A Twist on Gravity

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  1. Ah Gravity. It's a jerk when you lose your balance, it's a perk when someone's breaking into your castle and all you've got is leftover deep-fry oil

    One way you can make your world wonky and different with a single change is to play with Gravity. It can be a big change, like setting your story in a place where only certain areas are subject to gravity, or where gravity can be turned on or off. Or, you could go big and set your story on a world with less gravity to enable the leaping of tall buildings in a single bound. You could turn it off entirely, or add items to the world that affect gravity. Use your imagination and create something awesome!

    Because there are so many ways you can play with Gravity, I've left the form as vague as possible. Feel free to make the subjects more specific, and add/remove questions as you need

    What I call my Gravity-Changer:
    How it affects gravity:
    The effects of the gravity changes:
  2. What I call my Gravity-Changer: Princess Mawaru Sakasama of Topsy-Turvy. I made her for an RP called 'Princess Nation', and she has the power to turn everything upside-down, inside-out, basically the opposite of what is was before.
    What she uses her power for: She uses it to pull pranks on people, such as flipping their chair over while they're sitting down, but she can also do greater, much more chaotic deeds. For example, she has completely reversed the gravity of her kingdom, which resides in a giant cube.
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  3. What caused the change in gravity: Seeing as how the gravity used to be normal here there must have been a cause for it to lower. That cause, was the apocalypse. When the bombs went off all over the world the force caused much gravity from the world to leak into space, so now gravity is much lower. Though thanks to the humans and all other sentient races having been kidnapped to hell where gravity is stronger during the apocalypse the humans became much heavier. They were still fit and this did not mean they were fat, their bones and basically all of them just became heavier, not bigger at all, just heavier. So when the humans and sentient races did eventually get taken back to earth their new weight meant they could not jump higher than before or do anything more thanks to lower gravity other than lifting things easier.

    The effects of the gravity change: While the humans and other sentient races did not benefit from the change in gravity all animals and plants did. Everything was now a lot bigger. Spiders the size of couches, bears the size of sheds, trees the height of skyscrapers, ect. Everything was bigger, everything but the sentient races.
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