A Twisted End

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  1. Welcome.
    This is A Twisted End.
    I created this because I have always been fascinated by one thing.
    In many horror stories. The main characters are either BA people. Who never die and you know they never will, or, they are completely helpless fools who you know WILL die.
    I wish to come to a median here.
    My desire is that this rp is a balance between you being able to fight back against the horrors you will face here. And the fact, that many of these horrors ARE stronger than you.
    Still reading this? Thank you, for this means you are at least menially interested.
    The Story Itself (open)

    The Story of a Twisted End starts in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil [as if there was another]
    The Story Itself (open)
    The Story Itself (open)
    August 15th, 2018
    In a small house on the outskirts of the Jungle near Rio, there was an elderly woman. She only came into the city to buy food and supplies, spending the rest of the time in her home. Many thought the old woman was a Witch, some just thought her misunderstood. But, that didn't matter this night. On this night, a teenage mother, who had become pregnant from her boyfriend just 4 years ago. Was going to the store at night, because the child had been up all night asking to go to the store. She kept telling the child they would go in the morning, but sweet as the girl was, it wasn't long before the child's constant pestering made her give in. Inside the store was the clerk, and two others. One tall man, and the elderly woman from the house. The girl tried to pay no attention to the woman, as speaking to her seemed taboo. The tall man sat in the corner, listening to headphones while reading a pornographic magazine. Her eyes quickly returned to focus on what she was doing, getting her child what he wanted and leaving. The old woman had her face covered, and she shambled along , slowly looking around, but not grabbing or looking at anything specific. She seemed almost in a trance. However, while the girl wasn't paying attention, looking at some food she may need to buy, as long as they were there. The child left her side and approached the old woman. The girl looked up and broke her focus, and then looked around for the child. The old woman was hunched over, and a strange squishing noise was heard coming from that direction. The girl thought it could be the disgusting man reading the magazine, but, it wasn't. Oh how she had wished it was though. The sight that met her eyes was something too horrible to look at long. The old woman, her face now revealed, appeared to have been dead for at least a month. From her mouth, a long, snakelike appendage with a mouth on the end. Squishy and pink, had a small, child-like leg hanging from it's mouth as it looked at the girl. The girl tried to scream, but the utter shock of the sight rendered her unable to make noise. The body of the old woman quivered, and the appendage seemed to stare right at her, despite it's lack of eyes. It spit out the leg, and...smiled. It spoke. "Ma-ma?" The girl screamed and ran out the door. Crying as she ran. Inside the store, screams and the death of two men followed. Finally, out of the door, shambled three people. An old woman, a store clerk, and a tall man.

    So, what now, you ask?
    You create a character.

    1. No God Modding [This is quite literally the base of the whole rp. You are easily killable, but you can fight back.]
    2. One Liners are highly deterred, but if you are not able to give a GOOD lengthy response, then don't. I would rather have quality one liners than pointless word-fill paragraphs.
    3. If you are still reading, then put the word "Welcome" into your extra section.
    4. You may play as a monster. However, you are limited to one of a few kinds. [See below]
    5. It is much more encouraged to play as humans as these will provide much more story and depth to the RP.
    6. Finally, you must be mature to view this rp. I don't necessarily mean you HAVE to be of a certain age. But if you cannot handle detailed descriptions of Blood, Gore, Murder, Abuse, and Psychological Horror. Then for your own sake, do not continue further.
    [Side Note: Have Fun!]
    The CS
    Species: [Human or Monster Species] {For Monster Species, look below}
    Physical Appearance: [Picture or Description, Picture preferred]
    The Monsters
    All monsters are capable of speech and communicate with each other, some even form packs to hunt humans in.
    1. The Original
    The first monster to appear the Original hide in human bodies and can distend their eating and infecting appendage when they so please. The human bodies will eventually decay, leaving the pink fleshy worm to go and find a new host.
    The Original (open)
    The Original (open)
    The Original (open)

    2. The Armored
    Armored are mutant infected that have evolved inside the body of a human that was using armor of some kind to attempt to defend themselves. After infection, this style of self-protection was adapted by the creature. Bones and other biological armor portruding out of the body.
    The Armored -Example (open)


    3. The Seducer
    Infected that found a human female and mutated them to appear attractive. However, the infected host organism cannot truly tell the difference between attractive and unnatural. So they create these.
    The Seducer - Example (open)


    4. The Lost
    Infected that found an animal that had ingested a dead human. They took parts of both creatures and turned them into a humanoid organism, these tend to be significantly larger than most infected thanks to the extra biomass.
    The Lost - Example (open)


    5. The Mutant
    An unclassified form of Infected, yet to show it's unique mutation.
    The Mutant - Example (open)


    EDIT: The pictures are only examples, your infected can look however you desire.
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