizing the figure, also known as Luke Morgan.

    Luke looked back over his shoulder at Alex with a cold expression, before walking forward as if nothing had happened. Alex let's out a growl and takes towards a seat in the bleachers, watching his former friend take a seat next to the bloke girl and injured red head.
  6. Lexi look at Luke as he sat next to her. She smile softly "hey Luke. Why are you so rude to Alex? Come on I know there is a sweet nice guy in there" she poke his cheek knowing she was the only one to get away with that. She giggle at his look. "Did you do the homework? For English?"

    Kat look around sittin next to the blonde and the boy Luke she heard. She held her arm look down to avoid people eyes. Looking up as the assembly was about to start she look around felt nervous being in a crowd and couldn't breathe. She felt like she was at the crash and people were surrounding her and there was talking questions. Standing she got up drop her notebook of drawings of the crash she drew and ran out of the gym. She went and lean against a tree tears falling shaking trying to breathe. She held her arm as silent tears fell didn't want to go back in there.
  7. Luke looked over at the blonde haired girl and sneered, letting out a scoff. "You wouldn't understand. And we just got back from summer break, we didn't have homework. And if I did, I woukd've finished it." He said coldly to her, eyes forward as the Assembly started.

    The Assembly wasn't too terribly long. As it was done just for there to be 30 minutes for First Hour. The Principal had talked about upcoming events for the new semester as well as a few new rules. During the assembly the six friends were forced apart seeing there wasn't a place for all of them to sit together. Lily, Alice and Wade listened and watched the assembly, Riley was talking to some more girls that was around him quietly, Jacob was staring off into space, and Alex went back to Dating Sims game, muting the volume to keep from everyone turning to him because of the noise.

    Outside, a boy with blond hair with white headphone around his neck walked towards the school, before stopping to see a girl crying behind a tree. Smirking, be wiped the smirk off his face and walked over, a look of concern on his face. "Miss, are you alright?" He asked in a light tone, looking into the girls eyes with his own violet ones.

    (Note: Your character does NOT know who Miles really is. For all she knows he is a fairly nice guy.)
  8. Lexi frown at how cold he is. "Oh well it was extra credit" she said quietly and look away. She listen to the principle talk. Once he finish she stood and look at Luke "what is your first hour? If it history we could walk together" she said softly. She doesn't know why but she like him and know there is a sweet caring guy in him she just need to get it out of him.

    Kat jump and look up and wipe her eyes. She wrote on her whiteboard. "I'm fine. I'm sorry I just couldn't be in there. I won't get in trouble for leaving will I? I don't wish to cause trouble" she showed him what she wrote thinking he seem nice since he came up asking if she is okay and he look worry.
  9. As the assembly came to an end, Luke heard the blonde talk to him again, much to his irritation. "Yes, my first hour is in history in Room 117, what about you?" He asked, wondering why he was still talking to her. Damn..why am I asking such a stupid thing? He thought with a grim look, looking down at the floor.

    Miles tilted his head, seeing her words on the whiteboard. "Leave school on the first day? But why darling? It's such a beautiful day to return to school.." He said in a somewhat dramatic voice. Of course, he assumed she was talking about the assembly, but he wanted to make by hearing her say-or rather write it out to him. "Oh I'm certain with such a beautiful face such as your you'll never get in trouble." He said, taking her hand that wasn't broken and kissed it.
  10. "Same" Lexi stood. "Wanna walk together?" She smile softly at him. She poke his shoulder. "Hey why so grim? Be happy it first day short classes then we get to go home early" she smile softly at him giggling

    Kat look at him blush as he kiss her hand. "No just the assembly. Not school. I cohdknt miss school that would not be good" she wrote showed him. She then wrote "do you know where the math class is room 110?@
  11. (First period that Alex and what Kat is suppose to have is English where they get to know each other.)

    Luke let's out a 'tch' sound and walks forward, hearing a familiar voice talk to him. "Hey Little brother. I know your a prick but be nice to the woman, he'll she's the only girl you haven't rejected that's talking to you." He said as Luke shot a glare at the voice, also known as Jacob. He let's out a huff before walking forward again, leaving the girl and his brother behind.

    "Jakey why did you do that?" Lily asked, coming up right behind him that startled him. "Because he was acting like an ass. Why else?" He said, shrugging his shoulders as Alice, Wade and Riley came down from the bleachers. "He's always a jerk, come on." Riley said as the five followed him. Alice looked up and Alex hadn't gotten up from his seat and was still playing on his playstation portable.

    "Oh my god are you Serious?!" She hissed in a low voice, marching up the bleachers as the four watched, getting a bad feeling about what was going to happen. Alice Hit Alex upside the head again which made him jump and snatched his portable, turning it off. "Hey give it back!" He shouted, trying to grab his portable as Alice walked down the bleachers.

    "You'll get it back in Fourth Hour. Until then consider it Confiscated." She said, placing the portable in her Voilet backpack as Alex huffed. He walked past the girl and his friends, saying a small "Damn you." That only Alice heard, making her snap her head up. With Alex gone, Lily turned to Alice. "You okay..?" She asked carefully, not wanting to set the girl off.

    Alice huffed and slung the backpack over her shoulder, walking away. "Whatever, it's not like I care or anything that's for sure..Stupid Alex." She said as Lily followed in tow, while the three boys followed shortly behind. Alex was now on the second floor of school, pulling out his Schedule from his backpack and saw his first hour was right above the gym in class 223. Now inside the classroom, he saw on the smart board that someone wrote out "Pick your seat!". He turned forward, taking a seat in the back of the room next to a window. He placed his bag down and looked out the window, waiting for the day to be done already.
  12. Lexi sigh as Luke walk off. She went to class and sat down looking out the window. She really liked him for a strange reason but he made it hard cause of how rude he is to her and others. Sighing she open her book and started reading just to avoid him and everyone.

    Kat found the room 223 for English. Sighing she read the board and look around. She saw a seat next to Alex and walk over sat in the seat next to him and look in her bag. She didn't see her notebook and wonder if she drop it in the gym and hope someone turn it in to the office so she can get it back. Leaning back she look around wonder if she will fit in or get any friends.
  13. Alex felt a sudden presence next to him that made him lose focus on whatever he was thinking about. Looking over quickly, he noticed a girl next to him, and not just any girl, it was the girl he saw that was injured. He jumped a bit, his back touching the wall as his hands were grasping at the back of his chair and his desk. "U-Uh..." He stuttered, a blush coming over his face as he hoped he didn't startle or scare the girl.

    He gulped, not realizing he was breaking into a cold sweat from just being near the girl. But he couldn't help it, when it came to women, it was like a foreign language to him. Well, those he didn't know anyways. His mother, sisters, Lily and Alice didn't count. Hey here's an idea, sitting there looking like that is going to upset her genius! He scolded himself, retaining his composure and cleared his throat. "Sorry..didn't mean to do that.." He apologized quietly, the blush on his face not going away.
  14. Kat jump when she saw Alex look and how he moved his chair. She look at him held her arm watching as she saw him panicking. She figure he didn't want to be around her or anyone and went to move. When she heard his voice and he said sorry she look at him and wrote on her whiteboard. "It's okay. Should I move? Do you wish to be alone? It's okay I couldn't stay at the assembly with all those people I understand if you don't like to be around people" she showed him looking at him curious.
  15. "U-Um.." He said, looking down at the floor before replying. Now that I think about it..This is kind of like a Dating Sim really. Better not mess this up like I did with Alice..Although seeing I never met this person..it's going to be rather difficult. He thought to himself, nodding at his own statement before turning back to the girl with the whiteboard, seemingly growing curious over why she was communicating like that in the first place.

    "N-No..You can sit here. You just startled me is all.." He said, faintly smiling at the girl. Well done. She probably won't say no to that. He though, congratulating himself as his mind wandered back to Alice. Dangit..I probably shouldn't have said that to her. Damn, did I really get worked up over my portable. I know why she did what she did. I've always known. She probably won't even talk to me in 4th hour though... He thought, sighing in remorse.
  16. She look at him and nodded. She watch him seeing he seem distraught. She wrote on her board. "You okay? I know we don't know each other but if want to let your feelings out about something or vent I don't know anyone to tell so I'll just listen" she showed him looking at him with her blue and green eyes. Feeling nervous she look down hasn't talk to anyone in a while or been this close to someone. She held her arm looking at her shoes she wanted to leave and go home now didn't want to be here at lunch when it crowded.
  17. Alex looked over to her again and looked at what she wrote on her whiteboard, then looked at her who was holding her injured arm. "It's nothing..just something stupid I did this morning.." He lied, not wanting to bring up hurting Alice, because chances were if he told her what he said, Alice would've kicked his butt.

    Class then started as the teacher introduced them self and then told them about their first assignment, much to the classes dismay. "Oh enough of that. This assignment is easy. All you have to do is pick one person to be partnered up with, someone you DON'T know. And, do the rest of this week you shall get to know each other. It's a fun assignment, yes?" They asked as a few nodded.

    That..doesn't sound too bad...heck it was better than reading the ten pages of a story we were reading last year. Alex thought, looking over and noticed people already grouping up. He then looked over at the girl and scratched the back of his head, biting his lip. "H-Hey..you want to be partners?" He asked, nearly drawing blood from his lip from him asking said question.
  18. Kat nodded and listen to the teacher taking notes. She frown hearing they have to get to know someone and she didn't like that. Sighing she look around seeing people pick partners and she look at Alex hearing his words. She nodded wrote "sure I guess it won't be to bad" she then realize that by getting to know she would have to tell why she moved here and tears form in her eyes thinking of her family. She wipe her eyes quickly and stood wrote to ask teacher if she can step out for a second. She step out into the hallway slid against the wall arm around stomach tears fell her hand over her mouth to not be loud as she cry silently.
  19. Alex watched the girl leave the room and figured he had said something that had hurt her feelings. Dang it...well that gave me another bad end didn't it? He asked himself, getting up and asking the reached if he may go to the restrooms quickly, to which the teacher agreed. Leaving the room, he noticed the girl against the wall that was crying and immediately felt guilty.

    Crap..did what I say really upset her THAT badly?! He thought, dropping to his hands and knees and clasped his hands together. "I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have said that. Now I have upset you..please forgive me." He said, shutting his eyes tightly in hopes she'll forgive him.
  20. Kat jump hearing him and look at him. She shook her head and took her phone out type showed him. "You didn't upset me. The assignment does about us getting to know each other. I just I'm not ready to tell really anything about me consider I lost part of me a week ago and had to move here. It complicated. It not you I promise." She look at him with red teary eyes.
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